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  1. DW CE was 200 dollars without shipping.
  2. Well, about two weeks ago they sent me a brand new copy case and all. Now I have a reference and a collectible one. Sweet.
  3. Same as everybody, I use mine for personal use and have a regular copy for everyone else.
  4. Brother James Emperor's Children #0177/1000 I wanted this to reflect some of the others that didn't turn so that they would have a place to help fight from.
  5. I e-mailed them and they said to send pictures and that they would wait and see how many they needed to order. I am waiting for a response from my last e-mail. They didn't give me any hassles or negative feelings. If it happened you should notify them and send pictures.
  6. A week after I got mine the spine broke apart and took the back cover off. Opened the book twice before that. They are trying to help me with this so that is good, ut just wondering if there were any other problems?
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