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    Simsum reacted to egalor in [First Impressions]: Negatives   
    Thanks Plushy! I haven't read the rules yet, so it was quite insightful.
    My comments to some of your comments (which matter me most, so far):
    1. I, for one, strongly advocate for the Action Points system. Despite the difficulties with the conversion, it was plainly retarted to start with, to give an equal amount half-actions (as half-actions are actually Action Points but named differently) to everyone regardless of the agility or other stats. It always baffled me how a drunk Administratum Clerk has rules-wise the same amount of 'action' as a Dark Eldar assassin? So, introducing APs is a big system improvement for me, really.
    2. Toughness better than armor. If this is not yet fixed, this is very bad. This issue still stems as far as from the days of the wfrp 1st edition, and it has not been dealt with in any wfrp game until today. It makes me even think, whether it's a d100 system flaw, or it just a particular wfrp curse. NEEDS FIXING.
    3. Untouchables nerfed - this is plain stupid. As I've already noted elsewhere, the new revision simply contradicts the 40k basics. This will be the first thing to houserule this out, if this makes its way to the final version. NEEDS FIXING.
    4. Melee. As you put it, this is plain crazy. I would rather think that SB was omitted by pure error, than it's a intended game design decision. NEEDS FIXING.
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