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  1. I think that Yoda's stats should note that he is Silhouette 0, as he clearly is.
  2. In general I DM much more. For Star Wars I have played much more. I do not use house rules as a DM. I do not like it when DM's use house rules. I believe that the implied social contract of a game is that we will play by the rules. Changing them is no more acceptable in an RPG than it would be in a board game. Suppose someone asked you to play chess but they said that they would not use the bishops because they were an atheist, and that they would not use the Kings and the Queens because they don't believe in monarchy?
  3. Hiding, yes. Not feeling, no. The ones who don't feel things are not "properly socialized" they are "severely repressed."
  4. OK. Agree that tastes differ. What do you do about extra XP's from playing your Motivation? I'm not sure how you could do that if you were not there. Do you not give those out at all, or does everyone get that whether they role play it or not?
  5. Yes, thank you for providing additional evidence for my statements. Doing it the way the rules specify prevents seething rage and resentment over unfairness when those who do not show up and who do nothing receive the same rewards as those who do show up and also prevent seething hatred of the cheating GM who has dared to alter the rules (at least without mentioning this before the campaign started). Thus it is clearly more fun.
  6. "Additional" = more than they started with. That section is about experience, both starting and gained.
  7. So if the rules explained how much damage a weapon does when it hits you would respond "Oh, but the rules do not say that the weapon does not do damage on a miss, so I'm going to have them do damage anyway (No, not by using advantage to Strain Minions, thus damaging them, that's fine.)
  8. Because the rules say "Players receive additional experience as they play" than if they are not playing than they are not (or at least should not by the rules) be receiving additional experience, because they have not met the prerequisite for awarding additional experience. It is 100% crystal clear. Are you trolling?
  9. "Players receive additional experience as they play Edge of the Empire," EOTE pg 92. Therefore if you are not playing than you are not receiving additional experience. Also "During a campaign, players also receive additional experience for each session." EOTE pg 29. _Players_ are people who are _playing_ this session, not people who played or will play some other session. Not there, No XP's.
  10. I can haz one billion credits too, pleaze?
  11. By my reading the rules for assigning XP's do not permit the GM to give XP's to characters who are not there. Therefore everyone who does so is not using an unauthorized house rule. If that's what you want to do you go right ahead, but you should be aware of this.
  12. So this was actually the "Fly Casual" playtest. (We are Battlegroup Anchorage in the playtest credits.) I was playing a Quarren Gunslinger with DEX 6 (from Dedication and a Dex focused build) and Weapons Light 5 . I had Guns Blazing, Deadly Accuracy, Quick strike/2, Improved Quick Draw, Sorry About the Mess, Dedication, etc. (pretty much the whole Gunslinger tree). We were at medium Range but I was two sizes smaller than the Tie Fighters, so my base DC was one purple. The minion Tie pilots could not hit the broad side of a target two sizes smaller and with a Defense of 2. If they had I'd have been vaporized. Some other people were shooting at them too, and they apparently foolishly thought that the attackers with heavy weapons were the greater threat. I was using a pair of DragonEye Reaper Heavy Blaster Pistols with Set Triggers. The pistols had the Superior Mod and the Marksman Barrel Mos, both with 2 Weapon Quality Accurate Mods and 1 Innate Talent Sniper Shot mods. The triggers were modded (in a way that was more generous in playtest than in the final document, I can't tell you). Base damage was 8 + 1 for superior +2 for (they took this out and I can't tell you) + 1 each for each of my average of 10 successes = 21 damage +5 for the first hit of the turn. Against people (who were harder targets) I averaged a point or two lower in damage. (26 and 21 average to 23.5 each, rounding up to 24 in generalizing comments made years later.) I was rolling 5 Yellows + 1 green + 5 Blues (7 blues against targets who had not acted, and I beat the Tie Pilots initiative) I had +1 Automatic success from weapon qualities. I could aim one as a incidental because of the Set Trigger, and used a Maneuver to Aim the other, putting me at 8 blues against targets who had not acted. With the barrels and the Sniper shot talent I could hit at a maximum of extreme range. I used Deadly Accuracy to gain +5 damage from my first hit per turn, turning it from an average of 21 points to an average of 26 points. I also regularly had a Triumph per turn, so critting was easy. Ties have 2 Armor, so that counts as 20 Soak, so hits doing 21-29 damage inflict one Hull damage. With two or three rounds of focused fire on one of the two Ties (which had 6 Hull Threshold) I critted and destroyed one of them. Admittedly having pistols that cost Cr 20,000 or so for the pair helped a lot. I don't know for sure but I like to think that the report of this playtest session is part of what got them to tone down the Gunslinger slightly in the final document. Oh, and since I could breathe water I could set up a dockside attack, hop in the water, and just swim away, hiding with my Ink Spray.
  13. When we were play-testing Hired Guns I played a tricked out Gunslinger who routinely did 24+ points of damage with each of his two pistols. We had a battle in a hanger, and he actually crippled a Tie Fighter with his hand-guns. Good times.
  14. Damage is primarily about overcoming Soak. Suppose two identical beginning characters with Soak 3 and 12 wounds shoot each other with blaster pistols doing a base of 5 damage. They hit 60% of the time, and have an average of 2 successes when they do hit. They will do an average of 2.4 points per turn (5+2-3) * 0.6 =2.4. They will therefore require about 5 turns (12/2.4) to reduce each other to 0 wounds. Thy both switch to blaster rifles doing a base of 9 damage. Assuming the hit as often they will double the average damage they inflict per turn (9+2-3) * 0.6 = 4.8 and require an average of 2.5 turns (12/4.8) to reduce each other to 0 wounds. The advantages of the pistol are that it is lower encumbrance, permitted more places, and easier to sneak into places it is not permitted. (It's also easier to hit with if you're quite close, and harder to hit with if you're far away, so that is situational).
  15. Is a Jedi Master really a career, or just a Jedi who has the Mastery ability for at least one force tree, and a high enough Force Rating that they can usually make it work?
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