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  1. So, I've been pondering over Terminator armor and it's comparisons to the 40k fluff. I think the stats are rather solid, but they just don't feel...epic enough to me. So I've been working something to spice it up. Lemme know what you think. As a GM i am going to make up about ten armors or so for my group. Each will have between two and three armor histories, between one and two favored weapons, and each will be culminated in a secret history for the armor about magnificient things that it's done. Each one will be given an epic name and a bit of an appearance description. I'll print the name and it's description on the back of an index card or something appropriate. On the Front, the vital statistics, such as the armor for locations, strength bonus, and one of the histories, a minor one, will be placed. When players choose the armors, they only get to choose based on the name, and can only give vague descriptions of their armor to each other "Mine seems to shoot good.", "Mine is relatively good at close combat". After so many times reqing the same armor, a bit more of it's history and capabilities is revealed to them, and when certain match ups are done, that will be revealed as well. Those holes under the eyelids? They're for a space wolf to smell and use his hightened senses. +5 BS because this one likes a storm bolter in it's right hand. After three missions, you've learned the eclectic way this suit moves actually is it's quick reflexes, and have learned to follow it, +5 agility. This information is only available and applicable to those who have worn the armor to be familiar with it. And if they can unlock all the secrets of the armor, to understand it the best that they can, maybe they can have the artificers attempt to modify it for additional req. A spotlight added here. The ability for a servo harness to be mounted outside (should be available alreday on some, but maybe the tech marine likes this one), Put a weak forcefield in so the helmet can be off but can still keep atmosphere in, or just general requests by players. This way, players can explore these vaulted suits of armor in a unique way. I'll try to make the ten have unique back stories and make them all pretty pro, none better than others, but I think it adds variety and excitement.. What do you think?
  2. Just equip the purple Materia "Cover" and you should be set.
  3. I would have to say it has something to do with the size modifier. A motorcycle couldn't kill as many in a horde by ramming it as a rhino, and a rhino would hit less people than a land raider. However, speed is the other factor. The faster the vehicle, the less likely someone has a chance to dodge it. Yes, Hordes can't dodge WEAPONS, bu I'm pretty sure unless they're a blind and deaf mob of angry cultists, they're goign to figure out a tank is coming at them and attempt to move accordingly. But that might be moot as someone should get squished. Requires a bit of thought. If I had to make a flash decision right now, I'd say 1d10 for how much magnitude you hit, and use the front armor of the vehicle to determine if you bypass the creature's toughness and armor. A death or glory style mechanic to equalize it out might be fun too.
  4. So, one of my players asked me today that if Terminator armor is supposed to be the top rung of armors, defiantely master crafted and such, should the weapons he puts on them be master crafted as well? From a game standpoint, I said no, and that I thoguht that the weapons mounted just had to be mounted specially, that they werne't inherently special in of themselves. But I don't know. Thoughts?
  5. As usual, I'm going to defer to Siranui on this one. Just because you get all the shooty benifits out of the away doesn't mean your done. Yes, this game is more combat oriented but that doesn't mean that you have no need for skills. I think that an IF, who seeks perfection, would easily pick up every language of Xenos that he can. Each Hatred to perfect his zeal if ever caught in a close engagement. Resistance to heatcold. Being able to pilot any type of vehicleknow any map. These are roleplaying devices but are still quite useful in a game. My group has already downed speaking languages of the enemy, but I'm going to start making it criticalapparent that having it helps alot in knowing what the other side is doing. Other good options have been listed. Advanced Specialities, Distinctions, signature wargear at that high high stage. But I don't think what has been mentioned,what I love about the system is Elite Advances. If you want your character to have something at that high of a level, talk it over with your DMfloat them a number. If you're worried about just spending what you have at that level, don't be stingy. And if they agree, bam. You have it. You don't have to be confined by your advance table at all times.
  6. I put my group against a Tau emissary with plasma grenades tied to his chest, and Kroot had snuck up behind them and put a gun to each of their heads. The Devistator Ran forward, took two shots to the head, taking 2 points of critical damage there, before grabbing at the emissary, ripping his arm off,and then bracing against the grenades so the rest could escape. Just so they didn't have to make a deal with Xenos. Even my jaw dropped. This same Devistator also got the final shot on a Hive Tyrant, jumped off a Chimera to rip off one of it's claws so it could be drug back to the LZ to be a trophy. I made him do alot of tests for it,but he got it.
  7. It says you can re-roll any one result. Meaning just one. And an updated version of this has been added to the website, with rules for Rites of Battle Added.
