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  1. The moment they decided to release them bit by bit, book by book they pretty much closed the door on a single one stop book. Also, to be fair not that many are repeated.
  2. I think the Cathar would be excellent in the Warrior book but sadly Absol has brought me over to her way of thinking on what will and will not make it into the books as far as species are concerned.
  3. I'm in the camp that feels that there shouldn't be a bonus for doing light side things. In my opinion, I think a character who goes above and beyond should be given a pat on the back for good role play. I'd even go as far as giving him extra XP for going above and beyond during a difficult situation. I'd mark it down for later goodness that may logically develop (NPC's hearing about his good deed, maybe some folks offer him and his team a discount, finding an unlikely ally in a tough spot). Hell for something that is truly moment and character defining and shifts the story dramatically I might even directly adjust the PC's Morality score. However, overall I feel that if a PC is doing something that is truly above and beyond and well into the Lightside of things that these things aren't done with the player expecting some kind of reward for it. To me good deeds are its own rewards.
  4. We've seen enough alternative LS combat trees to suggest that having a different characteristic for checks isn't a requirement. Thus I don't see this as a reason for why Juyo might not make it into the game.
  5. Typically betrayals work best as an end of the campaign kind of moment. And I would only go that route if the group as a whole is capable of handling it. If there will be hurt feelings between the players over it it is best to steer clear of betrayals.
  6. I wanted to point out that this character would need a dip into one of the univerisal Force universial specs if he wants to use Force abilities. Aside from that they would gain their crystal either with sythentic means or ..... through a quest that befits their personality. So maybe this PC encounters someone else on a planet search for a crystal and he has to defeat him in some manner in order to get the crystal. Or maybe he has to take down a more powerful Force user and take the crystal from his broken lightsabre. Or kill a Krayt dragon which would be an awsome thing to brag about on its own merits.
  7. Sure, but in those situations, the problem is less about the game itself and more about how to fine tune the rules to fit your table. As I stated before no rule set can sastify everyone. There is no game, anywhere, that is 100% for everyone who picks it up. I've made changes to every D&D edition I've used. I make changes to WoD. I made changes to the last Star Wars. I made changes to Delta Green. But all those changes are about fine tunning the game to suit my personal taste and not about claiming the game itself is busted because it wasn't written specifically for me. And I asked him repeatedly about the conditions at his table so that we could tailor advice to suit his table and he's never given it. And he's been asked if he's actually playtested rules changes and what the results where and he's not provided that kind of information. So there isn't much anyone else can do other than to point out that the problem seems to be somewhere with how he's using the game. Which isn't a bad thing. There is no way to build an rpg that 100% fits every gaming table it will ever be used at. But if you go to the forums looking for help and don't provide details about your unique table then all we have to draw upon is our experince at our tables and in that regard, no problem exist. If the problem isn't replicated at other tables I'm less inclined to think the RAW is wrong. I'm all for game improvement. I think there are areas that could be improved should they do a 2nd Edition. But those improvements will likely be based on the reports of many tables as opposed to one table.
  8. So your defense is "people secretly agree with me"?
  9. For the most part I agree with Sea's Xp amounts though I will say that the exact amount can vary group to group based on what their idea of Knight and Master abilities are.
  10. It is hard though if the GM makes it that way. The rules are written to give freedom to GM's who don't really care to make it hard but to also allow it to be harder for GM's who want to make it hard. A good ruleset is adaptable to multiple groups. If it's not hard it's because the GM isn't making it hard. The rules are written to accommodate different playstyles. You seem to want a system that does all the heavy mechanical lifting for you. And that's not this system. Which isn't bad. It just means it's not for you. But that is hardly a system fault.
  11. I would only call it a weak system if this were a problem occurring for everyone. This problem seems unique to your gaming group. Which indicates that the problem itself isn't the system but something in how you guys game. Weak systems tend to affect multiple groups, not just one. Like I said before, I would really like to see how your groups is getting the results you do because frankly with everyone else getting a different set of results the problem has to be how you guys are approaching the game and not the game itself.
  12. . That thin line of not doing something dangerous not because it may be prudent but maybe instead because you're afraid of the situation or the out outcome. So maybe he attempts to avoid a conflict with the pirates because they outnumber the group. But the battle may make it easier to to save their kidnapped friend. Fighting the pirates may be the most direct route, but due to their numbers would it be a good idea to fight them or avoid them>
  13. To be fair I don't think you're ever going to find the perfect "morality" mechanic. I've yet to see the Star Wars game where everyone agreed they had gotten the Lightside/darkside mechanic right. Personally, though I've found Morality and Conflict to be better than previous versions I've played under. It seems to be an evolutio.
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