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  1. So, in this specific case, is the critical wound cancelled? How about Minor Blessing, does the check get the white die bonus?
  2. Something came up in our last game session. Stay Morr's hand is a reaction which requires favour. Can a priest cast such a reaction without spending the necessary favour, and then gather the necessary favour to power it? If yes, what is the effect of the blessing?
  3. If you want more content for the game, why are you advocating a new edition? A new edition would only cause the republishing of already existing content in one form or another. Let's just lobby for more content. And a reissue of the dice packs.
  4. I am very happy that you are allowed to continue to express your discontent on whatever you wish. I would be even happier if you went off and expressed it elsewhere. I personally express my own discontent on destructive behaviour, which I believe this thread is, on this forum.
  5. This forum is about the existing game: WFRP 3e. If you want to express desideratas about another game (like a new edition or some such), go and post them elsewhere. In any case, I do not believe that your strong statements indicating that 3 e is dead or that a new edition is foreshadowed are anything but unfounded rubbish, and it only creates disorientation to newcomers. I, for one, would like newcomers to the game to find in this forum to find what they need to enhance their gaming experience. Not throw them away from the game before they even purchase in it. If you continue on your stance, I shall continue to point out how completely inappropriate to your goals (if supporting FFG's license it is) your behaviour is.
  6. Not legally actionable in this form. Threads such as this one only hurt the game. We should be promoting it if we love it, or stay away from here if we don't. I am therefore asking Beren to leave, for I find his threads both offensive and non-constructive. Right or wrong has nothing to do with it.
  7. I also like to play very long campaigns, and so go with the following xp rules: 1 xp per session if at least 1 episode was completed + 1 xp per session to tbest roleplayer +1 xp for exceptional achievements Advancements cost 1 xp per current rank of the character. The rank of a character is the number of advances/10. Voilà!
  8. Actually, it isn't even a forum rumor. It's a Beren Eoth rumor. The dude is constantly chirping additional slander on 3e and suggesting a new edition looking like star wars. Go away and play Star Wars Beren and stop disturbing this forum! We are here to talk about 3e, not some underaged's wet dream. Now if we could just get some dice and a simple announcement for the next couple boxes, we could put all the babies to bed and continue developing additional fan material. TYVM
  9. The Blessing of the Lady recharges after one hour of praying. It might still be OTT.
  10. Everyone thinks these rule subset is perfect? LotM
  11. Thanks a million! And how much of the Wind from the Trusty horse and Warhorse do they start with before advances? Cheers, A.
  12. Thanks guys, Actually I could live without the cardboard pieces, and I found the dog in the player's guide, and the trusty horse on the preview. However I am still missing the following info: What advances can one take on the trusty horse? 2 wind and that's it? What are the stats and possible advances on the warhorse? Cheers, LotM
  13. As I was adding the new ghoul follower to my stack of cards for WFRP yesterday, I realized I was missing the three pet cards mentioned in the title. I cannot find them anywhere, though I still have the rest of the relevant expansions (Core and OoW). Do any of you know where I could find those cards for reference?
  14. I have given this quite a lot of thought and have come up with a system I am rather happy with. I would like your comments on the balance issues: are the effects strong enough, or too strong? Knight Errant: Basic, Combat, Noble, Devoted Skills: Weapon Skill, Athletics, Leadership, Piety, Ride, Advances: same as Knight Stance meter: Cons. x1 and Reckless x 3 Talents: Reputation x 1 and Tactics x 1 Career ability: You may purchase Gifts of the Lady as Talents, and may slot one gift in one of your talent slots. Also you gain for free the Blessing of the Lady action card. Gifts: Each gift requires the expenditure of a fortune point at the beginning of the player's turn, lasts for the rest of the encounter or until the gift is unslotted, and only one may be active at a time. Valiant heart: +2 fortune dice to all Fear and Terror checks. Aegis of light: +2 misfortune dice to all negative/offensive spells against the knight. Grail Chalice: +2 fortune die to all checks to resist poison. Cancels poison attacks that don't cause a check to be made. Nimbus of the Lady: +1 Defense. Pure soul: +1 boon to all melee attacks performed by the knight. Blessing of the Lady: Action card, same stats in Conservative and Reckless. Trait: Lady Check: Piety Difficulty: 2 Purple Requirements: Must be able to loudly call on the Lady by performing at least a maneuver. The longer the praying the easier the check. Recharge: Special. Praying for 1 hour or more recharges the card. 1 success: Regain 1 fortune point 3 successes: Refresh your fortune pool 2 boons: gain the Inspired condition with three recharge counters. Sigmar's comet: This action recharges immediately. Chaos Star: The Lady is displeased by your actions and you lose 1 fortune. 2 Chaos Stars: The Lady is displeased and you may not use Gifts in the next encounter.
  15. It depends on whtether they would be given the chase or not. If not, then leaving close range would be sufficient imho. If yes, I ask them to roll a competitive Athletics check with their pursuers, modified of course by all appropriate factors (terrain, encumbrance, fatigue, etc.), and using the lowest stats in the group. I also usually use a tracker (5 or 10 counters depending), and every success beyond the other party's roll moves the counter along. Every 3 steps is an event. If the pcs reach it, they can roleplay something like diverting attention of the pursuers or taking a shortcut, and add some negative dice to their pursuers roll. If the pursuers reach the event, they can shoot with a ranged weapon or effect a charge. Spending fatigue on the fleeing or pursuing rolls allow rerolls of the dice pool. At the end of the tracker is the result of the chase, either the PC's make it out or they don't…
  16. As I mentioned in my post, I would not give the reload quality to Repeater weapons. The point of them is precisely to be able to shoot without relaoding imho. What is the rule limiting fatigue expendiure in SW?
