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  1. Any News on this? I am curious, too. Even if they did it for TI4 still does not mean they do it for AH3. Also I did not see any kind of announcement on the German Asmodee site.
  2. It's great to hear that the game keeps going! I wonder why don't make "Big Box" editions of the cycles...it would make it easier for both consumers and retailers (since they'd only have to stock one product per past cycle). Guess the only one "losing" would be FFG with extra production expenses, but it might drive sales of the old cycles to compensate for that...
  3. Hey Guys I also posted this on BGG: https://boardgamegeek.com/article/26689311#26689311 I have no idea what to do, so I decided to ask for some advice here. I bought the TI3 base game a couple of months ago. The box is still unopened and in shrink, but I can't return it anymore. I intended to buy the expansions once they were reprinted, but that is now not going to happen. What is now the best option? 1) Try and sell the base game and get what I can even if I make negative profits. Then pre-order fourth edition? 2) Try and find used expansions? So far I have only seen complete sets (Base Game + expansions) on sale in my country. 3) Just play the base game as long as its fun and then move on to 4th? I actually already pre-ordered 4th edition, but am not sure if this is the right move at the moment. Coughing out another $150 just after spending $90 for 3rd edition base game somehow hurts my stomach. Would appreciate some honest opinions about what you'd do in my stead. Cheers Alain
  4. I just recently found out about this. I was wondering why new stuff does not appear on BD anymore. This is double screw over for me: Having consumed the source material (lotr, asoiaf, sw, lovecraft) of ffg's main product lines in English, obviously I'd prefer to play the games in the same language. Living in non-English Europe, however, this means either paying 1.5 to 2 times the US MSRP at my "friendly" LGS, paying very expensive shipping rates (equaling the price I pay at the FLGS) or playing some translated version (which feels awkward as hell). BD was my only way out of this. FFG gracefully this option from me... In the beginning I was very upset, but as a consequence I stopped buying lotr, ANR and AH lcg (did not even start that atually) plus several expansions to MOM and AH, because as a customer they kicked me in the face once too many. I work in the marketing of big insurance company and we go out of our way to optmize customer satisfaction and omnichannel management (off- and online retailing and such). It seems the difference when selling a push-product ,such as insurance, is that you can't screw your customers like ffg does. Anyway, in the end it turned out fine. Being deprived of reasonable ways to buy their games, I turned to the more unreasonable ones: Free Online Play! I can keep playing their games online just fine without owning the cards and don't even pay a dime for it atm. I'd rather give my money to patreons and donations for people that care, honestly. Hell, I kept buying all this stuff from ffg despite barely being able to play it due to a lack of time. Should ffg/asmodee/whoever (what does the customer care?!?!) come to their senses and allow me to purchase their products WHERE AND WHEN I WANT (as everybody else does) then I'll immediately resume purchasing all those games and lcgs. I'll even buy all the stuff I missed and take a bath in all the cardboard goodness. As somenody much wiser than me said: You can fool somebody sometimes, but you can't fool all the people all the time. Btw, I did write to BD, just to inquire. This is their response:
  5. It would still be nice if FFG would update the quest log, please ffg?
  6. Well, he spoke for me, too. That's two of us, thus the word 'we' is totally in order here. Would you care to elaborate what is and why you think it is boring or are you just here to troll around?
  7. Hmm....you raise some interesting points. I really like the newer quests because of their intense narration and strong thematic coherency. Actually, I really enjoy the complex board state we noe get since the Ringmaker cycle with a lot of interaction between the encounter cards and lots of triggers and responses. On the other hand, playing a quest now, also means that a severe time investment because I meticulously check after everys phase all triggers, responses and whatever to make sure I did not miss anything. To me the game feels more intense than ever this way and I love the storytelling and complexity more than ever. However, I also feel that the quests become quite challenging and more often than I find myself falling back to proven decks and strategies using the same old cards as always rather than facing another humbling defeat while trying out the new cards. Some happened to me with the Lost Realm box as I did not manage to build a solid Dunedain deck. However, now I've gotten used to playing two handed solo (which requires a little time to adapt and get used to the increased management that is necessary) and I really enjoy the increased interaction between different deck archetypes and cards.
