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  1. To jedi moose you should listen, great advice for starting out. I play for fun with the wife, so don't try to build ultra competitive decks. One thing I do like to do is match up upgrades with the characters you plan to use them. I didn't do that once and just pulled a bunch of upgrades that looked good and got to a point all characters were maxed out and I could not play those cards when they came up in my deck.
  2. Looks very cool. Will have to try this the next game. Thanks.
  3. It would have been nice to let the local stores have the item as an exclusive for a couple weeks and let target stock their shelves by the end of the month. My local store did not receive his order yet and had order restrictions put on him, but Target had two cases sitting on the shelves. Good in the long run for the big boxes to carry it, but a slap in the face to the local small shops where people actually might play the game.
  4. It's Ohio, so as long as you have some hot dogs or bantha burgers nearby, it is just a "cooking fire". Origins is a great time and there are plenty of places to get in a game or two. Have fun. I'll be there, but am booked with board games each day.
  5. I am a little curious how much some of these places ordered the first time and how much this time. If you go from two boxes to twelve, it would not be surprising that all are not filled in wave one. Just have to wait out the month and a few shipping waves to see how it pans out.
  6. Proud member of the Old Guard, but didn't see my name in the opening post.
  7. Saw it in summer 1977 when I was 6 years old and There was no Episode IV yet, just Star Wars. Still have all the action figures and the lunch box.
  8. Th playmats had Rey and Kylo in the centers with more artwork to the sides. Were much larger and had outlined areas for you characters, support cards and upgrade slots. Even had outlines for when you turn the character sideways. Lots of room to roll in the middle area, too. Didn't think to snap pictures though as I figured somebody would have posted that already. They would definitely sell well if they were on he market.
  9. At Celebration, they seemed pretty confident without giving specifics that everyone who wants product will be able to get it soon. With that, the secondary prices most likely will fall on Awakenings cards. Once you build your collection and decide which ones you want, you should be able to fill in with some old ones rather easily. Depending on which characters you play, there are some obvious support cards to use, so you don't need every card and die to play the game.
  10. I would not like to see this happen. It's too easy for a dominant grey character to be in every deck and create stagnation.
  11. My wife is usually rebels so I get the empire by default. Kinda like the rebels more though. Can't wait for the Borg faction expansion releasing this weekend though.
  12. There is a nice rules and turn order guide at the esoteric order of gamers. http://www.orderofgamers.com/games/star-wars-rebellion/. Under their main site, go to board games then Star Wars rebellion if the link doesn't work. It helps cut down on time when the summary is right there.
  13. I agree that IA far outpaces SWM in gameplay, in pretty much every aspect of the game. I haven't played as much as I would like since there is not a great following in my area. The LGS is heavily invested in warhammer and has been for a long time, so a new minis game is cost prohibitive. The old SWM ground I used to play with mostly hasn't gotten into IA since the minis are not painted. I think it was being spoiled from the old SWM prepainted ones. X-wing is prepainted so doesn't suffer from that. I think the sculpts are far and away better, but they can't get past the having to paint their own. I think because it is Star Wars it needs to have color on the pieces to help recreate the battles. I know it is a minor point to keep someone out of the game, but it is a factor. Just might not be a huge factor. Maybe campaign players are OK with plain figures or don't mind getting their paintbrushes dirty so there are more of them in the poll.
  14. E) don't know if I will ever get around to the campaign, but I haven't thrown out any of those parts yet. also, wanted the game for the minis.
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