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    TicToc556 got a reaction from pearldrum1 in Is only war dead?   
    Well I cant say if the Game has a glamorous future but I run two separate parties though the same Campaign side by side with ~12 players so I am doing what I can to keep the game strong.
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    TicToc556 reacted to NFK in Advanced Dark Heresy 2.0 is now published   
    Wow, this is...something. It's like Dark Heresy 1E found the bad ending to Chrono Trigger and embraced it for all it was worth. ("But... the future refused to change.") Few things have made me want to yell at my monitor, "no no no that's not how you do that why did you keep that one hidden error agh!"
    Snark aside, it looks like you enjoyed the design of DH1E and wanted to improve upon it. Which I can respect. The problem is that this is marketed as an improvement upon all the other things that FFG has put forward since then, when it's really really not.
    -We don't need lots of nigh-meaningless options (hello, Orthoproxy) or weird bonuses (Proven is still terrible as-written) to everything; if there's one thing newer games have done very well it's in cleaning up a lot of those problematic things.
    -Buying advances from a chart is still a mess and an adventure in pointless pigeonholing, and I hope that mechanic dies in a fire. (Aptitudes still have issues but cleaning those up is notably easier.)
    -Full-auto should not be the end-all-be-all of gunplay like it was before Black Crusade. Making all ranged/melee options into half actions with modifiers based on type was a breath of fresh air. (For reference, my introduction to 40K RP was as a Devastator in a Deathwatch game. Without even hitting rank 2, I was still merely rolling for degrees of success every time I fired my heavy bolter; I never was close to missing with the old full-auto rules.)
    -Unnatural Characteristics being multipliers made for wonky balance and some goofy rules exceptions, and I was happy to see it disappear in exchange to cleaner additive bonuses.
    -The giant list of skills did not need to be so ludicrous, nor did it need to excessively punish those who wanted to try something that they didn't have the training for with the Basic/Advanced distinctions. (You know, given that the list of skills was gigantic.) Honestly if the GM thinks that someone can't do something with training it's perfectly fine for them to, well, say that. Things like Mastered Skills and the like from DH1E's Ascension were very much rules hacks to get around the problems of skill bloat without having to rewrite the game within the current edition of the game. (Hence DH2E!)
    -Various Tech-Priest implants were better served as purchasable gear rather than being one more messy thing in the talent list.
    -Fighting with two weapons mostly served to be a series of hoops to jump through for anyone who was interested if you wanted to kill the penalties. I rather liked seeing how DH2E cleaned that whole business up with "take these talents and you'll be fine with anything that fits in a single hand".
    -If you were taking social skills like Command, talents like Air of Authority were pretty much required to get anywhere; I'm glad DH2E gutted that talent to make it a standard property of social skills instead.
    -Your changes to Critical Damage mostly serve to make things more swingy, which is almost never in the players' favor.
    -Influence losses from requisitioning any potentially rare gear are massive.
    -"Primitive" armor generally served to be something for the folks with real gear to chew through, and it was better to just admit that it wasn't that good in the first place.
    -"Proven", as noted above, is still terrible as-written. On its own this is a problem with the printed TRPGs, except that it actually gets wider use here.
    -Numerous weapon properties do nothing but add a bundle of busywork, such as Recoil/Impact/Shield/Numbing/Cover (to name a few).
    -Precision TK still exists and is still kinda broken.
    -Invocation is a skill again for some goofy reason.
    -You've not made a clarification in table-vs.-text on whether sustaining one power gives a psyker penalties or not.
    -Psychic powers need not be linked behind weird gates such as specific talents; having a tree structure of dependencies is good enough for gating.
    -Burning Apocalypse reprints the most baffling power I'd ever seen in BC, and I'm not certain why you retained it without tweaking the massive drawbacks of IRREVOCABLY LOSING ALL YOUR EQUIPMENT ON HAND.
    -The business of scrabbling for every last Throne was a bookkeeping mess and never really fit 40K TRPGs. D&D I can understand (because the whole point was originally to maximize return vs. risk, and money spent vs. money earned was part of that) but if you're intended to scrabble for money then the GM should just say so (and limit the PCs' options).
