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  1. Same here But If I had to, I would play again : Shiver the illusionnist, because I like to play the "labyrinth" forcing the OL to spend many more movement points to move and forcing him to play differently.
  2. The item that was drew from the Chest card is kept.
  3. Same here ! And many said elsewhere that they would too
  4. Selling well and creating expansions are separated things. In the theory that the app brought back people on the game, the newcomers may feel overwhelmed by the many expansions the game has already, and the money it needs to buy it all. So, maybe we won't see more, even if i wish there will be many many more !
  5. I'm personnaly not so fond of this app, since I love to play the Overlord, and because heroes classes are not so fun to play with. But expansions may change this if they are willing to do some more !
  6. Usually, I would be someone like you, but I can't afford to go into a new so full game. Seriously, there enough space to expand more. And if people don't buy them, I'm ready bo buy thoses expansions a bit more expansive than I would usually do. As long as there's no 3rd edition before some years.
  7. If miniatures are a too big cost, they could easily make a "only cards expansion", even if made for RtL in mind, with only hero classes, items, and so on.
  8. If they are preparing a V3, I'm not sure I will go on this one ! Looking how much the D2 cost me, I'm more willing to play this edition more and more than a new one. Unless they do a real intelligent conversion kit, I will pass, for sure.
  9. Before any 3rd edition, I really wanted that the 2nd was finished over ! If there's "enough" (even if I'm never satisfied) monsters and heroes, we lack of heroes classes, maybe overlord classes, and campaigns so, even if it would say a "just paper box" of many of thoses stuff, I would buy it, for sure !
  10. If only I had such skills ... I'm jalous !
  11. Impressive ! Even if I really don't like the heroes' bases. For boardgame, they all should be like what you do to monster. But this is my personnal opinion
  12. You sure about this ? Image tokens are "treated as heroes" but not actually really are, like familiar could be. For threat tokens and scenarios' rules, only "true" heroes are affected by thoses, so I would say the same.
  13. impressive ! although I don't like bases, I must admit that your work is really great