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  1. rugal

    Lost Legends Deck

    If you mean if each hero can take an hybrid class ? Yes Can a single hero choose for example the monk and then the watchmen to be a "monk watchmen thief", the answer is "no" as stated in the rules
  2. rugal

    Lost Legends Deck

    Isn't the stone treated as a hero when attacking ? Just move 1 space and the shadow dragon ability is useless
  3. rugal

    Lost Legends Deck

    why bothering playing the geomancer instead of the conjurer ? He does everything better
  4. rugal

    Lost Legends Deck

    I wish now the next expansion would be Overlord class card, "Ancients powers" for example, with new Overlord class (but since the app is on the move now, and thoses OL cards are useless, i'm dreaming, am I not ?)
  5. rugal

    Lost Legends Deck

    Not so sure it would work
  6. rugal

    Lieutenant and agent

    And agent are masters monsters. But yes, lieutenants are no master monsters. (in french, they also use strange translation, master became "majeur", something like "major" or "most" instead of "maitre")
  7. rugal

    Lieutenant and agent

    Monster is a generic word for all the figures of the Overlord, but they are divided as below : - minor monsters (basic monsters, servants) - master monsters (special monsters, agents) - Lieutenant (monsters with attributes) "Elite" monster type does not exist. Agents are special monsters treated as master monsters from the group they are added to. Lieutenants are some sort of "special" monster that have attribute and can wield relics. All that target a monster can target any monster, all that target only master monsters can only be on agents or master monsters, and all that target only lieutenant can only affect them.
  8. rugal

    Tahlia Feat question

    I'm sure it the A, I wouldn't have thought of the second option, or it would were "use when a monster adjacent to you start its activation or when a monster enters a space adjacent to you"
  9. You choose among 1 of thoses target a valid target for the standard attack.
  10. rugal

    Lost Legends Deck

    I want Overlord class deck, maybe some new items, and campaign if you ask for.
  11. As for frenzy, the attack granted must be a standard attack.
  12. rugal

    Best/Worst Heroes and Classes

    Tahlia is a great steelcaster !
  13. Relics and Overlord rewards too.
  14. I sometime choose a hero more on sculpt than stats if and only if that hero is some sort of non human thing hybrid 😉
  15. I will, indeed ! Shouldn't it be "community campaign" ? it's not really an expansion, in fact.