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  1. Hey all, This has probably come up before, but my "Search Forum"-fu is terrible. After our first space combat battle my Arch Militant player asked if we could house rule the distance guns can fire to be more like EVE-Online and have a Distance-accuracy Falloff; much like actual guns have. What he's proposing: Half-distance: +10 Regular Distance: +0 2 Times Distance: -10 2.5 Times Distance: -20 with the Void Shields being doubled 3 Times Distance: -30 with Void Shields being tripled 3.5 Times Distance: -40 with Void Shields being quadrupled Etc. Mars Pattern Macrocannon: 3 or less squares: +10 6 or more squares: +0 12 or more: -10 18 or more: -20 with Void Shields being doubled 24 or more: -30 with Void Shields being tripled 30 or more: -40 with Void Shields being quadrupled Etc. Is this doable or does this give more power than it should? Should the minuses be greater? What do you think of the Void Shield increase mechanic? I'm fine with the rules the way they are but I thought I'd put his proposition up to the community to see what you guys thought. And again, if this has been posted before -- my bad. -Mike C
  2. Thanks everyone, That's pretty much what I was figuring. I just had to find out what the rest of the community thought. Thankfully, I'm not running the game. I busy with my RT game that has these guys in it. Thankfully enough, they're not stupid in my game I've given them a healthy fear of what a GM can do when pressed past the limit of what's acceptable. I definitely agree about the Auger though, even if my house mate would argue, which is what we're doing right now. So I told him that I'd never allow it in my game and he conceded the argument. I always figured that the GM had final call, I was just making sure they didn't miss something, my Arch Militant didn't know what the Storm or Tear traits did on his Storm Bolter till the second session- mid combat. So I figured they only read what sounded right and forgot to read the part that really lays down the law. Again thanks, -Mike C
  3. I've found music to really go with my game, but it comes down to music for ambiance or music for specific characters. I do the latter, but if you're looking for a good sound for a Space Hulk or something with grinding gears try this: Sky Wikluh. I've been using it as a character set for my Techpriest chapel and my players love it.
  4. I've been talking to a friend that is playing in a Deathwatch game. He's been informing me of the hilarious hijinx and the fact that they call themselves Special-Marines (the DERP kind of special), probably because their melee combat fury ridden Blood Angel was taken out by a grandmother with a rake after he tried to jetpack up to her through a hole in the living room floor of her house...yes, this happened. So my house mate and several other of our friends decided to dissect the book and figure out what to do. These are the things they've come up with: 1.) For 15 Req you can add or remove a trait from a gun. Is there a limit to this or is it just do as you please? An example I've been given is a Bolter with Felling 2, Storm, Toxic, Devastating and Accurate. Once I looked these things up I nearly cried. Is this possible, or are they missing something? Also there's a breach weapon that does something around 4d10+5, which is balanced because it's Unwieldy. Yet, you can spend 15 Req to remove the Unwieldy trait and then dual-wield them, thus having spent 30 Req (15 for each) you now have two 4d10+5 plus strength bonus with a power field weapons. I know the damage is probably not completely correct, but you understand. 2.) With Req 15 you can also get 100-300 Reserve Guardsman Horde (Mag 50). My friends want to know, can you combine them into a Mag 200 Horde that eats lightning and craps thunder? I said I wouldn't allow it if I was GM but the book doesn't seem to specific. Also, is there a limit to how many times you can take this? Kinda defeats the purpose of an elite shadowy space marine faction when one guy has 300-900 men (for 45 Req, 15 each) following him around and shooting their flashlights at anything that moves. Please give any assistance you can before I have to burn them all for being Heretics. -Mike C
  5. Can someone point out where it says you get a +15 to parry? I'd love to know because two of my PC's are melee heavy and they kick NPC ass like candy will come out of it. I can't find it, none of my pdf's work with the search function.
  6. I great piece of work! I have a Xenographer that's itching to get to some ruins and finally Xenos-tech. This will be awesome when I have them run through an endeavor that needs this.
