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  1. except the mask is not green but more Iron, so "yellow"
  2. really love the wolf ! for the others, sorry, but I use some others. And I really hate the Reanimate, sorry ! For example, I use theses for Raven Flock, the Raven's from Zombicide
  3. I really love werewolves and it would be really cool to have one as a hero, but I think they would suit better as monsters (and i've already made some). Classic vampires could be cool too and i wish they were that group added to "heirs of blood" As heroes, I rather prefer see some sort of a weremonkey, a Pandaren, a Leonin, or anything like that. A Pandaren healer would be really cool, though
  4. I'm not so fond of thoses carrion lancers and other undeads and we already have an expansion on this theme. Uthuk would be better But I really wanted something else, like a dark forest werewolf, or a campaign about Greyhaven, Al Kalim, things like that
  5. If you're talking about "the faster hero in the game in one shot with all the good elements", maybe Jain the wildlander is the one. But, if you're asking "the faster hero in a full play game", I would say many more does better : - Okaluk and Rakash can move up to 4 spaces at least each turn even if paralysed - Astarra can "jump" up to 4 spaces each turn, even if she has no fatigue left (suffering a heart is not so often a trouble) - Logan can move 1 spaces each time he perform an attack (even if it misses) or perform a move if there's no use of attacking and his feat can gives him an additionnal move and attack (and so an additional movement point) - Silhouette has a feat that allow hero to move twice her speed and do some search actions free by the way - Karnon the Berserker can with charge perform it once, killing the monster and recovers 1 fatigue, maybe another one with surge, and then do it again each turn.
  6. Yes, I am, too. But the Farrows aren't only ones to have thoses troubles of scales and the more descent goes on, the more the figures are tall and the older ones are small. For example, Arvel is huge, krutzbeck is so big for a dwarf when looking to other ones, and some other case I forgot Alas, all figures cannot have the perfect scale for the whole game, that's bad, but it could really be worse, so I choose to forget about that detail And on top of that, I rather prefer play with the "true" figures than using any lookalike ones
  7. It looks clear to me what they were trying to say "we've got nothing to announce since nothing is ready because Asmodee or FFG leaders did not validate, but in case of, stuff does exists" that all, folks !
  8. I would say it cannot be played, since the overlord may "move or attack with that hero as if he were a monster this turn" and is not treated as a monster for all purpose of game effects.
  9. 1 monster from 1 open group at the start of the Overlord's turn, on the entrance, respecting group's limit
  10. Should be "each time a hero is knocked out, the Overlord takes of his hero token if he does not already have it" "Reinforcement - At the start of the Overlord's turn, place 1 Dark Priest on the altar, respecting group's limit" Yes, there is a typo ! Thanks, it tooks me hard time for sure !
  11. I'm so sorry ! Should be "each time a hero is knocked out, the Overlord takes of his hero token if he does not already have it" "Reinforcement - At the start of the Overlord's turn, place 1 Dark Priest on the altar, respecting group's limit"
  12. there's many combination fun and strong to play - Shiver the Illusionnist - Challara the Runemaster or the Hexer - Ispher the Apothecary (no a real healer but fights as a beast) - Jaes the Exile as a Runemaster - Jonas the kind as a bard (can have + 2 shields on all attacks) - Karnon the Berserker (my favourite) or the Skirmisher - Lyssa the Battlemage/Beserker - Nanok of the blade as a Champion - Okaluk and Rakash the disciple (performing a Radiant light and moving each turn is just a nightmare) - Trenloe the Knight (or should I say the Panzer ?!?) - Thruthseer Keel the necromancer (she can perform army of death the best) - Raythen the monk (can assure the brown dice to give him the best results) - Serena the shaman of the prophet (more fun than usable) Many more I have forgotten for sure ...
  13. The mini only, not his stats, since it's runebound's one
  14. But you can't summon the Scourge from the Raven flock's death
  15. I've lost it as an Overlord, so it is possible for heroes to win it, and it creates a big difference from when the OL is the winner !!