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  1. Wait---nobody considers eating with Farmer Maggot as dramatic? Seriously though, I'd give Boromir a few more HPs. I don't remember the details of the scene from the book, but four-ish arrows to the chest? Boo-yah! He is definitely wearing plot armor made of iron. Wait...3. Yes, I watched the entire movie just to find out. Allow me to re-read the book...
  2. I am aware and ashamed that I came across as a troll. I'm only one in real life, usually. Not an actual troll in real...you know what I mean. The real problem is this: Fantasy Flight = quality games. Heroscape = not a quality game. Whether you enjoy it or not you can surely agree that it is not exactly a work of art. See the problem here?
  3. Well, I'm sorry for my harsh criticism, though I meant it. I must sadly raise my blade and declare Threadkill! I strike again!
  4. Here's what I know about Midnight: Similar to Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn series of books (+++good), Midnight is set in a world where the hero of ages, the chosen one, the prophesied hero, failed. The world is now consumed in darkness. I doubt my paraphrased accuracy, but with that...I'd love to see that game. If FFG writes a new RPG for that, with all new mechanics, that would be awesome.
  5. I think I agree, but I must say this. The Descent hero miniatures were very dissapointing. Poor detail, indistinct, almost mass-market-esque. You'd think associating with GW, and being FFG, for that matter, would improve them a bit. Ah well, it'd probably overprice a great game.
  6. Trying to be positive here. What I'm worried about with both is that GW and/or FFG will slap a Star Wars setting onto previous games and profit from our fanboyism. I want to see completely unique and new games to represent the feel of Star Wars. Star Wars isn't Lord of the Rings, and is definitely not 40k. Star Wars is an entirely different animal, and they should treat it that way. That's all I'll say. I'm sure, knowing FFG, whatever they do will be really cool. Knowing GW, anything they do will be overpriced.
  7. I found the Descent reprint for 50 bucks, and I take back all I said. Thanks FFG, I apologize.
  8. Threadkill +1! The Black Sword strikes again, leaving his foe in anguish and pain. Fear the Dragon-Helm, Master of Doom! What are some inspirations FFG should draw from for any superhero games? Should they go a dark, serious thing like the new Batman (Codified amazingness) or something more lighthearted, a la 60s Batman (holy flying torpedo, Batman)? I don't know about you, but either would be cool. As long as all characters gain +1 Bat-Shark Repellant. And what mechanics would be most important?
  9. Interesting. I'm sure there are lots of games out there that, with an update, cooler components, and that FFG touch, could be really cool. Lots probably aren't that bad, and there may be some real gems.
  10. Yah, customer support might be a better place to take this. Thank you FFG for knowing your Tolkien. Gothmog was also the captain of the Balrogs in the 1st Age who killed Fingon.
  11. International shippings is about 15 US dollars (about 10 pounds), but www.hirstarts.com produces the molds to make Descent dungeon tiles. All you need is two molds, some plaster, some cork board and a bit of paint. http://www.hirstarts.com/cavern/descent.html is where you find the instructions to do so.
  12. I don't know about the WHFRP dice, but I loved the dice in their six-pack. Man, are they beautiful. Was the problem that you wanted another D10 for % games? I think they had a whole d10 pack. A whole pack, so quit complaining.
  13. Yah, we all love the wild west. Right? Maybe they shouldn't go for a liscence. I don't think they really need one. From what we've seen in the past, FFG is full of some pretty creative people. I think they could pass on other IPs.
  14. 'Euagh' *shivers violently all over*. The following rant might sound elitist or snobbish, but I might have a point or two. As a miniature wargamer, and just as me, Heroscape offends me on multiple levels. 1. The theme. I would, in an instant, tons of money on a good game themed around Norse mythology. Heroscape, which, to me, promised as much, included out of place stuff such as giant robots. What were they thinking? 2. The Mechanics. There is a reason you will find this game on the shelves of Toys R Us. It is so laughingly simplistic that I can't possibly find any interest in it. What did you expect? Its made by the same people who produce classics and kidde games. 3. The terrain. Okay, actually this might be handy. But killer? Definitely not. It's drawings on tiles. Really! 4. The models. I am currently looking at a 'Kyrie', a sad excuse for a dragon, and some other assorted junk. Big, plastic, what's not to like? Oh wait, bad paint jobs, horrible detail, general lack of skill, extremely cheap appearence. The molds are completely one-dimensional! And look at that spear bend... I have nothing against pre-painted models, and have played pre-painted games in the past (not AT-43). But...well... For what you're paying, you shouldn't expect that much different. Or should you? Warmachine starter for $35...Heroscape starter for $36... 5. The clearly mass marketed and money oriented nature of the game. It is the kind of game that little kids who will never play it whine for when they see it on the shelves, not a game for people who enjoy playing games. 6. The fact that they mention strategy in the rulebook. As Games Workshop doesn't seem to know, this game has no strategy! It might, just might, have tactics. 7. Why have I not seen any Ratatoskr, Fenris or Nidhogg models? What is wrong with these people? There's my rant. If it bothers you, ignore me. If you'd like to sensibly debate my fervently made points, please do. Fantasy Flight Games should stay away from inferior product like this. Oh, and, is it collectible? If so, that alone adds another few points to my list.
  15. I kinda laughed when you asked that. I really don't think even FFG, a fine purveyor of board, card and roleplaying games, could purchase the most powerful and largest miniature wargaming company on the face of the planet. No, they just have access to GW's highly guarded IP.
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