  8. Ugh. Why does everybody flock to excel? Something that could be potentially full of macros and viruses? No offense. But why can't anybody make a simple javascript one? (PS. Where I used to work made me engraned to hate excel. I just do, sorry)
  9. On p. 176 of the core rulebook it states that putting in a cybernetic requires 2d10-TB days of healing, minimum of one. So in truth, reqing a perminant one every time does come with it's cost. Which is why a before hand to a mission is kind of stupid. It's like saying "I want to go into major surgery and then fight hordes before I'm fully healed" In our group we have a different rule. After you've req'd for yourself, but before you've applied it to the group or for reserve, your remander is taken and put into a small account, max 20. If you loose a limb or a part that requires replacement, you can use this pool after the mission to get a new limb. The downside is that you have to be in the presence of an apothecary with the equipment, and then you hae to roll the days. This potentially can knock you out for the next mission, at which point you'd have to have an alternate character to play. With this, I'd use the same for the tech marine. The techmarine can opt to have an implant after the mission. He can take a loan on the next mission's req or reuse some of his last mission's req, or a saving's plan is set up like earlier, but with each part you have he potential to miss that many missions based on the number of days you're out.
  10. Something else, but what I wasn't thinking of earlier. But does anyone know if they collected the progenor glands back then?
  11. Well, that could make it interesting. Preliminary thought, there's the Etheral that the Deathwatch wants or some tech they're after. Then have the main assault be done by a more fantical chapter, like the Black Templars. Most Chapters wouldn't understand why the Deathwatch is trying to take prisioners, and a chapter like the Templars might find it heretical. So therefore their participation makes it look like they just want to help, but in turth, it's about moving ahead their goals. At the arrays, they are disabiling them, but they're also locating the Etheral At the beachehad, they're helping, but their idea is to distract main Tau forces Then they go get him after that and go for extraction.
  12. I think you've got a good start going in terms of the skeleton of the mission. A map can be found here for the Jericho reach: Tau words are covered in a bluish type circle, they're mostly in the lower left hand side. I don't have the book on me to reference a good world. For story, I'd really look into why the Deathwatch is being used on this world as a spear tip. Deathwatch, though for secretive and specialized missions, generally don't coincide well with crusader forces, which this sounds like a crusader mission. I'd say perhaps there was something discovered on planet that the Deathwatch wants, an artiiact, a inquistor being held prisioner. They might see the Tau Commander one of the bigger threats to the Jericho reach for some reason, or a few members of the Inquisiton really want a Tau Etheral to do some experiments on. Whatever the reason is they choose, that's why they decided to go in for them, and then the mission can then focus around that. While the main IG forces land and start doing their thing, the Kill team then moves onto their own objectives. I'd also add in grabbing a hold of some Xeno tech if you're inclined to do so, as there are a few inquisitors and tech priests who'd like to examine some. This coudl be interesting because it puts them in direct opposition of the "We need to kill them" routine, and makes the players decide if they want to risk the secondary objective of recovery, or to just go with the mission as is.
  13. Reading over, things that come to my mind: Termie gear: Rather than it being rare, it's new technology and untested, but Id' say it's perhaps becoming prevailent. So maybe keeping it the same as where it is now rather than less of it would be the way to go. I'd say to watch out for some technologies to be more prevailent, like perhaps teleporters and things such as. Other than that, a few types of Land raider haven't been made yet, and I'm not sure if Vindicators are present yet either. I'd rework some of the armor, maybe taking the base armor as a template, but the lower ranks of armor are meant to be customized for being old, and thusly don't have much in terms of their bases. Some of their extras are also based on others perceptions of them (Plus to fellowship for being so old of an armor). So you might wanna look into that. There's osmething else, but I can't recal what it is
  14. Personally, I don't like the on a rail senario when it comes to RPGs. Iv'e done it once or twice, and like I said, it seems cool, but unless you can get your characters into it, it becomes "Ok, it's my turn? I guess I'll shoot my gun, cause I can't do anything else". However, it could be made more interesting if everyone in the group has a specific role that they can participate in. For instance, the vehicle is being chased by a small horde of gaunts, which are trying to catch up with the slowing vehicle. Flying Tyranids from the sky. Things jumping onto them, and some rebels in front of them shooting. And then the hive tyrant pops out and gives chase. But avoid things like every roll "Tech marine, repair the vehicle so it keeps working", "Driver, make a driver check". I still think multiple vehicles is the way to go. Bikes or otherwise. Astartes bikes aren't always acessable, but there are civilian versions of them that are basically scout bikes. Maybe your tech marine could modify them for space marine use.
  15. p.169 of ROB Attacks against vehicles can be subject to Righteous fury same as a character, however, they must be confirmed and the player must have done damage that roll. Rather than more damage like a normal RF, you instead roll 1d5 on the vehicle critical hit table. The vehicle does not count however as having sustained a critical hit, just the effect is applied. Though it doesn't really state anything about Deathwatch training, I'd say still to confirm, because rolling damage on the critical hits table is pretty uber.
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