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  1. Going to Follow: Agot 2.0(on preorder x3) L5R lcg(played during the EE cycle, can't wait till 2017) Following: Agot 1.0(started playing in 2009, sad it's ending, but 2.0 makes it ok) LOTR(great group game and when your alone n bored & only game wife will play) Star Wars(might drop it in 2017 to focus on L5R) Use to Follow(or tried it at least once): CoC(x1 core, no players in area) W Invasion(x1 core, it was on its way out) W Conquest(thru 1st cycle. No players & Agot2.0 is more important) Netrunner(thru 1st cycle, dropped for S.W.)
  2. Your in luck! I love playing agot lcg and having more people to play with would be great too. I play games at Game On Arizona(right next to harkin theater in Prescott Valley), so far they just started getting into FFG games like x-wing, star wars lcg and netrunner lcg. But if we can get agot lcg group started that would be awesome! I'm playing games at Game On regularly on Tuesday and Thursday nights around 7.30pm. Let me know when you want to meet up! Thanx, Mac.
  3. Hi El_Tonio. I'm Mac from Prescott, AZ. We have an awesome game store "Game On Arizona". We just had the X-Wing Tournament, and we will soon be playing regularly on Sundays! I would love to start up the Star Wars Lcg in the store, but wish there we're others in the area to help motivate the LCG more! When the Sunday X-wing takes off, maybe you guys could come up once to Prescott( to play star wars related games and LCGs).
  4. So in most FFG Tournament events, do all the players have to have the same amount of cards in their decks? Or can they have any amount(of course w/in the rules)?
  5. Two Questions... 1. When you initiate a Challenge, do you have to first declare attacker(s) that are in play first and then use Hidden Vale Pass to add Clansman attacker(s) to the challenge OR Can you initiate a challenge and then use Hidden Vale Pass to add your attacker(s) to the challenge? 2. And when you initiate a Challenge..lets say an Intrigue challenge, can you use Hidden Vale Pass to add Clansman attacker(s) that don't share the same Challenge Icon or do they have to share the same Challenge Icon?
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