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  1. dcdennis said: Wait I thought OP said he already emailed all the best players for feedback about the tourney? Something must have gone wrong because I never got one Don't worry Dennis, I asume my invitation also got lost in the mail.
  2. JMCB said: Your lists were exactly the same as the IL regional winner's. =P Congrats on the win! Feel free to PM me on this site with your name and I can add you to the database on Top Tier Gaming. Also, how many people were at the event? I played the Mob squadron objective in place at the IL regional and I ran fine with it. Cover Fire helps as a finisher and is an extra sack outlet for Leia. Rebel Assaults are invaluable. I've also been testing a version of the deck with renegade squadron and have been having success with that as well. Black Squadron Assault is one of the best pods in the deck. The Tie Advanced can push out a TON of damage, as can the pilot (actually those two are probably my favorite cards in the set). Vader's Tie can easily knock out damaged objectives (with Talon Rolls, objective, etc), and the objective is amazing at speeding up your game. I think you're probably using the cards differently than our group has, as we've found that pod to be awesome at speeding up the tempo of the game. I think that if you're wanting to play Rebels then the core of the deck is pretty much set in stone if you want your deck to be good. The only thing that I feel is in flux is the space I used for the A Journey to Dagobah, but I feel like there are several other objectives you could use in those slots (which will determine your affiliation). I did get the idea for the Black Squadron Assault from one of those decks (saw it on CGDB), originally I had in Imperial Command but I wasn't completely pleased with it. After playing with it all day I think I'll be going back I'll admit the TIE Advanced are all right, but mostly because of their hard blast icon. Their ability was largely irrelevant (I think I only triggered it once all day) and never impressed me. The pilots looked really good on paper, but I never found myself in a position where I wanted to play one over something else in my hand. I literally didn't play a single one all day. Vader's TIE Advanced is just overcosted for what it is, and to be "good" you have to get lucky with the top card of your deck. The only time it would have mattered was in my round 2 where I would have won a turn earlier (I still won the game) if I had been able to flip any unit with a blast icon (hard or soft). I didn't and was a damage short on the objective. You just can't plan for it, and if you can't count on something then it's not helping. Every once in a while I'm sure it's incredible (hitting a Devastator or something) but most of the time it just didn't matter by hitting something with icons I didn't need or a non-unit card. I just can't imagine keeping in Black Squadron Assault over another copy of the 1x objectives, or even going back to Imperial Command for the resource bump (making it even easier to hit one of the Star Destroyers on turn 1).
  3. I won the Springfield MO Regional yesterday with the following decks. I only lost one game all day (as Dark Side in the last round of Swiss when I just couldn't draw enough units to do anything) and in most games as Dark Side my opponents didn't destroy any objectives. As Light Side the Death Star dial was usually around 4 or 5, I think the highest it got was 9. I don't remember a lot of specific things about my matches but I did include some thoughts on the decks.Light Side - Jedi AffiliationA Journey to Dagobah x2Fleeing the Empire x2Hoth Operations x2The Defense of Yavin 4 x2Preparation for Battle x2Dark Side - Sith AffiliationBlack Squadron Assault x2Death and Despayre x2Kuat Reinforcements x2The Endor Gambit x2Defense Protocol x1Deploy the Fleet x1As Light Side my MVPs were Rogue Three and the Speeder Tanks. Preparation for Battle was also invaluable, but more so in the early game when it kept my guys from being killed when they were shielded from either Fleeing the Empire or Speeder Tanks. As Dark Side it was all about the AT-STs; I played every one of them that I drew and was always happy to have them with their good cost, 3 health, and good icon spread. Honorable mentions to the Star Destroyers (Death Squadron and Devastator) as those guys are just huge and hard to deal with.I would make some changes though. As Light Side I'm not convinced that Jedi with A Journey to Dagobah is the way to go…I never actually got to strike with Red Five since his health is so low. Admittedly R2 is great and the Target of Opportunity is always nice, but it may be better as pure Rebel with Mobilize the Squadron. Some additional testing will tell. As Dark Side I would absolutely 100% take out Death Squadron Assault. The only cards I was happy to see out of there was the Target of Opportunity and Vader's Tie Advance (but I only ever wanted that for edge battles). I feel like there are better pods if all I want is something for edge battles or that a couple Imperial Commands would be better for the deck. Again it just needs more testing, but I will be taking out the Black Squadron Assaults and I can't see any reason to keep them in over so many other pods.
