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  1. I've bought and played Runebound V3, and immediately, I feel sad that Margath was not inside Descent, so I made up my campaign using him. It is not fully finished, need some quests in act 2, and needs balance. Is there people here who wants to play it and help me balance it ? My campaign needs Lair of the Wyrn and Guardians of Deephall to be played. Made with the Quest vault
  2. If FFG doesn't bring us the expansion we want, what about making our own ? Using Runewars miniatures mini, we could do a really descent (for the case) Descent Expansion. What do you think of it, guys and girls ?
  3. Personnally, I want expansions for the "standard" game because if not fond of the app. And thoses types of expansion boxes can also bring stuff to the app. If possible, I want boxes with monster, class, items, and all. But if it's impossible for FFG, a campaign book like Heirs of blood would be enough to me !
  4. There's no doubt that Asmodée merging had consequences on FFG's planning and games. I'm almost sure there was many thing to come for Descent. But they could have put hybrids classes in each of the boxes of Mists and Chains, seriously ... And if boxes are really too expansives, books like "Heirs of blood" are easy stuff, they could even give some tiles with that expansion. The game needs campaign to live, and I personnally don't like so much the app
  5. Mists and Chains are a bit disapoiting in two ways : - they are separated boxes from the same one, and I'm almost sure they did this in hope of making more money since expansions sell lower than base box, and the more expansions it comes, the worst they sell. - thoses boxes offers a really hard campaign not so well balanced in my opinion. They also offers hybrids classes where all of us were waiting for "usual" classes. On top of that, Mists has no hero classes, no heroes at all, where chains offers classes. And about Waiquar's theme ... I hoped for Uthuk ... But I bought them because I hoped for some more !
  6. And as an hybrid class, does anybody have tried stuff ? I personnaly tried her as - spiritspeaker, fun, but nothing impressive, even if the can recovers many health with stamina - Disciple, useless, she often out of range and needs many fatigue to be with other - Bard, nothing terrible, same as above - Apothecary, nothing special, many other does stuff better than she is - Prophet, maybe the better choice since the class asks for many fatigue, that she has but would she be a good watchmen-bounty hunter for example ?
  7. Has Anybody find a way to play Serena competitively ?
  8. I'm not sure to "understand" the point with "older expansions", but some heroes classes are really strong, indeed - Roganna as a Monk-Apothecary with the help of a Bard and a Champion can perform attack that can deal 2-5 damage to pierce 2-6 with 1/3 chance to stun and can perform additional attack each time she defeats a monster ... With maybe a free attack she can double move a attack 4 times a round, ouch !! - Lyssa as a Battlemaster-Berserker too can be a real monster since her attributes tests are great for a mage and with a good weapon can exchange a Green die with a Red one, having descent health and a good move, so hard to stop since there will be nobody more to stop her anyway ... - Nanok can be a funny explosive runemaster since he can move monster so they suffer the explosion almost at each attack, and many more ! For sure, hybrids classes can be broken, except for the steelcaster, since I never saw a good hybrid class
  9. So french rules are, as usually, badly worded and suffer bad traductions ... :-/
  10. I have understand this as "no, you can't"
  11. Great idea for sure, need to find the same in France, now
  12. Don't be so sad ! I see two points : first, it's not "offical" stuff, so, things may change. second, even if it's true, Descent has so much content and i'm sure that community, like myself, will add "unofficial stuff" for a long time, so the game is far from being dead
  13. Expansion books would be the better idea, indead ! But a "card only" box could also be a good idea, with classes (for heroes and overlord), items, and maybe relics to use in that specific campaign. Good improvement for all players, the ones who play the app, and the ones who do not