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  1. FellowsBrokenknee said: Dear Fantasy Flight, With the release of Dragonheart you can no longer say it is too expensive to remold the dragons for Blue Moon. Please re-release the game. It even looks like you'll be remaking the same size board. Your only complaint now can be the card size, which as I've suggested before, could be cropped to fit on Arkham Horror sized Mythos Cards. Anyone here who agrees please respond as well. I look forward to a reprint of this game and I seriously hope you will now consider it since most of the components are similar to the size and shapes used for Dragonheart. Thanks you, FellowsBrokenknee Word.
  2. Bairoth said: If you check out the BGG Blue Moon forum, Christopher Dearlove (who is intimately involved in Blue Moon) makes it pretty clear that the promo's are not going to made available. They were all limited run. Bummer!
  3. Here's to hoping a release before the end of 2011!
  4. Does the FFG website still support older games? For example, I cannot find anything on Kingdom Hearts TCG, Atlanteon (silver line), Inkognito (silver line), etc. Thanks!
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