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  1. Impressed by the artwork you find ! Hero ability looks like a bit too strong since he can never spend money to attack and break fragile balance offre the game and gold rewards. Feat looks like an overlord card : diverses means. Can be rewrited easily as : "Use when you or an adjacent hero iq attacked after dice are rolled. Roll 1 Grey defense die. Add 1 shield to the defense results for each shield and recover 1 heart for each shield on the die roll" Since it is not precised it is after thé attack resolves you have to do it as it is played
  2. Descent V2 is dead, yes, but descent universe is not, I'm sure of it. On which form, that I do not know.
  3. I'm almost sure that the v3 if any is going to happen will be like MoM v2 or Middle earth with an app and few figures and tiles to justify the board game thing. And if it ever goes that way, I'm out
  4. Same here ! That's the point of descent. And I would love more but won't happen unless home made
  5. Wouldn't be surprising. Everything has an end 😞
  6. I think that thoses cards were creating with the logic in mind that "when effects occurs at the same time, you choose the order of the effects", so, when the start of turn occurs, the start of turn effects and refreshing step occurs at the same time, you can refresh first, then exhaust the cards. But, yes, in the rules, the "start of turn effects ends then refresh cards" is contradictory to this rule.
  7. During your turn, you can "active" the card so you spend 1 fatigue and exhaust the card. From now, each time you or any other hero within 3 spaces defeat a monster, that hero recovers 2 hearts. At the start of your next turn, you refresh the card and the effect is end until you "reactivate" (exhaust) it. Then, if your Crusader play first in a turn and last on the next turn, you can almost use the card for 2 turns for all other heroes and only 1 for the Crusader. Clearer ?
  8. It's still can be a good option to play them to gain some usefull threat tokens for plot deck, from 1 to 6 more if the quest is played and rewards if not played when tranditionning to act 2. Enough avantage to me to be played as overlord (except maybe some of Lair of the wyrm since relics are far too powerfull for the heroes)
  9. You're right. But if unavalaible ...
  10. I don't like road to legend mod so I didn't take it in my work on this druid. In "classic play", having a extra action during the start of the encounter can help to perform better placement, discard a condition, perform an addtional attack or rest action, and since you may want to morph, give healing tokens to weak heroes from previous encounter, move and rest, for example, you can do it. No so strong, but the card also double your healing abilities, and could be just that for 3 xp in fact. You're wrong : it never cost 1 fatigue, but 2, since the card can only be used after you morph from one form to another. So, 2 fatigue to be granted a extra action, and only attack when morphing into werewolf or a revive when morphing back to druid is fair. You have not, to me at least And don't forget the cards you referecing to have changes from Awesome tree that I'm not according to, and have not been tested as much as I have. Recently, I've tested many times (around 10) my last druid, and I'm pretty sure he is great (perfect ? ) as I have done it.
  11. My final version is on the first page and should be right
  12. Creating the exact druid from WoW with all possibilities is impossible to descent. I'm sorry to say this is the only druid I will do because of the time it took to me. Hope you will like it !
  13. Tricky one ! But I would say "No" : tokens, damages, and conditions are kept, but effects or stopped. For example, if a hero ends an encounter with his first action, the second is lost while moving to the next encounter.
  14. 1 per hero. Treat them as "generic tokens" that can be used by some quests rules, some class cards, etc ... (for example, the Curse of monkey god Overlord card) you're talking about search cards ? (yellow cards obtained while searching ?) [Items are weapons, armor, etc ..., even if some search cards have the "item" type ... )] Search cards are discarded at the end of a quest (not an encounter) and whatever used or not, heroes keep the gold value of each of them (note it on a piece of paper) Objective tokens. Use in many many questions for many reason and the color of them has oftenly a big importance ! The game is tough to be played with the more expansion possible. So, the more you have, the better the game is (all is the better experience) : The heroes would have more possibilities to create team, and the Overlord will have more tools to fight them (either through more overlord cards class, or the plot deck, that can offer real interresting strategies)
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