    -Tracking armor damage from critical hits is a bunch of unnecessary busywork, and in practice it's often annoying enough just to compare differing armor values for body locations. (Not hard, just annoying.)
    -As with several of the weapon properties, a number of the armor properties don't really help the game so much as bog it down. (Ablative/Blur/Cover/Female Morphology*/Sabbat Pattern Sense Array/Suit/Weak Area, to name a few.)

    *I am of the opinion that a number of the sexist things in 40K don't serve the narrative so much as appease fanboys in their Boys Club No Girls Allowed, but that's another story.
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    TicToc556 reacted to Glorian Underhill in GM Assistance tools   
    1. Use small wound markers for the NPC Minis on the field.
    We used small thick paper counter with numbers on them to represent remaining wounds.
    2. Don't roll on the Criticial Chart for NPCs, make them dead on zero wounds. Speeds up game a lot. Use Critical Charts for important NPCs.
    3. Make yourself a chart on modifiers for different weapons the NPCs use. Because for us counting the modifiers takes usually most of the time.
    Lasgun: 50m Single Fire, with half aim +30
    Lasgun: 50m Short Burst, with half aim +20
    4. If you want to have larger number battles have a look a the Star Wars Minions, or Henchman in WFRP 3rd Edition. Several NPCs are bind together with their wounds combined. They then act as one entity. If you have four Gardsmen and the group suffers 10 wounds one of them dies. If this full group attacks, each member adds +10 for a test like shooting. So once the group gets smaller their attacks become less and less dangerous.
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    TicToc556 reacted to Nimsim in GM Assistance Tools   
    Buy the official app if you have a capable device (iOS or android). It automates a bunch of stuff and looks really awesome. It's not cheap compared to other apps, but consider that you are playing a pretty niche boutique game. Also, the app gets free updates for each new book rather than making you do microtransactions. Please support the awesome app and encourage FFG to do more like it in the future!
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    TicToc556 reacted to Radwraith in GM Assistance Tools   
    I point out to my players that a round is only about 5-6 seconds. If they cannot declare their actions in that time, they "freeze" (lose their turn.). This drastically improves combat time as players are ready for their action when their turn comes! In fact, I have only ever had to enforce the freeze once in any group!
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    TicToc556 reacted to Oridaellin in GM Assistance Tools   
    In my previous campaign, the sniper in my group starting keeping a seperate page with any and all potential bonuses and penalties that could affect his attack. This sped his attack calculations up immensely. Before he started this his attacks were around 1-2 minutes long while we tallied bonuses and DoS. After this his turns became closer to 15-30 seconds. Big improvement. Since then Ive suggested that most players with a lot of calculations ie snipers dual wielders and machine gunners, do the same. It really speeds up the combat. I haven't needed it yet, but I intend to build these charts for my mooks if it ever looks like theres going to more than 8 of them in a fight.
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    TicToc556 reacted to Lynata in OOOOOOOHHHHH Angry Cannon!!!!   
    Chaos corrupts just about everything, so with Tyranids being just yet another "normal" lifeform, they can be twisted and mutated into something new just like animals and plants. It's certainly something that would not happen very often as there are a number of mitigating factors, though.
    Also, this corruption would probably require physical exposure for directly "infecting" the Tyranid creature/s, rather than psychic weakening as it works on human psykers: even though the Tyranids are inherently psychic as well, the hivemind's presence is so vast that it'd probably drown out any psychic attack a single daemon could muster. Plus, the 'nids are instinct-driven creatures, so whilst Chaos manipulation could probably divert or distract a swarm, it would never be subservient.
    With Genestealers, on the other hand, things might be a little different, as they're not yet part of the Hive Mind and the 'stealer Patriarch is capable of independent thought (within the perimeters of their instinctive "programming").
    What I'd change about your story is to either make sure the 'stealers are exposed to direct corruption by a Chaos artifact, or the Chaos cultist already being infected with a gift from Papa Nurgle. The Genestealers would certainly not start liking Chaos just because one of their victims did.
