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  1. So, in this specific case, is the critical wound cancelled? How about Minor Blessing, does the check get the white die bonus?
  2. Something came up in our last game session. Stay Morr's hand is a reaction which requires favour. Can a priest cast such a reaction without spending the necessary favour, and then gather the necessary favour to power it? If yes, what is the effect of the blessing?
  3. If you want more content for the game, why are you advocating a new edition? A new edition would only cause the republishing of already existing content in one form or another. Let's just lobby for more content. And a reissue of the dice packs.
  4. I am very happy that you are allowed to continue to express your discontent on whatever you wish. I would be even happier if you went off and expressed it elsewhere. I personally express my own discontent on destructive behaviour, which I believe this thread is, on this forum.
  5. This forum is about the existing game: WFRP 3e. If you want to express desideratas about another game (like a new edition or some such), go and post them elsewhere. In any case, I do not believe that your strong statements indicating that 3 e is dead or that a new edition is foreshadowed are anything but unfounded rubbish, and it only creates disorientation to newcomers. I, for one, would like newcomers to the game to find in this forum to find what they need to enhance their gaming experience. Not throw them away from the game before they even purchase in it. If you continue on your stance, I shall continue to point out how completely inappropriate to your goals (if supporting FFG's license it is) your behaviour is.
  6. Not legally actionable in this form. Threads such as this one only hurt the game. We should be promoting it if we love it, or stay away from here if we don't. I am therefore asking Beren to leave, for I find his threads both offensive and non-constructive. Right or wrong has nothing to do with it.
  7. I also like to play very long campaigns, and so go with the following xp rules: 1 xp per session if at least 1 episode was completed + 1 xp per session to tbest roleplayer +1 xp for exceptional achievements Advancements cost 1 xp per current rank of the character. The rank of a character is the number of advances/10. Voilà!
  8. Actually, it isn't even a forum rumor. It's a Beren Eoth rumor. The dude is constantly chirping additional slander on 3e and suggesting a new edition looking like star wars. Go away and play Star Wars Beren and stop disturbing this forum! We are here to talk about 3e, not some underaged's wet dream. Now if we could just get some dice and a simple announcement for the next couple boxes, we could put all the babies to bed and continue developing additional fan material. TYVM
  9. The Blessing of the Lady recharges after one hour of praying. It might still be OTT.
  10. Everyone thinks these rule subset is perfect? LotM
  11. Thanks a million! And how much of the Wind from the Trusty horse and Warhorse do they start with before advances? Cheers, A.
  12. Thanks guys, Actually I could live without the cardboard pieces, and I found the dog in the player's guide, and the trusty horse on the preview. However I am still missing the following info: What advances can one take on the trusty horse? 2 wind and that's it? What are the stats and possible advances on the warhorse? Cheers, LotM
  13. As I was adding the new ghoul follower to my stack of cards for WFRP yesterday, I realized I was missing the three pet cards mentioned in the title. I cannot find them anywhere, though I still have the rest of the relevant expansions (Core and OoW). Do any of you know where I could find those cards for reference?
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