  4. Magni said: Well, i did ALOT of playtesting with my Rebel and Navy decks. Navy 2x Prepare the Fleet 2x Mottie (at the time this is now Tarkin i have enough resources as is) 2x Death and Despyre 2x Endor Gambit (objective is so rocken with capitol ships if they try to choke out your devastator) 2x Heart of the Empire Sadly you cannot use The Ultimate Power and Heart of the Empire together since they are Imperial Navy and Sith affiliation only respectively. So if you were running Heart of the Empire with an Imperial Navy affiliation your deck is illegal.
  5. If it was up to me it would be REQUIRED for TOs to post top X decklists for any official tournament. There isn't a valid reason (people wanting to keep their "secrets" isn't good enough, especially since if you do well in a tournament there are probably several people that either saw your deck or played against you) for the silence we usually get after a tournament. It is actually my least favorite thing about the AGoT competitive scene.
  6. kr4ng said: For those of you who don't have 2 hours to sink into listening (I clearly do), I can summarize Episode 102 for you: The hosts state quite plainly that it is their decks that got all the cards restricted in joust while they repeatedly understate what may have been the greatest solo melee deck ever built (that happened to also combo off other decks of the same type). Admittedly in hindsight I may have been a little harsh of the new FAQ (it turns out that, shockingly, I'm really indifferent about it) although a few of the inclusions still do not make much sense in my mind. Additionally I do believe that I openly reffered to the Martell Scourge + Hellholt Engineer deck as incredible but degenerate when paired with a similar deck at the same table unless it left the episode due to some of Will's editing magic. And, in our defense, that is a true statement.
  7. reedhackman said: Will you post the quantities of the cards in your deck? (Meant for Lucas Reed) I believe Luke's list was as follows (based on his comments in his post as well as what I remember from our game)… Characters: Hodor x1 Riders of the Red Fork x3 Jeyne Westerling x2 Brienne of Tarth (PotS) x1 Oldtown Scholar x2 Carrion Bird x2 Bolton Refugee x3 Meera Reed x2 Robb Stark (KotS) x2 Northern Cavalry Flank x3 Old Nan x1 Maester of Last Hearth x1 Ser Kyle Condon x1 The Blackfish x1 House Umber Berserkers x2 Maester Luwin x2 Jory Cassel x1 Arya Stark (BtNS) x2: Locations: Great Keep x3 Street of Sisters x1 Street of Steel x1 Narrow Sea x2 Flea Bottom x1 Harrenhal x2 Frozen Outpost x2 Lord Eddard's Chambers x1 River Row x1 Events: Dissension x3 Parting Blow x2 Lethal Counterattack x1 Distinct Mastery x1 The Price of War x1 Attachments: Tin Link x1 Steel Link x1 Black Iron Link x1 Copper Link x1 Valyrian Steel Link x1 Bronze Link x1 Plots: Valar Morghulis City of Sin City of Spiders At the Gates A City Besieged City of Soldiers The Minstrel's Muse
  8. reedhackman said: Crevic said: The Baratheon HoD decklist has Narrow Sea x3 in both the locations list and event list Probably Narrow Escape That's absolutely what it was. In my defense all the letters in the word "Sea" are also in the word "Escape"
  9. rayind said: Only 59 cards in Will Lentz's deck? My mistake! Will was running Apprentice Collar x3 and Copper Link x2 on the official deck list….I'm also pretty sure he played a Maester Kerwin in our game but he's not on the list…so I'll update again once I hear back form him.
