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  1. wow, impressive ! I'm going to try this one out now !
  2. when multiple effects occurs at the same time, the active player choose the order of the effects and it's not "lose fatigue because of a rest action" but "recover"
  3. It may be strange since the artwork is a blade but talking only about rules, there's no trouble at all. If you need an explanation, just imagine that the blade offers a magical power that lieutenant can uses and cast from afar.
  4. I would love to have your skills. Do you do some on demands ?
  5. The more I have, the better it is, the happiest I will be !
  6. I'm surprised that descent would be stopped as it is. Why not finishing hybrids classes, for example ?
  7. I would be surprised it would take so much time ...
  8. It's surprising they do not, but I do not have informations about it. Only hint :Red Scorpions has her miniature in Runebound but not in descent. The question is "why" ...
  9. Can you posts some pics ?
  10. Alric a really good cards (dark champion is awfully stong!) I personnaly really like Skarn and Valyndra (the first one to summon him on a small passage and make lose the more possible time for heroes, the second with Valyndra's shadow, but beware of the Prophet) Ariad is really cool with basic 2 since it lack of reroll
  11. But for Bandits, i'm not according to you : the math in descent does not makes it all. Indeed, they are the only 5 monster group to roll blue + red, but Goblin have range bonus on surge and fire imps have 2 masters. I'm sure that Bandits should be melee for minor and range for master, but could not be because of the card. Let me think of it. I've tried medusaes multiple times, and I never was able to inflict a condition and they never survived more than 1 turn ... I don't have time now, but I will explain my ideas, playtesting returns, and all the reasons I come to this on next days with the best explanation I have.
  12. Thanks you so much for your return ! - Deep elves should be melee in both act. - Reflective ward is basicaly only reworded from FAQ and I only take the the text out. No changes on it. I'm not a fan of Uncontrolled power, and maybe I'm going to not change them, since I always remove them from my deck, in fact, all deck should have cards to be removed. - Wiked laughter is maybe too strong. Need to do some work back on it. - For Treacherous shadow, the idea is when you have 2 or 3 heroes. They may be lucky, so you card could do nothing. Since it cost at least 6 xp to have it, having a card that could do nothing at all because of unlucky is really a pain (and the card could fail twice, because of missing the test, and after because of an X on attack) - Need to think back about Infector cards. Maybe all the 3 cards should not be on the OL play area. Will thing it back again, and testing it more. - Since Razorwings have no additionnal damages on their dice, I don't think they would stun the whole party on each time. I'm going to test them more soon. - Beastman should say "surge : perform an additional attack targeting the same hero. Applies - 1 heart to this attack" - Grisban needs at least 1 more stamina, but the more I think of it, the more I think the only condition Grisban can take off with this hero ability is stun. So, giving him the ability to not be "stunnable" would fit him well. On top of this, since ispher is immune to poison and logan to immobilize, Grisban could be to stun, and a hero could be to disease, but I don't see who for the last one. - During my test, Medusae haven't been able to make a hero skip more than 1 turn, since it only work once for each attack, and the master never stay on the ground many time. But i'm going to think of it. - Death rage has + 2 health because of two things : the beastmaster could have +6 health (more than the berserker, strange), and because the more health the beserker has, the more this skill will be. - Base thief's card should be change, tough. Having 3 accessories is cool, but unequiping it to add +1 is a bit strange when playing. I will have to work more on this one. - Dark chant is not horrifiying, since it only work on the dark priest ability, where horrifying works for all. But since the master should not be on melee to activate his ability (the dragon does this better), i tought of this. - More changes soon with my returns. I'm going back on conjurer and spiritspeaker then.
  13. I've explained, but most of you didn't read what I wrote. Maybe I'm loosing my time for nothing then ... I just wanted to share my work and spend time. If I knew, I would had. That the last time I'm doing this, I will keep next to my own use then. Sorry to bother you, guys
  14. because none of thoses returns are made from play, just from reading. And because all of them are about bad ideas and not good one. It takes me really many time to do this, so trying it out would be the little respect about it.