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  1. I tend to like Roleplaying their skill improvements rather than just purchasing them. So going to the effort to either have the VM/RT train the bridge crew or officers, go through drills and such, or hiring veteran Navy/IG to do the same.
  2. This. Due to the unique setting that is 40k and how Xenophobic it is, playing a Xenos is hard at best. It will cause the group complications, the player cannot go to some places in Imperial space than that others can so will be left twiddling their thumbs (and hopefully figuring out something to do). It will dramatically affect thePC's relationships with groups if they see an Eldar (doesn't matter what kind as most don't understand the difference). Dark Eldar have a bit of a need to cause pain so She Who Thirsts doesn't come for their soul. Just sit and talk to the player about it, explaining that its not really a viable option in RT. Also point out why playing a Tau an Ork and a Kroot is basically the same. The group itself is against it and its not hard to come up with some very cool ideas, and given that there are several splatts with alternate careers they have plenty of options to be different. Also point out just because they wont be playing an Eldar, doesn't mean they cannot get their hands on all their toys and be a self styled Striking Scorpion or ranger etc.
  3. I like what Ive read here! I've just sent a link to your post for my RT GM to have a look at. I like combat on a personal scale, but streamlining the rules for larger conflicts I'm always keen for.
  4. Can confirm, also some advice/answers in playtesting are blatantly ignored. I love what FFG has done for 40k RPGs but they do need to listen to their playtesters some more.
  5. Or, if you are lucky you have a ship being repair and refitted at Port Wrath and just burn some PF to hurry the process up and hire someone to salvage your old vessel for its remaining components to put back in the new vessel or sell on if not suitable.
  6. For starting gear fora melee character its really hard to go passed the Conversion Field. 50 PR rating, goes off like a photon flash grenade if it absorbs 12 points of damage or more. Which means you have a chance of blinding enemies that attack you. And it doesn't require a reaction to use so you can use your parry first, then rely on the field for a while. Yes there is a chance of it being overloaded and stop working until you can have a tech priest look at it/recharge it. but survivability is a huge bonus. With Force Fields you should always have your character act naturally and, should they use to react, use their parry/dodge before the Force Field comes into play, as after that, its probably too late to react and move your blade to parry/shift your body part out of the way. For Dual Wield: Look into lightning claws if you want to rip and tear (Faith & Coin) 1claw is Ex. Rare, but unwieldy until you get a pair, so a Storm Shield or a plasma pistol in your other hand until you can afford the other. Eventually Eldar Mirror swords will be kick ass, due to the +20 parry bonus for wielding both at the same time. I'll even point out the Loi Burning Blades are hilariously fun. Setting enemies on fire is just amazing fun. and upping your chances makes it more so. Sowrd & board: Hard to go passed the Thunderhammer.
  7. One inconsistency that gets me is when they talk about how long a ship cay stay out in the void (RT Core pg 191) they say "Years or Decades". Then later in the book they specify 6 months before **** starts getting bad (RT Core 227). How do you tend to play it?
  8. It took a few hours for my email activation to come through for RollforHeresy, but it did eventually arrive.
  9. Sadly so with reddit, I wish it was more forum like than it is.
  10. Not trying to make eople move forums but reddit has a 40k RPG forum that I'm a member off and its a fair interesting bunch there. Might just want to keep that in mind if this place is closed when the license deal ends - r/40krpg
  11. Grenades can really, really, change a battle. For example, my RT seneschal went up against 16 remaining Inquisitors storm troopers (with RT and some House guard in tow). I through a single frag into the middle of them after a couple of rounds of back and forth plinking, as they were situated in a corridor. Blast radius (2) is glorious, 2d10 is fun, the 3 Righteous Furies I rolled killing the all of the Storm Troopers and nearly killing the Inquisitor we had come to deal with. So I would say yes. take grenades as often as you can. I got a hold of toxin grenades and those things are fun when you are in sealed Stormtrooper carapace and the enemy isn't.
  12. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/9/9/a-new-path-forward/ With the News that FFG and GWS are going their seperate ways, what will happen to the GWS related forums? WIll they stay on as part of the community, or will they be shut down? In any event this place has be hugely valuable to me as a player, and I know my GM haunts this place occasionally which must have annoyed her no end when it came to asking about plot points and such
  13. I'd say that trading Archeotech, whilst extremely rare would be as you said to recoup lost funds, or to swap for other items of similar value, or favours etc. If a group of players, don't finda use for a piece of archeotech, and it is small enough, it will end up in a trophy room. That certainly happened with one of my campaigns, we picked up items that were very good mechanically, and cool otherwise. just Not fit for our characters archetypes. Thank you Stars of Inequity... and the Stryxis. They would have stayed there until we went, "well lets offer this instead!"
  14. I'd recommend raiding Agri-worlds transporters of their crops and selling the crops to pirate installations out in the Koronus expanse at a high price. if you can intercept a chartist captain on a route when you knwo no one else will be around, you can launch boarding parties to perform a hostile takeover. Teleportarium and murder-servitors are a classic combination for hit & run tactics.
  15. I think a 4th player, then fill the rest of the roles with NPCs and such. I will say that RT can work very well with just two players. 3 should be fine if we chose our roles well.
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