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  1. welcome CoC lcg is probably one of FFs best card games, great mythos, big card pool excellent mechanics, you will get hooked, buy another core set and one or two of the expansions you are interested in and you will have months and months of play from that alone, careful though you may be tempted to buy more cards!
  2. thanks for the replies. have just ordered the basic game and forgotten souls. I like the idea of the conversion kit to add proxy monsters.
  3. Hi All just a couple of questions, Is the basic game enough to keep you going for a while? I also like the co op adventures that have been mentioned how may of them are there and do you think FF will publish more of them? and finally what scale is this game 25mm, 32mm ? thanks regards Mic
  4. Hi All how does the HB ice card minelayer work? thanks regards mic
  5. sorry if this has been asked before, but At what time in the run can I rez/use Jacksons ability? hope that makes sense thanks regards mic
  6. How and when can you use Dunheres card abillity? can he attack an enemy in the staging area by himself as a free attack? when can he do this? thanks regards mic
  7. Hi all I have purchased 2 copies of the core set and a copy of hunt for golum and a copy of carrack. I am having a go at passage through mirkwood and have put together a 50 card deck (spirit/leadership) I have chosen the characters that I have avaliable with the least amount of threat level (elleanor,theodred and frodo 22 threat) I will attempt to take them through all the quests that I have. just a couple of questions: can theodred give himself the resource when he quests? what does the X mean in the cost part of some of the cards? (stand and fight) thanks regards mic
  8. Can the game survive the public? Had a solo game,wiith my 9 year old daughter helping, and blitzed. We played the spirit heros starter deck and ended up with a score of 22 The deck has some great allies and a few good threat lowering cards, we were very happy. Mind you it was quest 1 regards mic
  9. I would assume that you dont own the attachment so cannot get rid of it. dare I assume by the way best card game I have ever played
  10. Thanks for the feedback guys. I think 30 card decks are quite challenging at the moment. When we have more cards out I II have a go at 50 card decks. The steward of gondor card is great you can exhaust it every turn and give the attached hero 2 extra resourses a turn and with it attached to Denethor(the only Lore character I had) he ended up with more resources than both leadership characters. Does the treachery web attachment card stay on your hero for the rest of the game? thanks regards mic
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