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  1. I've used some of you ideas 😉 Yes for the scourge I haven't tested it yet. The infector class need this type of changes at least for contaminated I do validate Inscribed robe and Elven cloak. I have exchanged Acts of Rune-touched leather (now Act 1) and Runeplate (now Act 2).
  2. Those are balancing I used in my games : (not sized for print, sorry for those who are interrested)
  3. - Raven flock is indeed really strong, but summoning it at the end of the turn is really too much. And in Act 2, it is no so strong. Maybe it should cost an Overlord card to exhaust and summon it anywhere on the map ? - The scourge shouldn't be changed, in my experience, it is not strong enough (I would have extend is ability to 3 spaces) Many Overlord cards should have buff, in my opinion - Astarra ability should be changed to "when you perform a move action, during that move, you can spend 1 movement point and choose a hero within 3 spaces of you and place your figure in an empty adjacent space to that figure" - Lindel should have 8 health instead of 10 - Andira should have a Brown defense die - Grisban should have "You cannot be Stun" I really do like the changes you did on Zealous aura !
  4. Maybe we can discuss this ? I've played many of thoses cards and I have a different experience, but for some choice, I do support your point of view
  5. I like the idea and some cards, but not according for most. What about the Overlord then ? Or Even some heroes ?
  6. I have. And they can be good choices especially steelhorns
  7. I will soon post another new campaign Finally I like creating stuff
  8. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3537196 Print it with shapeways and you have the best Raven flock ever !
  9. I don't ! I wish there will be game playable without any app and I love playing the Overlord. Or maybe an app for emulating heroes so I can crush them ? Fine.
  10. All should be plain black for my, for gameplay wise but this is just my opinion. It is as "shadows" under the character so easier to see on the board and avoir strange thing like grass on interrior
  11. Many monsters are useless as open groups. Now I now which ones are usable or not. Besides there's never enough. And finally choisir heroes and classes take time too. The more I have to chose from the better it is.
  12. I rather want 3 boxes with monsters, If I had to choose
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