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  1. And here is the official answer: 1. LOS for troops in forest Can an archer shoot at a unit that's inside a forest or is the LOS lost? Yes. The target hex does not affect LOS. 2. Kevan Lannister ability Kevan must be ordered in conjunction with that unit. 3. Retreat optional The attacker cannot choose. The only time I believe you can do this currently is if you are stalwart, you can choose to not ignore the retreat as normal which is the difference of one hex.
  2. Did you try posting your questions here? http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_faq.asp
  3. I have 3 doubts about the following rules: 1. LOS for troops in forest Can an archer shoot at a unit that's inside a forest or is the LOS lost? 2. Kevan Lannister ability Can Kevan Lannister give 2 dices without being ordered? Ex: a unit adjacent to Kevan Lannister is ordered with an order token. Can it use the 2 dices from Kevan when attacking? 3. Retreat optional Can the attacker choose if the defender must retreat or not when rolling flag results? If so, can the attacker choose for how many hexes to retreat assuming he rolled enough flag results? Can you share you opinion please?
  4. I think that the coordinated attack can be considered an attach modifier, so 2 units attacking from forest in a coordinate attack would always roll 3 dices no mater the rank.
  5. Good question! I think that since taking a hit is not enough to capture the commander it can safely be used on the commander. Also please note that there are other similar cards saying "remove a figure", so in that case I think that the commander is captured ... but not in your example.
  6. KenToad said: The two ordered units must be adjacent to each other, not necessarily to the commander. I also think this the right way to read it
  7. I really sucks that we can't download the battle plans.
  8. Can somebody post his opinion on this?
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