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  1. Been playing Dark Heresy for about two years now and when I read this topic and got the giggles I had to throw my lot in! While using a piece of virtual reality type tech IC we managed to OOC verbally wind someone who was guest NPCing for one session. Two PCs (my tech priest included) were monitoring the device and programming from outside while the other two PCs were sat nearby inside the program itself. Unbeknownst to my character (who had recently been gifted with this strange tech) the device in question could pick up on the thoughts of those within it, who when faced with demonic creatures that shouldn't have been there started wishing fervently that they had weapons and armour to hand. I will never forget poor Jimbo's expression when the GM entered the room and said "The image of Joe's Meathammer pops up on the screen." Not realising that said hammer was a gun and having been told that the two PC's appeared in the programme naked, that statement gave the poor lad pause for thought. Another occasion that springs to mind is when by virtue of some horrendous vile heretical technology all the PCs were transported back in time. After a bit of a skirmish with a chaos marine and various zombie like creatures we managed to rescue a small child and flee to the safety of some untainted domes. While being herded towards some temporary accommodation our steadfast straight arrow Arbite got into a bit of an argument with another arbite (who was being more than a little heavy handed in pursuit of his duty) and ended up getting himself knocked out by the guy. The rest of the party naturally rushed scrape their friend off the deck only to hear another voice shout "ENFORCER FARGO!". It was at this point that it suddenly became clear that when the PC had said his family had been Arbites for generations he had not been joking and had in fact been punched into unconsciousness by his own ancestor (who then turned and saluted his superior officer and was reprimanded for his actions) . This has unfortunately led to, whenever he annoyed any other member of the party, them saying "Yeah? Well, quit hitting yourself Joe" He still to this day does not know what the hell they are going on about In response to Braddoc, I have a similar issue to you with characters that aren't technically meant to be combat monsters. My Tech Priest started out as a consummate wuss who really didn't like combat and wasn't very good at it. BUT! There is a slight difference. Whenever I'm in combat I tend to have amazing luck, but...ask me to roll below 71 to succeed at a tech use roll and I fluff it every single goddamn time. Earning me the OOC nickname The Monossiah. *sigh* Worst.TechPriest.Ever (And no one ever sees my few and far between moments of greatness! Harumph!)
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