  7. Dulahan said: remember 1000 people are sacrificed to the Emperor every single day to keep his corpse alive. Though I will agree Chaos is a bit worse in their ultimate goal... probably. There's always the way of looking at it that they are proof of a place after death and continued existence in a much changed state. Very much out of mortal kenning style stuff though. Going along with this, the Imperium's goal is to wipe out all other races and one day rule all they can see (well, get to) under an iron fist. I think it's just as corrupting and terrible as the "our greatest plan is to dissolve the entirety of the universe" plan. I think that Chaos is more about principle and ideals than the Imperium if Chaos infiltrated the other races (i've been told that some Orcs have gone to the Chaos side but it's debatable) that they would welcome the followers and let them fight alongside them in combat. While the Imperium wants only humans all the time. Yes, their are sanctioned Xenos but this is only on a one being at a time schedule. If a large enough chunk of the Tau, or whoever, started to praise Tzeentch and became Chaos infused Tau than I doubt that the Chaos legions would care. They might be only on the front lines fighting as canon fodder but they would still be used and may one day have a seat at Abaddon's table. Thoughts?
  8. Hey all, Can someone link me these other promo videos? My google-fu is horrendous today and I can't find them.
  9. I've been running for some time now and I've always used regular bands you'd hear on the radio. You can get a surprisingly good mood setting from radio bands. I use different songs for different people on the PC's crew and the Dawn of War soundtrack. Just to give you guys an example, I play their Astropath as a very broken man, not in spirit too much much but quite in body; i play Unkle - I'm a rabbit in your headlight, it gives that feel i'm going for with my table and my players tell me it really gives a sense of who the character is along with good RP'ing. I also use BWV 248 - Kantante I for their missionary and the on ship Temple Shrine. Also, when you find a song on Youtube you want to put on repeat go to the url bar and add "repeater" after youtube. its the site I use and it's awesome, most people probably know about it but I wanted to share. the two links above are from Youtuberepeater.com.
  10. Hey all, I pretty much knew this was a lost cause from the start, I just wanted to see if I could get FFG to at least make a reference to something like it. You can't blame an old guy for trying to bring something back that was plain awesome. Thank you Wilfred Owen for the reminding of GW's loss of rights, I had completely forgotten about that. I thought they had just decided that he was a stupid god and they didn't want to use him anymore. Chaos-chan: A human woman who worships all the Chaos gods, wears pretty much the standard Conan the Barbarian woman's armor (bikini top and khaki shorts) and has a severe lisp because she filed her teeth down to points. She's pretty much there to make Chaos hilarious and sexy. To be honest, if you don't know than you're better off for it.
  11. Hey all, I've been in the Warhammer 40k scene for some time and I would love to see a mention/talent(s) for/or even a write up about Malal. I know my gaming table would love to see something about him. He's a great foil for Chaos besides the other denizens of the universe, mostly because he is hated by both sides - Chaos and the Pure Imperium. His space marines would be great. They, like their god, are parasitic in nature if I'm not mistaken and would have some of the coolest Psyker abilities to draw the enemies strength from them and use it against them. I doubt that FFG has the kind of clout needed to bring something like this to the table but it would be such so awesome if they could. Especially with Black Crusade, it is finally possible to run an 'evil' campaign. So, if Malal was added to the mix with a later splat book or so you can definitely allow a player to be an enemy of his own kind while sapping their strength and further corrupting their plans for the benefit of his own dark god. I mean, the Chaos gods already kind of work against each other anyway; Korne hates Tzeentch, Tzeentch hates Nurgle and no one really cares for Slaanesh. Yet, imagine having a god that all the other gods despise and will work together to take out along with their plans to bring about the ruination of the Imperium. I'm asking the people at FFG to take this idea and run with it. You guys have a better track record of keeping things in line (game mechanics, fluff, etc.) and keeping the story straight, so PLEASE take this concept and use it as an enemy of Chaos...oh and please make a reference to Chaos-chan from /TG/, even if it is just a pic. If you agree with me, please bump this.
