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  1. You sure about this ? Image tokens are "treated as heroes" but not actually really are, like familiar could be. For threat tokens and scenarios' rules, only "true" heroes are affected by thoses, so I would say the same.
  2. impressive ! although I don't like bases, I must admit that your work is really great
  3. The only good tank possible is the Knight, who can take attacks sometimes instead some other heroes, and can be a real threat with a hero like Nanok with a shield and a good cloak, but it is the only exception. A marshall with Last Stand can also give a good support (this card is really powerfull), and with like said liquid snake, you can play him as well. But I would not have taken Alys, Valadir or Hawthorne would have been good choices too. But against the app, the best way to win is to have many familiars : the more target you have, the less attacks you will have to endure.
  4. if you are as me and you played so much that your tokens are so damaged that they are almost unusable, here is a link that can help :
  5. I must say that I hoped for better. No way to do a werewolf, nor a undead, and poses are stranges ... maybe theynwill add possibilities soon ?
  6. wow, impressive ! I'm going to try this one out now !
  7. when multiple effects occurs at the same time, the active player choose the order of the effects and it's not "lose fatigue because of a rest action" but "recover"
  8. It may be strange since the artwork is a blade but talking only about rules, there's no trouble at all. If you need an explanation, just imagine that the blade offers a magical power that lieutenant can uses and cast from afar.
  9. I would love to have your skills. Do you do some on demands ?
  10. The more I have, the better it is, the happiest I will be !
  11. I'm surprised that descent would be stopped as it is. Why not finishing hybrids classes, for example ?
  12. I would be surprised it would take so much time ...
  13. It's surprising they do not, but I do not have informations about it. Only hint :Red Scorpions has her miniature in Runebound but not in descent. The question is "why" ...