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  1. Thanks. It makes sense, mainly when defending a city.
  2. Hi guys. What follows, when combat ends as a draw? Both players take out their figures and no one takes a loot? Thanks
  3. I thing, you shouldn't look at them anyway. You can only look at randomly selected units when at battle. (But we sometimes allow to look at a unit card, when a player take them from a pile - when a player builds them)
  4. I think that "build an unlocked building for free" replaces any action in City Management, so they cannot do anything else while building for free..
  5. Can a player look at his own standing forces when not in battle? I assume yes, but the manual says the standing forces should lie face down and there is nothing about browsing them by the owner.
  6. In battle, when some player runs out of unit cards due to different battle hand sizes, how does the combat continues? The manual says: 1] starting with the defender, then alternating back and forth, each player must play a unit .. 2] After both players have played all of their battle forces, the battle is over
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