  17. I like simple all-inclusive changes. to adress the issue of balance here i did the following: - I updated all the weapons and armor tables, and within the process, removed pierce 1 on the bow and added pierce 2 on the gunpowder weapons. - Changed Reload to a variable amount (Reload "X"), which is the number of maneuvers necessary to recharge the weapon, and gave Reload +1 to all ranged weapons except repeater weapons. Now, if you want to Rapid shot with your bow, you need to spend serious fatigue…. Works fine for me, and everyone is happy including the bounty hunter!
  18. Actually, a str. 6 Ogre would roll a lot more dice for his attack resulting in more successes and boons, and therefore more damage and criticals, than a str. 2 halfling. My problem with ability scores being added to damage is that you get twîce the bonus for one time the investment. A str. 4 character will not only roll more dice and therefore succeed more damaging actions, but his base dmg. will also be higher^than a str. 3 character. This results in strength being an absolute necessity when you want to chop down monsters. This is not very congruent with my perspective of warhammer, where skill can replace brute stats. Indeed, apart from magic items, dudes like Tyrion of Felix Jaegar should be able to be daunting opponents despite their stats being not exceptional. The current system does not allow for that. Either you are strong and therefore good at hitiing and damaging, or you are not and therefore you are no good at all. After more thought I am thinking of doing that, just removing all stats from soaking and damaging, and adding a simple trait to some monsters: Huge: add + 2 soak to any hit inflicted on it. Gargantuan: add +5 soak to any hit inclited on it. Huge would apply to troll - sized creatures, and gargantuan to dragon-sized creatures. Perhaps there could be more intermediate soak additions for intermediate sizes. Within this system, I believe stats become less of a must have, and therefore justifies pcs not necessariyl having to go for str 6, or int 6 or agi 6 no matter what, though these stats remain rewarding. Any thoughts?
  19. Also, would you have the gifts as talent cards? Extra bonus cards you get with the virtue of chivalry career ability? Action cards?
  20. Thank you for your post. Your view on this is interesting and valuable. You have pinpointed the issue exactly. I do believe one of the virtues should be a talent tab. Either the virtue of Knighthood or the Virtue of Chivalry. Considering all Bretonnian Knights have the virtue of Chivalry, it would seem that it should be the one on the tab. However, considering there are (12?) 13? Virtues of Knighthood, perhaps that should be the one on the talent tab, and virtue of Chivalry be a career ability. I think that last option is best. It gives more distinctive features to Bretonnian Knights, and actually allows a player to have several Virtues of Knighthood and swap them around, which I find is interesting. Virtue of the Grail would just be an Epic version of the chosen virtue of Knighthood, and Virtue of the Quest would be a career ability. I like your idea of swapping the 12 rounds of praying with the expenditure of a fortune point for the use of the Virtue of Chivalry. I would add an average Piety check to that cost to integrate the use of the skill, and to be able to modify its difficulty according to the Knight's actions. Do you agree?
  21. Hi, One of my players would like to play a Bretonnian Knight. He is just starting, so he would start as a Knight Errant. I am hesitating on the career definition. The traits would be : Devoted, Basic, Combat, Noble The Skills: Leadership, Weapon Skill, Piety, Athletics, Ride The exp. upgrades would be the same as a Knight. Now for the talents: 1x Tactics (obviously), and then either Oath or Reputation. If Oath, then I will have to devise an Oath for the Lady Equivalent to to the Virtue of Knighthood, and also devise a Career ability for the Knight Errant. Alternatively, the second talent could be a Reputation talent, and the Virtue of Knighthood reflected in the career ability. Also, what would you guys suggest as the Virtue of Knighthood? What do you guys think? Whats the best option , considering the data that can be found in Knights of the Grail?
  22. Beren Eoath said: I don't like in WFRP 3e: all time You need cards and tokens the game takes to much of a table space and it's not easy to store all components the core set has not included all wizard schools of magic and all priest faiths (only 3 of each) too much careers that no one plays, really belive me I play WFRP for over 15 years now, with some stops for other titles, and in that time no one in my 4 groups of players never played such careers like servant or scribe and many others. So in my opinion it's too many careers that are not used and not enought choices for players to create a unique characters over time. Players in many cases buy the cards that are the most powerful one and many other are just thrown away. the book that don't have all the informations about the Empire so if noone has ever played WFRP and does not know the setting it is hard for him to find himself in it I am not certain why you think WFRP3 is not going to continue be supported. I am of the opposite opinion whereby it will receive 1-2 supplements per year + 1-2 PoD content per year. Then in a couple years, we will see a reedition of the Core box, structred with a different content, and perhaps a streamlinging of some rules, and then more of the routine supplements. The future will tell. In any case I actually like what you don't like. I love cards, and I don't mind tokens. I have a big table, and I would advise any serious gamer to get one, I don't needs all wizard schools and priest faiths in the basic box. I think they did a great choice of selecting three of each and give them a relatively wide range of spell options. I could have done without any magic in the base box tbh. I have seen beggars and commoners at my table, and will continue to. WFRP has always been about careers. If you don't like careers are you sure you are playing the right game? You can get all the information you want on any topic you want linked to the WH world on internet and past supplements. I am very glad they structured their books on setting a mood and a genre, and not on yet another atlas-like description of whatever small village that has a 99% chance of never seeing any play. And when it does see play, it is only for a split second. I am much happier with just mentions of possible things, and styles, and then more extensive work on scenarios. All in all I think WFRP 3 is a great edition. I think we could do with a little streamlining, perhaps a rebalancing of some systems to make the setting more difficult, but I am happy WFRP 3 is still on the store shelves. LONG LIVE WFRP 3!!! WTG FFG!!!
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