    Anyways, here are two incidents from the 3E codex Daemon Hunters, from the list of "story hooks" back when GW still bothered to provide examples for reasons to fight an enemy:
    "A hive ship was sucked into the Warp and what emerged was corrupted beyond all reason. When the few surviving monsters make planetfall, the Daemon Hunters are waiting to destroy them all."
      "A corrupted Hive Tyrant has been infected with Nurgle's Rot and is spreading plague ahead of its swarms. The Daemon Hunters must find and kill it to give the Imperial forces a chance at resisting."  
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    TicToc556 reacted to Gregorius21778 in Hive Mapping Question   
    ...and if you really want to increase "artistic skill" for map making, try "this tutorial" from "that Dyson guy"
    The technics and "tricks" he explains there work for a "from above" view as much as the work for "side view".

    If you are looking for graphic tools, there are some download-products "in the internet" that are made-for-rpg mapping tools.
    Most want some money for their products, so.

    As stated above, one can always grab a satelite picture and start photoshopping

    WhiteWolf had some ready-to-drop/free to download city grids as "add on" to "city source book" they had sold fo their vampire-game-line. The link below goes to the free download version of "just this maps" (the book was about "everything else", largely). So, if you just declare that this street grid is not a city but a hive section...well
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    TicToc556 got a reaction from Talon of Anathrax in Only War as a Narrative Wargame and OW DH2 compatability   
    Sorry for the Extremely late responses. Been wrapped in fact doing the very thing we are going to talk about here. Background..... I've done a ton of research blah, blah, blah. Basically it boils down to INQUISITOR is the great grand daddy of Dark Heresy so I borrowed a bit of the spirit of INQUISITOR but none of the rules when doing this. I stuck with Only War rules as I like then and with 2nd ed being effectively the same system it looks like its going to stick around for a bit.
    Stats. I've run 4 combat scenarios. A couple of caveats. On the table 1yd of range of X movement speed equated to the same amount of inchs ie: Guardssman "A" spends a half action to move 3 inches. The then Spends his additional half action to engage a ork with his Lasgun. This means he can with no range modifier positive or negative fire out to 100 inches on table. I am sure that many of you (especially if you are used to playing wargame 40k) will shout Blasphemy and that is overpowered. Well not really first of it isnt any different than the game already runs things it just represents it on a board which illustrates how different it is from standard 40k but More importantly; these guys as SHOOTING at one another and lethally capable weapons are in fact capable of shooting a fairly impressive distance. I also do not run the players with Companions per se. They do however have other Platoon members who accompany them on missions based on need and availability in game. The NPCs are full fledged characters and I run story and background for them as well. You don't need to do this but I wanted it to be clear for the descriptions that follow.
    Scenario 1: PCs assault an enemy HQ using surprise and a lot of stealth (players made some good decisions with the assistance of some divine intervention) The Combat Ran very disjointed from my end as the GM. The two main reasons for this were lack of recall level memory of the rules, which caused a lot of referencing materials. The Second was due to having multiple materials that i needed spread in different txt/areas. Player decisiveness was also a factor as was players being poorly familiar with their own abilities and the rules.
    Lessons Learned: Read the rules and commit to memory where able. Ensure that I have a folder with all the necessary tables (I dont like the GM screen so I have printed copies of everything I need in a GM guide I use), copies of an abbreviated NPC roster w/combat stats, Figure out a good way to make initiative go smoothly and to be tracked smoothly. Ease record keeping.
    Scenario 2: Happened same session as the one above so there was no time to make changes. It was a small combat but incorporated vehicles on both sides. This went pretty smoothly even with the previously mentioned issues. The only real worht while note is that the vehicle rules were not totally grasped so that took some digging and arbitration on my part.
    Scenario 3: Very Small battle. One Squad vs. another squad..... the twist however was that it was in Zero G. I struggled with how to properly represent this while playing it out as a wargame. The best idea I came up with was to lay out a wet erase mat, then I placed a bit of small terrain pieces on it. I decide to say that the Zero G training bay that they were in was 30 yards high x 30 wide x 40 long. Next to each piece of terrain I wrote a number in blue and circled it. This indicated where along the Z axis the terrain was located. If that didn't make sense I will elaborate. Placing a piece of terrain on a flat surface gives everyone the visual location of the object in 2 dimensions X and Y. What is missing is height and that was displayed by the Number I assigned it. It required everyone to use some imagination but it actually worked great. It is the system I will likely use again in the future until and if I can find a better one. For this battle I had made a few changes. I had combat stats for everyone all printed out and the Tables ready to go.