  12. He probably is part of the direct line from that Phineas Gage. I mean, a rail road spike going through your head could explain why every Black Crusade has been a botched mission. Hell, the last one couldn't even get past Cadia.
  13. I'm gonna make a guess that no one wants to post their ideas for Endeavors or other storyline ideas. Eh, it was a good try.
  14. This is an idea that I’ve seen on several other RPG sites, a thread that’s sole purpose is to be a treasury of story ideas that other GM’s can borrow, tweak if need be, comment on ones they enjoy and then post one or two of their own. I’m calling it Ready-Aim-Fire because it’s easier to pick up a story idea when it’s broken down for easy consumption. Ready: The bait for the PC’s to grab a hold of. This would be the part of the story that gives some ideas on what information would be needed to start some PC’s down this stories track. Aim: Background information or just a more detailed idea of where the story is heading. This is the meat and potatoes of the post. Fire: This would be the ending, the catch or the twist. This is how the story finally pans out, the “who done it” part or setting up for a future storyline. +++Rogue Trader - Ready: An endeavor (or contract obligation depending on the Warrant of Trade) has been given to the RT and his crew to establish a permanent scientific settlement on the planetoid of Ecandis IX Beta-Alpha, a habitable planetoid will subtropical climate. This planetoid is a moon of a moon (Ecandis IX Beta) of a gas giant (Ecandis IX). This settlement’s job will be to examine the gas giant of Ecandis IX to understand its properties and see if it has anything valuable to the Imperium. Also, the system has void buoys that state, “Danger! Turn back upon Imperial Decree!” This shouldn’t stop the RT and his crew because they have been warned of the void buoys and informed that something is amiss in the system, but the money’s really good. Aim: The real reason for a permanent scientific settlement on a backwater planet’s moon’s moon is to observe the gas giant Ecandis IX for any signs of warp disturbance/creature or xenos threat. When the RT gets to the planet he/she will discover that the gas giant is of enough mass to form a sun and make this system binary, yet for some reason the gas giant has remained in its planetoid state. The RT and his crew will begin to discover strange warp signatures and distress calls coming from what appears to be nowhere, strange shadows are seen in the gas giant’s clouds. Finally, every psyker begins to feel drawn towards the gas giant as if something familiar is pulling them towards it; they’ll stare at it for a time and lose themselves in the echoes coming from it. Fire: During the endeavor a celestial alignment will occur with Ecandis IX B-A coming between the gas giant and the large moon the small moon rotates around; also Ecandis IX Beta will blot out the sun for a lengthy time. During this alignment the gas on Ecandis IX will part in the area of shadow from the alignment. This opening will allow an enormous warp creature to step through into our reality, it never has the ability to leave the gas giant but when it senses life on Ecandis IX B-A it will reach its enormous tentacles across the space between the planetoids and begin an assault on the minor moon. Its attacks will rake across the minor moon, scouring the moon of life and habitation by absorbing everything into itself. Will the RT fight back with his ships or will they flee.+++ I’m actually going to be using this one in my upcoming RT game so I hope you guys enjoy it. Depending on how this turns out I'd like to start two more, one in the Dark Heresy and one in the Deathwatch Gamemaster's forums.
  15. Hey all, I'm probably gonna stick with my Slaaneshi RT family. I reread my writeup on it and it's a much easier story to stick with for a four month game. I definitely love the Ordo Chronos and I might slip them into the game somehow as an easter egg. Maybe an endeavor that has the PC's interacting with them while in in the Void. I was thinking of having the my PC's interact with a planet touched by Haarlock in the Koronus Expanse and having a ship-to-ship transmission from what appears to be nowhere. I thought of having my Explorator make an Awareness roll to notice the binary coding on the right side of the live transmission and then a (tech use?) roll to notice that it's a rarely used, because it's ancient, binary code that states that the transmission is from several milenia ago but is still happening live. This man on the screen is actively asking and answering questions and making threats against the RT and his crew if they follow up on their current mission. -Mike C
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