  10. And there are the top 8 Moonboy Classic 2013 decklists (aside from Luke's which I'm still waiting on)! As promised I have a quick tourney report but tune into 2 Champs 1 Chump next week to hear a slightly more detailed version! After seeing Bruno playing his deck at Worlds it looked like a ton of fun and built it up pretty much immediately. It did in fact turn out to be a blast to play and once I trimmed it down to 60 and made a few swaps (the Too Proud to Bow was put in at the last minute by taking out a The Hatchling's Feast to have a little tech against wildings and maesters; it was pretty average all day until finals against WIll where it pretty much won me the game). I'm not saying my version is any better than Bruno's although it's more to my tastes and I'd recommend giving it a try. Round 1 I played against Danny from IA who was also playing Targ KotHH. She told me before the game started that she hadn't every played the deck before and that someone else had given it to her to play. If she had been a little more aggressive with Aegon's Hill and Meereen Tourney Grounds it may have changed the game but in the end I just had answers to all the guys she played and rode it out to victory. 1-0 Round 2 was against someone whose name I've honestly forgotten (sorry man I'm awful with names until I've met you several times; ask the Tulsa guys who I still get mixed up all the time!) playing Martell KotHH. Again this would have been a very different game had he been packing Valar in his plot deck but without it he wasn't able to compensate for the guys I was killing and keeping him from winning challenges. 2-0 Round 3 was against none other than local superstar Greg Atkinson and his Lanni Wildling deck. This was the only game all day that Rule by Decree did what it was supposed to for me (in all the others I usually played it when both players had few cards in hand just to make sure it didn't bite me later) but I did make Greg discard ~10 cards on plot 2. I also had Aegon's Hill doing work all game which killed off several Wilding Hordes and other unique characters. Greg did get off to an early lead in board position and power but I was able to kill off enough guys to stabilize and bring in the win just in the nick of time. The biggest play of the game was on the last turn using Much and More into Rhaenys's Hill to steal 10ish guys out of his discard pile and swoop in for a dominant challenge phase. 3-0 Round 4 was against Brett Vaughn from AR playing a really cool Stark Maester deck. He was playing Follower of the Many-Faced God and stalwart guys to stand his maesters with chains as well as guaranteeing he always had a board full of guys. For the first several rounds I was playing near Brett and anytime I looked over he always had a ton of guys in play no matter what point of the game he was in. This was a super tight game than came down to the wire. When I won it he had 15 power but still had 1 chain left to move off his agenda. He also played 3 Dissensions against me this game and that was pretty infuriating . 4-0 Round 5 was against Zach Bunn from OK playing another (very different) Targ KotHH deck. I got pretty much stomped all game starting on plot 1: I had Much and More for the first time all day in my opening hand and used Rule by Decree as my first plot. He had City of Lies to counter it and luckily only had 1 shadows card to put it making my Rule by Decree do nothing rather than making me discard down to 4. Still he had all the tricks all game and I never really got a foothold leading to my first loss of the day. 4-1, making the cut as the second seed in top 8 Top 8 was against Brett Vaughn again and this game was as different as possible from our match in Swiss. He couldn't seem to play a card I didn't have an answer to and rode it out to a pretty quick victory. Top 4 was against Luke Reed's Stark Maesters in probably my toughest match all day (that I won at least). He had a pretty firm grip on the game with several Northern Cavalry Flanks and 2 Northern Outposts making it pretty much impossible for me to win a challenge on attack without stealth although I did well enough in intrigues and winning a few random challenges here and there to get up to 6 or 7 power. This game came down to time as Luke had 1 chain left of his house card I all I had to do was play defensively and keep him form moving it off for the win since he was at 12 power. Had we been playing without time I think I probably would have had the game anyways as I had board position and he was drawing off the top every turn. Finals was against Will Lentz and his Greyjoy Maester deck, and for the details of this game you should probably tune into the next episode of 2C1C to hear more!
