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  1. Nice but i guess with 3/3, Thrawn should have less Icons for balancing reasons. Thematically, I'm right there with you
  2. App Version: 1.3.2(573) Scenario: Vengeful Impulses OS: Steam on a Windows 10 PC When playing with 2 Investigators, we were able to interact with the office door before the dinner bell rung. This resulted in the butler telling us how sorry he was for not being able to turn the lights back on and please could we find mr. Carvey. The app mentions that the butler appears somewhere, but still shows him in the entrance hall. However, since dinner has not yet started, both the butler and mr. Carvey can be found and interacted with in the entrance hall. In order to not break the narrative, we did not further interact with the office at that point, but after dinner is supposed to start and mr. Carvey goes missing the butler doesn't spawn on the board, so now there is now way to interact with him. We broke off the scenario at this point, had been fun to begin with :/
  3. Yep, Old Wives' Tales is a valid reason to include Eleanor in any setup against this quest
  4. I was wondering about the same thing. Since there can be only one Lore-Aragorn, my second deck would rely heavily on threat reduction and starting at a low threat: Spirit-Glorfindel, 3x Elrond's Consel, 3x Galadhrim's Greeting, 3x Gandalf. I don't think I would include the spirit doomed-card, maybe the one from tactics. Frodo seems like a good choice for a second hero and the it depends wheather I want to include tactics or not. Since I found myself struggeling with combat-heavy-scenarios with the solodeck, I'd include maybe Legolas withhis great acces to additional firepower (Rivendell Blade, Black Arrow, etc) Additional thoughts?
  5. I built basically with the same heroes without looking at this thread first. Only sneak attack was left out (since it was stuck in another deck I built) and therefore I struggeled with all quests that force you to fight early on in the game. But it is a real fun to play nevertheless! On a side note, I found Isengard Messenger being a star in that deck with his 3 WP, buffed by another one by Aragorn's broken sword. Do you use Sneak Attack with Saruman to ignore a nasty card in the staging area that popped up during staging? Or just for Gandalf?
  6. I had a lot of fun with these decks. Thank you for submitting them! I switched Book of Eldacar for another Feint, Thicket of Spears and Horn of Gondor in the first deck and added 3x Ride to Ruin to the second deck after we lost against Morgul Vale. Then we totally crushed Alcaron + Co =)
  7. I run it in my Executor/Sith deck and find it very handy for a first turn Palpatine or Vader (depending on the objectives I drew) or to deliver a devastating blow because I'm able to pay for Vader AND a one-cost-event or something similar.
  8. Or most hated if you'd were to ask me I'd vote for the Millenium Falcon for best unit!
  9. Since I love the progression series and how Mitch presented it, this was my initial reaction to this thread: Noooooooooo!
  10. Star Wars Rebellion? One of the best games ever xD
  11. I would be interested in both, a booster or an enhanced core set (since I currently have my old german core set, this would provide me with an excuse to change it finally xD. Buying more regular core sets was never an option for me).
  12. I know it's just a typo, but as a guy who invested too much time in reading Star Wars novels, I couldn't stop myself chuckling over the idea of a bunch of trolls roaming through one of these...
  13. Thanks for all your videos Mitch & Matthew. I watched every single one of them and will continue to do so
  14. They don't! Believe me, these are some really flat and bad direct translations^^
  15. Austria was 2-3 months behind, but then I got Steward's Fear and Druadan Forest (english versions) in one go. Now we'll see how long Amon Din will take...
  16. I guess "to trigger effects" means Actions and Responses. So everything without those words should work^^ (Lore Bilbo [if he could participate] for example)
  17. What would that mean for Wainriders? Their effect reads: "Each damage dealt by Wainriders raises the defending player's threat by 1. " Until now I always played that when Frodo defends and takes 1 dmg you have to raise your threat by 2 -> 1 for Frodo's ability and 1 for the Wainriders. But with that clarification you could argue that the dmg was never there and your threat would only go up by 1.
  18. Thanks for the video, mistakes happen but I liked wathing it nevertheless.
  19. 1. Most Powerful Player Card - Leadership Sphere (excluding Heroes): Steward of Gondor 2. Most Powerful Player Card - Spirit Sphere (excluding Heroes): Arwen Undomiel 3. Most Powerful Player Card - Lore Sphere (excluding Heroes): Henamarth Riversong 4. Most Powerful Player Card - Tactics Sphere (excluding Heroes): Feint 5. Most Powerful Player Card - All Spheres (excluding Gandalf): Feint 6. Most Thematic Card (e.g. theme implemented really well by the combination of character/actions or event/actions, etc.): Denethor 7. Nastiest Encounter Card: Sudden Pitfall 8. Best Artwork (either Player or Encounter Card): Doors of Durin 9. Favourite Hero: Denethor 10. Favourite Quest: JdtA
  20. I think you may want to reprint the Tactics devider
  21. The_Fallen_Arises said: Goblin cleaver + Thalin + Gondorian Spearman = a 4 HP enemy killed as he attacks. Sweet ! Add Fresh Tracks and make it a 5HP Enemy
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