    Lessons Learned: Not sure if there is a reliable better way but Initiative is still a problem and I think the simplest solution simply is the old pen and paper method while rolling for bad guys in like groups. Having a method for identifying which model is which for quick reference to their combat sheet was a problem and so I'm going to paint names on the base of friendly NPCs and give all the Bad Guys Alpha Numeric symbols on their bases for identification. Hit points were a problem until player said "why don't you just put a die next to the figure that annotates HP" That was a great idea and it has worked wonderfully.
    Scenario 4: Pretty decent size scale infantry engagement. Total models on table was around 30. It took a bit of time but the players loved it. It was essentially a very detailed wargame with a ton of narrative description about what was going on and having the leaders actually lead and have to make some critical decisions. Lesson learned; tracking HPs for friendlies can be a pain in the ass. I am inclined to move to a three strikes and you are out methodology. If a friendly NPC get hit and that hit does more than a point of Damage it counts against one of their 3 hits. As I understand it that's pretty  much how the Core book says to do it anyhow.
    So thats it for now. I wont be hitting any super huge battles until a bit later in my campaign and Ill let you know how those guy. 
    Works well overall. Players and GM needs to knew the rules, have rules/tape measures on hand, some of the blast icons from GW work as well but that not a requirement. Have easy references and make an abbreviated character sheet (multiple per side of paper) that you can list the important facts about each NPC for fast reference. Most of those suggestion are pretty obvious. All in all I like it. I have GWs rule systems for their lack of realism and this seems like a good alternate route albiet significantly more detailed. Encourage your players to know what they want to do before it is their turn. I put a timer on them is they show that they are being a problem. Then the time is up their opportunity to act is up. *Edit: late addition...... Uniform armor is a HUGE help but may not meet the style you are looking for. personally I do not want to sacrifice the Role play experience for ease on me. just my $0.02
    Let me know if you have any specific questions fellas
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    TicToc556 got a reaction from Magnus Grendel in Only War as a Narrative Wargame and OW DH2 compatability   
    I ran it to a limited degree and yes it works. Anyone interested?
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    TicToc556 got a reaction from Archebius in Only War as a Narrative Wargame and OW DH2 compatability   
    I ran it to a limited degree and yes it works. Anyone interested?
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    TicToc556 reacted to CommissarWilliams in I Need A GM!   
    It's what the Forums are like, then people wonder where every one goes, Tis the internet for you. 
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    TicToc556 reacted to guest308838 in and my Grey Matter popped   
    Canon is good and well but should never impede fun. Canon IMO should be used to depict NPC's and the setting. e.g. the orthodoxy of the setting. That shouldn't mean a certain concept isn't possible. It's just uncommon/extremely rare and will likely have certain consequences (perhaps even repurcussions) in game as NPC's will react to him. In an army of untold billions, the player will still remain unremarkable but it will allow the player to play something special that appeals to him.
    It's one thing to object to a concept because the player wants POWER!!!! A close combat space marine riding an emperor titan who just inherited a RT warrant and a voidship is to be stamped upon heavily.
    But a ratling psyker who has learnt to snipe? What's so bad about that?
    Obviously, you'd have to come up with a background that does fit the setting. If sanctioned ratling psykers are not done, he obviously has to be an unsanctioned psyker. Which makes it even more likely that he is a sniper. That's his main profession and cover. Or maybe he's the result of a dalliance between an psyker inquisitor and a ratling and has enjoyed the protection and support of his father before seeking his fortune in the IG. Where he has to make sure the commissars never discover his hidden talents....
    The main thing is to keep the character concept compatible with the other player characters regarding power. If you can do that, you should allow it. Because the player will likely be happier if he can play his character concept instead of the compromise you came up with to fit the game's canon setting. Which doesn't really exist anyway.
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