  11. Brett Zeiler – Targaryen Knights of the Hollow Hill Characters: Carrion Bird x2 Sellsword Deserter x1 Street Waif x3 Dragon Knight x2 Dragon Theif x3 Magister Illyrio (BtNS) x1 Young Griff x1 Ser Jorah Mormont (ToC) x1 Daario Naharis (ToC) x1 Long Lances x3 Jhogo (BWB) x1 Pyat Pree x1 Company of the Cat x2 Khal Drogo (CS) x1 Daenerys Targaryen (SoO) x1 Viserion (QoD) x1 Locations: Bay of Ice x2 Summer Sea x3 Meereenese Brothel x1 Meereen Tourney Grounds x1 Eastern Fiefdom x3 Meraxes x1 Kingsroad Fiefdom x2 Great Pyramid of Meereen x1 The Red Keep x1 Aegon’s Hill x2 Rhaenys’s Hill x1 Events: Ambush from the Plains x2 Incinerate x2 Confession x2 Much and More x2 The Hatchling’s Feast x2 To Be a Dragon x1 Too Proud to Bow x1 Recruitment x2 Attachments: Flame-Kissed x3 Plots: Valar Morghulis Marched to the Wall The First Snow of Winter Rule by Decree Search and Detain Waste Their Time Threat from the North
  12. Will Lentz – Greyjoy The Maester’s Path Characters: Maester Murenmure x1 Maester Wendamyr x1 The Conclave x3 Carrion Bird x3 Moqorro x1 Asha Greyjoy (ToC) x1 Baelor Blacktyde x1 Distinguished Boatswain x3 Alannys Greyjoy (ToC) x1 Island Refugee x3 Oldtown Advisor x3 Leyton Hightower x1 Ser Aery’s Oakheart x1 Wex Pyke x1 Locations: Sunset Sea x3 Shadowblack Lane x1 Street of Sisters x1 Street of Steel x1 Gatehouse x3 Longship Iron Victory x2 The Iron Mines x3 The Iron Cliffs x2 Events: Finger Dance x3 Citadel Law x3 Dissension x3 Risen from the Sea x2 Attachments: Apprentice Collar x1 Bronze Link x1 Copper Link x1 Gold Link x1 Lead Link x1 Tin Link x1 Valyrian Steel Link x1 Horn of Dragons x1 Plots: A City Besieged At the Gates City of Sin City of Soldiers City of Spiders Valar Morghulis Songs of Bael the Bard
  13. Zach Bunn – Targaryen Knights of the Hollow Hill Characters: Magister Illyrio (BtNS) x3 Dragon Knight x3 Killer of the Wounded x2 Dragon Thief x2 Khal Drogo (CS) x2 Long Lances x3 Shadow Parasite x2 King’s Landing Assassin x3 Sorrowful Man x2 Young Griff x1 The Brazen Beasts x1 Lyanna Stark x1 Ser Barristan Selmy (ToC) x2 Syrio Forel x2 Locations: Eastern Fiefdom x3 King’s Landing x2 The Dragonpit x2 The Red Keep x2 Lady Daenerys’s Chambers x1 Meereen Tourney Grounds x1 Events: The Hatchling’s Feast x3 Incinerate x3 Forever Burning x3 Favorable Ground x2 To Be a Dragon x2 Ambush from the Plains x1 Attachments: Flame-Kissed x3 Dragon Skull x3 Plots: Threat from the North Rule by Decree Marched to the Wall Fury of the Dragon Valar Morghulis City of Spiders City of Lies
  14. Chris Kizer – Greyjoy House of Dreams Characters: Newly Made Lord x3 Kingsmoot Hopeful x3 Tarle the Thrice-Drowned x1 Maester Wendamyr x1 Asha Greyjoy (ToC) x3 Theon Greyjoy (ToC) x1 The Knight x1 Moqorro x1 The Sparr x1 Baelor Blacktyde x2 Gylbert Farwynd x2 Euron Crow’s Eye (ToC) x3 Aeron Damphair (KotS) x1 Drowned Disciple x1 Locations: Sunset Sea x3 Street of Steel x1 Street of Sisters x1 Street of Silk x1 Shadowblack Lane x1 River Row x1 Ocean Road x1 Longship Iron Victory x1 Aeron’s Chambers x1 The Iron Mines x3 The Iron Cliffs x2 Scouting Vessel x3 Corpse Lake x2 Fishmonger’s Square x1 The Seastone Chair x1 Events: Finger Dance x2 Risen from the Sea x3 Assault of the Kraken x3 Attachments: Support of Harlaw x2 Support of Saltcliffe x1 Driftwood Crown x2 Captain of the Iron Fleet x1 Plots: Loyalty Money Can Buy Valar Morghulis The Power of Blood x2 Desolate Passage Rise of the Kraken Search and Detain
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