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  1. While I don't agree with everything said, I feel like this last part is my most salient concern as well. This game is coming. Having a bunch of people online being detractors can only potentially hurt the game. That either leads to the game prospering despite losing some players of the older game or dying a slow death as negativity overtakes the community. In the latter case, can L5R survive without a company supporting it? Maybe FFG would sell the IP but who would buy it if it becomes so unprofitable? Or, in the pipe dream of the naysayers, the game may get a 2E like GoT did that completely returns it to the older edition. But, that probably won't be for at least several years and the IP and community would have already suffered a terrible beating. Either way, I am optimistic about the game. I never got into the original CCG despite being a huge fan of the RPG because there wasn't a local presence, I disliked the distribution format, and the gameplay was very complicated in a way that I found discouraging to those that I tried to teach the game. This new edition has already gotten a few locals interested (with the 3 core sets needed being the only grumble). It's a chance to embrace the new game and start fresh for those of us who struggled with the previous edition.
  2. When: February 1st, 2014 Check in at noon, games start at 12:30 Where: Niagara Hobby and Craft 3366 Union Road Cheektowaga, New York Admission: Free to play event with prize support being donated by the store. Prize Support: De pendant upon participation.
  3. There's a small group of us that play around Buffalo usually using our facebook group to find meet-up locations or Baldy Hall at UB. Join the group ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/376817915764714/ ) or PM me and I will add you on there. Invite any of your friends who play as well.
  4. I'm selling off my collection of AGoT LCG cards due to the inability to attract players in my immediate area. Between limited time during school and limited interest by others in buying into the product, I don't see myself continuing in the hobby. While I love the game, I play it so rarely as to question my own wisdom in pursuing it further. So, I am selling my collection in its entirety. All the cards are in great condition, stored in a card sorting box by set and house, and those few that ever saw use were sleeved. I'm quite meticulous about the quality of my cards. Below is a list of what I have. I also have the core and expansion boxes, if that's of interest. There are multiple copies of several of the expansion packs that contain the more often played cards in tournament decks. Core set and Expansions: Core Set x3, Kings of the Sea (non-reprint) x3, Princes of the Sun (non-reprint) x2, Lords of Winter x1, Kings of the Storm x1, Queen of Dragons x1 Chapter Pack Expansions: 1. A Clash of Arms: The War of the Five Kings x1, Ancient Enemies x1, Sacred Bonds x2, Epic Battles x2, Battle of Ruby Ford x1, Calling the Banners x1 2. A Time of Ravens: A Song of Summer x2, The Winds of Winter x1, A Change of Seasons x1, The Raven's Song x2, Refugees of War x2, Scattered Armies x2 3. King's Landing: City of Secrets x2, A Time of Trials x2, The Tower of the Hand x3, Tales from the Red Keep x2, Secrets and Spies x2, The Battle of Blackwater Bay x2 4. Defenders of the North: Wolves of the North x1, Beyond the Wall x1, A Sword in the Darkness x2, The Wildling Horde x1, A King in the North x1, Return of the Others x3 5. Brotherhood without Banners: Illyrio's Gift x1, Rituals of R'Hllor x1, Mountains of the Moon x1, A Song of Silence x1, Of Snakes and Sand x1, Dreadford Betrayal x1 6. Secrets of the Citadels: Gates of the Citadel x1, Forging the Chain x1 Greyjoy House Card x1 (Sorry, I sent the others to some players on the FFG forums who wanted them in exchange for shipping reimbursement.) I'd like to sell this as a full collection since selling parts of it (like Core Sets) would leave me with an incomplete collection and it's unlikely that I'd find a buyer for that. Anyway, I've spent about $600 or more on all this over time and would like to get about $350-400 (plus shipping) for it. I was hoping to find a group somewhere who might want it to split among themselves for their playgroup so that they went to a group who would actually use them rather than sitting in yet another person's closet. If you're interested, please contact me at vaux.saladin AT gmail.com and we'll go from there. If there isn't any interest here, I will be putting them up for auction on ebay but I was hoping they'd go to a better home here. Thanks!
  5. Difficult given that I only have a few Joust opponents around here that I am teaching the game to. I make all the decks and own all the cards. I will make GJ Joust work... even if I have to paste the GJ house symbol over all the Martell cards and just play pretend.
  6. I have 2 extra. Shoot me a PM if either of you still need it.
  7. I do, I do! I am very interested to see your Greyjoy list. Hands down my favorite house, no matter how frequently I lose. Nice to see what people might be trying with them.
  8. Man, I'd love to see this Greyjoy deck that keeps getting mentioned. Any chance Fatmouse would be willing to share the decklist, if he hasn't somewhere already?
  9. Hey TO players, On April 8-10, the University at Buffalo (in Buffalo, NY) hosts an annual gaming convention. I have been talking to some of the Rochester players that regularly meet-up about hosting a tournament at it. I attend university there but have little experience with AGoT tourneys, having just gotten into the game myself. Would you guys be interested? If so, shoot me an email at: vaux.saladin AT gmail.com and I'll try to get you guys in on the loop, so that we can host something awesome for those of us around this area. I know its a bit of a drive for you guys but it could start a regular occurrence. ~Dan K
  10. TravisS, I live in Buffalo, NY and play the game. Shoot me a message on aim (gistrationP) or gmail (vaux.saladin at gmail.com - another gaming account of mine). You're not far away and it would be interesting to get in touch with any Rochester players that exist. Just got into the game myself but have been looking for players.
  11. Hey all. I'm new to AGoT LCG and live in Buffalo, NY. I was curious if there are any active players around here? ~Dan K
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