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  1. I do. But it may take me some time however
  2. The quality of your templates is far better than mine and the work I do I can translate all of your work to french if you wish
  3. I like the idea to offer new content to players and I really know the work it asks. I'm sorry to say that I do not like many of thoses ideas and won't play them. I haven't time now to asks about balance but I will since I would like to help if I can.
  4. I do like some ideas, less some others
  5. rugal

    Quest bug

    I created a quest, and i've got a strange but I have changed it many times, but when I download of preview it, the last version is shown. But when I want to edit it, the first version is avalaible. Since I need to balance it many times, that a really big hard work Another bug : on another quest, I edit the text and the server says me "no content on the encounter, please edit your quest" there IS indeed contents
  6. rugal

    New expansion wanted

    Same here ! Even if it's bad because I'm sure stuff does still exist for this game. The 3rd edition will have a heavy burden
  7. rugal

    New expansion wanted

    If you need someone, I offer myself, if you all agree.
  8. rugal

    Landrec the Wise

    I wish a scan of Landrec the Wise if possible to use it into Descent. Thanks !
  9. rugal

    New expansion wanted

    I had tought of a condition like this one about the "eye" test and like adding 3 range to hit the target, but it would be like giving stealthy to all monsters
  10. I'm been sick so I had to left this campaign aside. Now, a new version is ready, i'm still balancing it, tough
  11. rugal

    New expansion wanted

    Fun idea but isn't it a bit strong ? Already missing on a "2" (and a X) is already really powerfull I'm not sure to be "deep" in Terrinoth lore, but I do have some knowledge about it, so I may be of some use
  12. rugal

    New expansion wanted

    Really curious to see the new classes, even if, of course, i'm already a big fan of my own druid's class 🤣 but for the mage, I really want to see what it could be, i haven't found a good one myself
  13. rugal

    Custom Class : Druid

    I've based the druid on the druid from Diablo 2 and WoW. A "classic" druid with nature power would be more a shaman, no ?
  14. rugal

    New expansion wanted

    Need some help ? for heroes, have you made some with hero forge ?
  15. rugal

    Custom Class : Druid

    After playtest, I'm proud to show you all the Druid 2.0 ! (First post edited) Thoughts ?