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  1. I think the opinion of the Strike to Stun forums is pretty blatantly stated by their WFRP 3E Forum having a dig right in the forum title: "Never forget, the threads (no not the dice) tell the story." You're not going to have a great discussion in a forum that is already starting a passive aggressive argument right from the get-go.
  2. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/102288-help-needed-to-separate-standups-by-product/ There's a link to download an excel file with a list of stand ups.
  3. It depends on what you call influential. I'm going with "influences other things in the RPG community." I can't think of many games that were influenced by the 40k rules or setting besides attempts to put the setting on a different ruleset. Influential games from Dark Heresy's time are D&D 3.5 (since it did the whole D20 license thing). That basically DOMINATED the 2000s. Late 2000s and 2010s saw a lot more influence coming from Fate, Apocalypse World, and the OSR. On the other hand if you're talking popularity, then yeah 40k games are in the top 5 sometimes top 3.
  4. I've had fun with the 40k games, but I don't know that I'd call them influential. They feel more emblematic of the game design of the late 90s/2000s that came along with 3.0/3.5 D&D. Set classes, talents/feats, a pile of skills, a bunch of rules for simulating physics, and a heavy focus on adding mechanical options to players as a selling point. That's a style of RPG that is now being turned away from the same way we turned away from games that read like math textbooks from the 80s and games following the White Wolf Vampires/Splats style in the 90s. People seem to be looking for things that are simpler and evocative. Video games have made most people much more literate in game theory and design, and the ease of publishing have allowed people to be more experimental with game designs and not just copy things rote from D&D. The popular culture of RPGs seems to be shifting away from gameplay and more into story and story-evoking mechanics. The second edition of Dark Heresy had some lurching steps toward these things, but remained bound by old traditions. I think it's spot on to say that this line would not have been anywhere near as popular without the 40k setting. Is it an influential set of books? No, I'd say that it's not. Is it a fun set of books? Yes, it's fun, warts and all, but it's time to move on to bigger and better things.
  5. It warms my heart to imagine the kids in your neighborhood pranking you constantly by hiding packages and so on.
  6. You seem to be overreacting a bit. There's evidence of at least one person receiving goods. You got a reply from customer service. You've been on this forum long enough to remember the core book binding issue and how FFG replaced people's core books for free. It's annoying that it's taken so long, but I think it's exaggerating to say that FFG isn't providing you a service.
  7. Had an order for a full set of Discwars ordered the 16th that arrived to my place on Friday. They used UPS and I had to deal with them not just leaving the package and having to pick it up at the UPS office.
  8. Had an order for a full set of Discwars ordered the 16th that arrived to my place on Friday. They used UPS and I had to deal with them not just leaving the package and having to pick it up at the UPS office.
  9. I got an email today saying my order had shipped. I ordered on the 16th and just bought 2copies of disk wars and 1 of each expansion. They're using UPS and it's expected to deliver at the end of Friday.
  10. The players vault is a reprint of a chunk of the cards and other things in the core set. You're probably okay with a single copy of it.
  11. Alright everyone, last chance to get ridiculously cheap WFRP Third Edition stuff! Check out the FFG holiday sale for your last chance on getting stuff for 5 bucks a pop. Of extra value the Core Set priced at $40 rather than the $99 MSRP. Have fun and thanks for the memories, everyone!
  12. For the last time ever, you'll be able to get a couple of DH Second Edition books for drastically reduced cost (we're talking 5 bucks a book). Also a bunch of other 40K books are available. Just look up the FFG Holiday Sale. Have fun, everyone!
  13. Have you found the Star Wars RPG by FFG to be similarly useful?
  14. I think this is a very shallow assessment, its the "logical" conclusion but it's actually not at all what the problem with WFRPG was. We were just talking about this in another threat but there was no issue with cards, components, dice or anything else. This game could have been very successful exactly as it is right now and in fact would have been had it not been for some poor business decisions which is where most of the failure took place. For one the game was way too expensive. In gaming terms this made the game inaccessible to a lot of people, in particular young people. The gaming community is very fickle, make something expensive (inaccessible) and they will crap all over your product out of spite and that is EXACTLY what happened with WFRPG. Up until the day the core set was actually released the excitement and anticipation of the game was insane, there wasn't a negative word printed about the game anywhere. The moment the price for the core set was released, the internet went crazy. People where giving the game terrible reviews before it was physically possible to own a copy. The next thing was what you actually got for your money. To have a game that costs hundreds of dollars that only supports a group of 3 players was just icing on the stupidity cake. It was like a RPG with micro-transaction where not only was it expensive to buy, but you didn't get enough supplies to play it when you did and you need to spend over twice as much money to get a actual full game going. It was a ridiculous business model that was doomed for failure. Finally and this was probably the biggest offender was that the books without the components where as expensive as the core sets with components which was just outrageous, especially since you ultimately ended up needing the books even after you bought the core sets. When it was all said and done getting a proper game going cost about 3 to 5 times (depending on how many players you had) then even the most expensive RPG ever released to date. WFRPG is in fact the single most expensive RPG ever sold and in the end it was really nothing that amazingly special. It was interesting, different and certainly better than many, but not as good as some, but it was insanely expensive. This was the entire issue with WFRPG. If it costs half as much to get into the game, they would have had no problems getting people to buy into it and play it. 3-5 times any other rpg? The base set was 100 bucks MSRP and the adventurers toolkit to add more players was like 30 bucks at most MSRP. FFG and other companies put out corebooks that cost 60 bucks MSRP plus 7 bucks for at least one set of dice. That adds up to only costing twice what other RPGs cost, and you can then take into account all of the bits and bobs that WFRP included.Also, the supplements were 50 bucks, MSRP. Other systems have 40 dollar supplements. So it's 10 extra dollars and again you get a bunch of components for your money. WFRP was expensive, yes, but it's not actually that much more expensive than other games. I know people complain about them putting rules for certain things in supplements, but it's usually ironically in the same rant about wanting to pay money for new supplements for the older edition.
  15. That's a fairly graceful response. I don't really agree that your game is replacing WFRP, though, as it lacks the actual IP. There are already two good rulesets for playing WFRP. The content being written for your game is going to be legally distinct enough from WFRP that the same content could have been made without the necessity of a new game engine. I personally was more engaged eith WFRP for the unique ruleset than the setting, so a rehash of older rules has little appeal to me. Also, you messed up the the url for Blunderbus Grim & Perilous.
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