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  1. I was hoping that with the day 0 the SSU would be a fully playable army and FFG will release all boxes at one go. Unfortunately FFG decided to get a bad habit of GW nad releases boxes in waves… What's worse those boxes are more expensive than their Axis/Allied counterparts. I think it will take at least about 6 months more for SSU to catch up with Axis/Allied forces.
  2. Was expecting this sort of price. On the other hand for 18 points you have Stefan with 4 wounds, flamethrower and Assault so IMO mr Commissar should cost around 6-7 points.
  3. I've just sent them those questions and we'll see… Anyway I've invested a bit in DT but ore and more I'm willing to sell whole lot as FFG doesn't seem to care about this game.
  4. Loophole Master said: Man, what a clusterf***. So ALL artillery weapons need to reload. Except for the Steel Rain. Even though there's no rule exempting limited ammo weapons from reloading… Here's an idea: simply write RELOAD on the cards of the units that need to reload and be done with it. Genius, eh? That would be way to easy Loophole. Anyway I have a question to the Dust Tactics lead designer(s): 1. Why the Nikita cost 40 points when Lothar has better stats and is cheaper? 2. Why the air-lifted SSU walkers were chosen so poorly? What I mean 2 of them (Nikita and Nastasia) has range 6 and more so they don't have to be air-lifted and on the other hand 2 'normal' walkers (Nadya and Natalya) really and truly would demand air-lift as they are short-ranged and slow (without FAST nor ASSAULT skill)? Is the play-testing really exist in FFG?
  5. Sometimes I think nobody drives this train… Do you think does FFG have any general idea for a game or everything is released 'as they go' without play testing etc?
  6. That's the nail to the coffin… Anyway IMO there is a liitle point to invest in Nikita at the moment.
  7. deedob said: daniello_s said: Major Mishap said: The infantry are actually very good as every one can take on A3 enemy and dish out a lot of hurt to A2, it's the walkers that are rubbish. Are we talking about same stuff? 1. Chinese Volunteers - Range 2, full squad 10d/A2 and 5/A3 - due to the lack of range will die before shoot at enemy and CC specialist are far more mobile than them so they will strike first and kill them instantly. 2. Drakoni - reasonable good against A2 but crap against A3. And they are expensive. 3. Fakyeli - the only decent option for SSU infantry but only close range unit. And slow… really slow. I would trade Assault plus add 5/6 points if I could have them with FAST. 4. Frontoviki - good at close range against A2 and sucks against A3 at range more than 2. No thank you. 5. Snipers - ok. 6. Observers - as above. 7. Ohotniki - same as Frontoviki. 8. Medvedi - standard (almost) command squad. Decent if you need it. So at the moment how do you want to deal with enemy A3 infantry and walkers with above choices. Even enemy A2 infantry can be a problem as it has far greater range. Yeah… i believe you have not played them. The SSU does not have a lot of range for any of it's units, be it infantry or walkers. However, they are the only faction that have adequate transports. You HAVE to play that to your advantage and you definitely need to take that into account. The Frontoviki and the Ohotniki can both be dropped smack down in the middle of a fray with the troop transport, making their lack of range a side note. I have seen an allied player's plan completely crumble when some Chinese volunteers landed right next to their BBQ squad with Bazooka Joe attached… The BBQ squad fled into a building rather than face the volunteers. They were stronger than the Chinese, but if they stayed there to fight them, they would've had to face what was left of them PLUS the transport itself which would have plowed through them. There was no point in risking about 50 points of troops (BBQ + Joe) to fight the 12 points (from memory) chineese volunteers… The SSU infantry currently don't have any problem, even against most armour 3. They DO have a problem in the anti-walker department. They really need the Gunship to stand a chance against the axis and allies heavies and the airborne walker transport (and it's walker). The Gunships are going to be very difficult for the allies and the axis. The SSU artillery is going to be the best one there is among all three factions: strong firepower and no reload from what i've seen. As it is *right now* the SSU can fight a good match against a core set's axis or allies. It's going to be much tougher against a customized army. If the Allied player was so kind enough to outstreched his troops without dealing with chopper first then that his problem. Any smart player would destroy chopper first as it is still godd dakka-platform and can damage a lot any infantry unit without a doubt.
  8. Right lads, I was thinking how would I start SSU army and here is my list (300 points limit): 1. Yakov - unfortunately almost a MUST HAVE choice in SSU, allows you to strike first before enemy 2. Fakyeli - decent choice, Yakov gonna join them. 3. 2x Snipers - they will try to pick out enemy specialist from units. 4. Rifle Squad - I'm not great fun of them but I think they are better than Battle Squad) 5. Nastasia - good dakka-dakka walker with good range 6. Natasha - grenade weapon with All In One? Oh yeah… 7. 2x Burner - they will try to inflict as much damage as possible before shot down and allow to rest of the army reach the enemy. 300/300 I'm kind of afraid if there is enough anti-tank punch here but looks solid for SSU standards.
  9. Reality is always harsh my friend Anyway we need to wait for A3 SSU infantry so this fraction could really compete with Axis in the infantry area.
  10. Jesus, Allah and the Dark Powers! Rule is rule but it doesn't apply to the Nikita cause Nikita's card doesn't physically show RELOAD! Same like Steel Rain. So hard to understand that?
  11. Look at the units card please. See RELOAD? No? Now answer yourself
  12. The rules once say artillery needs to reload between shots and once say it doesn't need to so nothing is clear unless unit's card specifies if it does/doesn't.. Nikita's card says it doesn't need to. I do not care what FFG intended to achieve - unless they put it in FAQ or release a new card Nikita DOESN'T need to reload between two shots. All in this matter.
  13. I've played similar Axis and Allied units instead of term so I can see what are they worthy. I've played Sturmpioniere instead of Fakyeli and I know the are far better than their SSU counterparts (and Fakyeli are better than other SSU units). I've played Recon Grenadiers instead of Frontoviki (guess which ones are better) etc. As for Chinese guys example - if opponent allow you to assault him with those guys then he is a real newbie.
  14. Lska said: Argh argh argh, WTF are those boys in FFG thinking this is confusing and the airlifted walkers get crapier every day it seems.. Maybe they want to safe your wallet saying 'hey! our airlifted walkers are **** so you don't have to buy the box!'
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