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  1. Ex 1) No Ex 2) Sure ;D Ex 3) No
  2. There's no official ruling on this specific topic as far as I know. You don't have gold to give, it's not much harder than that. Sure, you could make some but that's something completely different.
  3. Hi there, You're friend is wrong. 'if able' means if you are directly able (if you have gold) not 'if you are able through a serious of actions'.
  4. redundant, wrote answer at the same time as Lorinor
  5. Hm.. Blink Cast after a character completes his move, on any character. Teleport that character 1 space in any direction. Misdirection Cast on another character at the start of his turn. The character takes his move as normal, except that you decide which direction he moves in. Core rules p.19 Movement in the Inner Region The die is not rolled for movement in the Inner Region. Instead, a character can move only one space per turn there. The encounter instructions on each space in the Inner Region must be completed before a character can move on toward the Crown of Command. Faq: Misdirection Q: Can a character cast the Misdirection Spell on a character in the Inner Region? A: Yes, but Misdirection may not be cast on a character on the Crown of Command or a character who is turning back. The player who cast Misdirection on a character in the Inner Region can either move his opponent forward to the next space or back one space towards the Plain of Peril. If the player chooses to move his opponent back one space towards the Plain of Peril, the character does not encounter the space and this is not considered to be turning back. In this case, the character may continue advancing toward the Crown of Command on his following turn as normal. Misdirection and blink are different spells that can be used for very different things (Using Blink to skip one step forward in the Inner Region..) so I don't think the Misdirection Faq entry should be used for Blink. I'd say yes, you have to encounter the space again (you are teleported back, not moving back) but I don't think either option is clearly supported in the rules.
  6. Hi! Welcome to the forums When playing I'd really suggest using pdf-rulebooks, much easier for looking things up. You'll find em here: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/talisman/ p.19 Encounters with other characters on the Crown of Command are also treated as encounters in the Outer and Inner Regions, except characters must encounter each other p.20 If there is already another character on the Crown of Command space when a character lands on it, the character there must be encountered. Once two (or more) characters are on the Crown, those characters’ turns consist only of encountering one of the other characters. Yes, whoever wins can choose to take life/object/gold No, you can only chose to sacrifice a follower instead of loosing a life if you are specifically instructed that you can do so. The Vampire's Tower in the Inner region works like this but that does not mean that it works anywhere else. Yes. No you can't, it's explicitly written on the special ability that it's only applicable when you attack another character.. Tip: It's important to know the difference between Characters, Creatures and Enemies. Read the red box on page 10 if you're not unsure. Cheers
  7. Arnkel, Cloak of Feathers, the "switch spaces"-spell and so on are all legal. They override core rules just like the Lord of Darkness result. ..and for anyone reading this who is not super into the rules: The teleportation spell does not work. This is because it is worded "instead of rolling for movement", the others are worded "instead of your move". This is intentional.
  8. Try the Royal Decree instead (an object from the Frostmarch expansion). The Decree may be used on any Stranger or Place you are about to encounter. The Stranger or Place is banished to the discard pile, along with this card.
  9. I'm swaying back and forth. I don't like the solution of the Stone or the Wyrd path loosing their destinies but that doesn't mean it's wrong at all (just think of all the messy things created by terrain-ing spaces needed for quests...) I recognize the argument that count as having in a way implies that you don't have it (since you only count as having it) but without that assumption it just says that.. you count as having it (please stop beating this dead horse or I'll start reporting you). Here's a new approach however: Stone of Lia Fal The Stone is imbued with a single Destiny (draw a Destiny and put it faceup on this card). You count as having the Destiny on this card. The later part is worded exactly like Wyrd path ("count as having") so they should be ruled the same way imo. The former part however gives ownership of the destiny to the Stone (if you accept the flavor wording The Stone is imbued with a Destiny), just like the Spell ring etc gives the ownership of the spells to the item (The Ring has 1 Spell).
  10. You encounter Queen Mab while on the Wyrd Path, what happens? "The fickle Queen Mab rips apart your destiny, weaving it into something tattered and mad before vanishing to the discard pile. Discard all of your Destiny cards and gain 1 Destiny. ..." http://www.talismanwiki.com/Queen_Mab "Draw a Destiny and put it on this card. You count as having this Destiny for as long as you are on this Path. ..." http://www.talismanwiki.com/Wyrd_Path It reminds me of spells that exist in the Genie etc but the wording is different here. A quick answer would be much appreciated
  11. I'd say no but I think it's a motivated question.. You could even argue that you can only use it when you are about to engage just one Enemy ("an Enemy" = singular) but... nah Anyone else got a good solution for this? You may use the Wand when you are about to engage an Enemy in battle or psychic combat. Roll 2 dice. If the score is equal to or higher than the Enemy's Strength or Craft, move the Enemy to any other space in this Region. If it is lower, resolve the attack normally. http://www.talismanwiki.com/Wand_of_Terror
  12. Nope, sorry. "...treat the Spells as though you had cast them" So when you cast Spell Call* for example the spell will be given back to you. Cheers
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