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  1. I just put in a request as well. One of my bottom seams split and I for the life of me can't figure out why? I guess the air pressure could do it...I opened this only a handful of times and kept it on my shelf until I could play. FFG has been great to me in the past with replacing a couple damaged items but we'll see about a box. Fingers crossed.
  2. Stunning work! Really adds a lot to the game having painted minis. They look amazing!
  3. These are all great insights. Love the discussion here. I laugh to myself thinking how big this box actually would have to be. But then again, maybe it could work. That would be awesome to see! Even then, I'm sure you'll need multiple boxes like we are all doing now. JUST GIMME ONE FRIGGIN' BIG BOX, FFG! Dust Tactics (1st one) had a decent size box. I wonder if we could cram everything into something like that. I know they have since downsized in their revised edition. Well feel free to post your guys' solutions on here. Let's keep this possibility alive.
  4. That's what I was thinking as well. Is it too naive to think they could consider all the possible expansions and account for this in the custom box? How big would this thing be?
  5. Ok, so as a long time MoM player, like many of you, I think we can agree that one of the biggest problems with this and many other games like it is STORAGE. I have seen some great solutions to this and have tried my hand at fixing my problem as well. While creating your own dividers and such out of foam core or whatever other material you can use, I'd much rather pay for a FFG official MoM storage box. It's clear that FFG has listened to our comments and criticisms with the first game. We all feared the game was dead but thankfully we were wrong. I hope they see the need now for a real storage solution. I want to paint my minis, keep my cards sleeved and organized, pieces too. I really don't like the idea of paying $100 (or more for expansions) then simply throwing it all back in the box. Again, I've seen some great and innovative solutions but that takes a lot of time and effort and not to mention usually multiple boxes for every expansion or POD scenarios. I hope we can gain enough attention with this topic that FFG will consider creating a large box just for organizing and storing our beloved game. What do you guys think? What are some potential problems or possibilities with this idea? Cheers!
  6. I would love to see this as an option you could turn on or off. Hope this happens in an update.
  7. Thanks for the great insight, guys! Glad to see that the replay value is still there with this game. Cheers!
  8. Not sure if I missed something here but does anyone know if the scenarios change if you replay them? As a long time fan of 1e I really enjoyed the fact that you could play the same scenario and not have the same outcome. I play with different groups of people and really hope these aren't just straight forward repetitive scenarios. Any insight? Thanks!
  9. I was wondering if someone may have some clarification on the action to use the Valyrian Steel Blade token during combat. According to the rules the holder of the Valyrian Steel Blade may add +1 to their combat strength AFTER House Cards are revealed. That's clear. And if we are using Tides of Battle Cards, as I always do, the holder has the option of drawing a new ToB card using the blade tokens ability BEFORE ToB cards are revealed. That's clear too. So here's my question: If a player passes on the opportunity to give themselves a +1 after the house cards are revealed, chooses not to draw a new ToB card, and after all that find out they are still down by 1 in combat strength can they use the blade to give them +1 at that moment? Or have you missed both opportunities to use it? Thanks for any help you guys may offer. Cheers!
  10. Yes I still have everything. Private message me if you're still interested.
  11. All good! Glad this at least sparked up some interest within the community. Cheers!
  12. I'm not sure if you're directing that to me or born to lose but I'm sure our answers are the same. The box is from Hobby Lobby and the divisions are custom sizing. Glued wood to hold cards in place.
  13. DUDE! I stared at your boxes forever before I bought my own. Love them! Absolutely inspired! And yeah it's a bit sad but I'd rather have the game not just collect dust and I could use the money for more guitar or skydiving gear
  14. Well to be honest you can download the dividers from BGG. Just search for them. It did take quite some time to print and cut them out. As for the box you can find it at Hobby Lobby. I modified it to fit 4 rows of cards with sleeves vertically and 1 row with sleeves horizontally (quests). Hope this helps you out.
  15. Haha. Nope. USA but I'd ship there if you'd like. Just might cost a bit more to do so.
  16. Hey guys I know it's a bit bittersweet but I'm selling my LOTR LCG set. Honestly I just don't get around to playing it as much as it deserves. Figured I'd sell it to someone who'd appreciate it all. Here's what I have: CORE SET x2 (3/4 threat counters) DELUXE EXPANSIONS: The Hobbit: Over Hill & Under Hill Khazad-Dum Heirs of Numenor Black Riders Voice of Isengard ADVENTURE PACKS: Encounter At Amon Din A Journey To Rhosgobel The Watcher In The Water Foundations Of Stone Shadow And Flame The Long Dark The Hills Of Emyn Muil The Redhorn Gate Return To Mirkwood Assault On Osgiliath The Morgul Vale The Steward's Fear BONUS: Every card is sleeved in FFG LCG sleeves. Entire collection is housed (with extra space available) in a custom fitted wooden case. All cards are sorted with custom inserts based on sphere or set. I have all the original boxes and scenario sheets with the exception of one core set. All for $325 obo + shipping. PayPal please. Will not sell individually. Feel free to ask questions. Cheers!
  17. I was playing a thrilling game with "Into Ithilien" as our quest and was getting stuck on the third stage when "Enemies do not make engagement checks and cannot be optionally engaged". I had built up 2 copies of Quick Strike in my hand and was wondering if I can play this to attack an enemy annoyingly stuck in the staging area. My first thought is no. Answer? Next I was wondering if I play a card (ex. Foe-Hammer) that makes me exhaust a weapon attachment I control does that attachment still have it's affect on the character or is it considered useless until refreshed? Kinda feel dumb asking these questions, haha! Just want to make sure I'm not fudging any games. CHEERS!
  18. Thank you all for the great replies and advice! After trying a few more quests "blind", and then getting my ass kicked early or grinding through it, it's pretty clear that it is more enjoyable to not read ahead.
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