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  1. I've lost it as an Overlord, so it is possible for heroes to win it, and it creates a big difference from when the OL is the winner !!
  2. Need campaigns books at least
  3. The X is part of the game and offers many things, even if unlucky times could be frustrating My last game with a friend, each of us rolled a X almost half of the time, and even if it was very fustrating, we had fun I remember another game with an unkillable hero and I was on a nightmare ! Jaes as a runemaster with runeplate and , hammer of doom, mana tithe and golden mask, so on each of his attacks, he is assured to do between 4 and 12 damage. Even the X doesn't offer me a chance !!! The only "house rule" that I would accept is that heroic feats should not fail, so treating the X as a blank during feats could be a good choice.
  4. This descent hero creator is cool but not perfect I wish there was the same for monster
  5. I will never feel that I had enough, and i've got it all, but twice that amount of stuff would be good to me, and there's plenty room for so many things still !
  6. How can you play without the full content ?!
  7. In fact, you have not "Heroes and monsters" boxes ? Only the ones of the "classic" expansions ? So, you've got nothing ... How unlucky you are !
  8. Corrected Quest Log, Rules, Belthir act 2 and changed the artwork of Margath's dark priests
  9. There's many cool things to do with the Berserker : - Karnon with Cripple can immobilize many monsters with ease, I know you don't want to use it, but I had to note this. And using him with Charge is really cool, since he can recover up to 2 fatigue and do it again, so twice a turn (1 fatigue for a surge, another by killing the monster). One of my Favourite (I love so much non-human heroes !) - Lyssa is a cool Battlemage-Berseker too, since she can exchange a melee a power die with a red one, so for example, a green. And the bonus life is a cool advantage she really needs. Finally, since the 3xp cards of the Berserker are weak to my opinion, this class is a good one to be picked up with the Battlemage - Jaes can be fun too but in my opinion, he is better as a Runemaster using Encraft runes - Tahlia can make a great use of Counter Attack so she can move after and give headaches to the Overlord - Any hero with good speed (5) can make the best use of Charge
  10. I've bought and played Runebound V3, and immediately, I feel sad that Margath was not inside Descent, so I made up my campaign using him. It is not fully finished, need some quests in act 2, and needs balance. Is there people here who wants to play it and help me balance it ? My campaign needs Lair of the Wyrn and Guardians of Deephall to be played. Made with the Quest vault
  11. I thought of this combo too, but she will do it once on 2 turns, and may heroes does this better than her (Okaluk and Rakash for example. He can move, use radiant light and rest on the same time, horrible)
  12. Grey Ker has some good interraction with Shadow walker class, as you can attack, summon the Shadow soul, the interrupt his turn, other heroes can kill the monster, Ker takes his turn back, and can summon the shadow soul elsewhere. He can uses the "hunter's mark" of the Stalker by leaving another hero make better use of the granted surge of the skill, or Exploit and weaken Can be extend to any weapon that gives a usable condition (doom, weaken) Could be a fun Bard to play as he can take his turn, activate a condition, take his turn back and change that song to another Could be a fun shaman too as he can unactivate the Cloud of mists and reactivate it after all heroes have played so heroes do not suffer the surge needing to attack but monsters will And I'm sure I'm missing more !