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  1. Does it need a 2nd edition or just an upgrade/deluxe pack ?
  2. Thanks, this was my question for this game too. The rules aren't 110% clear on that and I was wondering if we were cheating by only adding what we could or if we were cheating by choosing what bits we could add!
  3. I think the Nazis might have a few issues with the claiming of that Totally Meaningless ™
  4. Sorry only started playing today and genuinely thought it was just 1 char per challenge. Make more sense now!
  5. Can you attack with more than 1 character during a challenge? Are their strengths added?
  6. I was told that the 1E was pretty complex, how likely is it that the rules will be available as a PDF on this site? - I want to see how convoluted it is before trying to play it with my GOT loving GF
  7. My birthday was the 15th and i got this the wekend before from my in-laws. I bouht myself unseen forces and it rally does change the game for the better. Theres also the extra red doom cards which can be added to make it mkre difficult too. Well worth getting it if you think that the game is too easy!
  8. So effectively do you count as rolling it even though you know what the result is (due to it being locked) ?
  9. Why then for the 'unseen forces' expansion does that too require 2 sets of each?
  10. OK this is a totally n00b question: when the game shows the ffg sleeves and a colour what is the number for? Eg elder sign has yellow (mini card sleeves)/2 and orange/ (tarot sized card sleeves)/2. My gut instinct is tht it means i need 2 packs of each but Im not sure.
  11. Aye - I'd echo that. Maybe a challenging test (+0) to purify it until the character is happy that it is 'safe' to use. If they fail it may end up giving corruption points or even effecting reputation (running around with 'bad guy' weapons = no no!)
  12. I imagine they fear it physically (ie it has teeth and claws and is going to eat me) but equally it might make the demon ill if it tried to eat it.. I don't think they'd be effected by the warp-somatic effects.
  13. Many thanks - so DH + Ascention (high level stuff) + BoM if I want SoB (at marine like levels)? I realise that SoB won't be as tough/uber/whatever as a deathwatch but I think some diversity is called for. Essentially I was thinking of allowing our resident female gamer to opt to play the NPC callidus assassin that is in the free starter adventures (which is what I'll use for thegroup who may be playing) She has no ties (as inquisor is dead) and as an assassin is'ascended/superhuman/loyal to the imperium. Last question : rules for neural shredder and polymorphine ? Or is it something I have to make up (which I have absolutely no reservation in doing - I just like to use the 'official' stuff if possible )
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