  8. I finally got my hands on the Lost Realm, quite frustrating really. I pre-ordered this way back already, but somehow amazon.de never go the box I guess?! Anyhow, yesterday and today I set myself quite nicely: LOTR Movie Soundtrack and a good stock of Beer. First I started with some deckbuilding: I was really looking forward to build a Dunedain Deck with Tactigorn, Mablung and Halbarad. Immediately I started against Intruders in Chetwood Solo -Handed (the other Deck was a Galadriel, Haldir & Legolas elven ranged support deck). It was not possible to defeat the scenario, simply because I had not enough starting willpower and too high start threat. After remodeling both decks after a couple of losses I finally managed to bring home a win that felt more lucky than earned. Immediately, I set out against The Weather Hills only to be utterly defeated again. Now I had enough, I felt that the Galadriel deck was performing fine, but the Dunedain Deck lacked in everything: Questing Power, Defense and Attack Strength. I absoultely love Mablung and Tactigorns -1 Defens can get absurd when coupled with Haldir & Rivendell Blade, but anyhow I ditched the Dunedain deck and built another Elf deck with Celeborn, Elrond & Glorfindel and added lots of Healing Power to both decks. The two decks combined were just absurd, and I blasted through the quest with barely a scratch. Confident I then took on Deadmen's Dike and was happy to finish it in five rounds, but seriously gasping for breath. What a quest, it's really intense and I really love it. Cursed Undead is insane, one time I faced five of them in the same round. I deliberately did not use any draw spells or Galadriels ability and managed to survive. The worst was a triple Heavy Curse in the second round which made some of my most important cards 3 or even 6 resources more expensive to play. I almost played no cards until quest stage two. I really had a blast playing through these scenarios blindly, although I have to admit that they were to difficult for me to take on without some refined decks. I think key to Intruders in Chetwood is having a good starting Willpower to overcome the first rounds and deal with the first Orc War Party. After that it is not that hard anymore. As for The Weather Hillls agree that healing effects are almost a must have. And Deadmen's Dike is just insane and I did not have a clear strategy other than try to stay alive. I felt that location control was also very important in all threee quests, so I was glad to have Asfaloth and Legolas along. Both really did a lot of work, especially Legolas shooting down Orcs and Ghouls every round and constantly adding progress was really a valuable hero. I am wondering, though, does anybody have a Dunedain thematic deck and is willing to share the list? Did anyone try a deck with Tactigorn, Halbarad and Mablung? Or did you try Idraen or Beravor? I think Expert Trackers has quite some potential and I really liked Aragorn's ability, too. I felt that especially Halbarad did not pull his weight, it's nice to have hime quest and attack, but often I defeated the enemies in the same round anyway and his 2 Attack or Willpower seemed to rarely matter. @koriakin97 If you were willing to share your list I'd be really interested to see what you put together...
  9. @Tracker1 Hey man, so sorry to see you go. You were a real asset to the Community and one of the most gifted Deckbuilders I have come across in the www so far. But I can somewhat relate to you as I more often than not catch myself these days starting to draft a solo deck and then realizing it might be even better to pair it with the "right" second player deck and then play two-handed. I really enjoyed the Ringmaker-cycle though Lost Realm arrived just today (even though I pre-ordered!), so let's see... The only real reason I could think of for them to stop the game at by the end of 2016 would be the end of the license period...game was released in 2011 if it's e.g. 5 years that would be 2016. I have no idea how much they pay for the license but it might indeed turn a slightly profitable product into a non-profitable one. And it certainly would make ffg think how long they will continue the game before renewing the license...but afaik we have no information on price and duration of licenses so this is a somewhat futile exercise at best.
  10. This might be a dumb question, but can I used Anduril's ability even when the attached Hero is exhausted? Or do I have to have some way to ready the hero after defending in order to be able to attack?
  11. Thanks so much for clarifying this! I am also glad to hear that I played everything the right way...
  12. Hi Guys I finally got my hands on the newest saga expansion (The Road Darkens) and played to first quest today. I managed it quite well I think, but I was not sure how to handle the Watcher in the Water correctly. It's in the staging area, but considered to be engaged with each player. I have two questions regarding this: 1) How many attacks does the Watcher make? I decided he would attack each player once, since is engaged to both. Is that correct? 2) How many Shadow Cards does the Watcher get? I assumed one at the beginning of the combat phase that is then valid for both attacks. 3) Can I attack the Watcher normally? He is considered to be engaged, but still he is in the staging area. This confused me a bit, but I assumed I get to attack him normally as he is engaged with me. Would be happy to get some clarification on these points! Thanks in advance Best regards Alain
  13. I don't know why you're expecting an article for Antlered Crown before it comes out. They've only done 2 articles for each other pack in the cycle. One to announce it and one on release. How have you not figured out the pattern yet?? I also don't think we will see any news on AC, but that is not necessary either...the release will be enough Although I am still waiting on CS (expected shipping date is January here! ) What I really am looking forward though is the spoiler for the first AP of Angmar Awakened! We almost know nothing about the new cycle, yet almost the last AP from this cycle is out...
  14. It's all makes perfect sense. Shadow cards are dealt at the beginning of the combat phase. Enemies put into play after the act of dealing shadow cards but before the regular combat phase enemy attack act will indeed make an unshadowed attack, because it's a regular one, not an out-of-order one. Ok, thanks now I get it: Regular attacks get dealt shadow cards only in the beginning of the combat-phase. Out-of-order attacks get always dealt a shadow card. Thanks for clarifying this once more.
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