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  1. ...and then irishka, the loyal weapon bearer and healer, passes her the electric truncheon. OUCH!
  2. Heizinger with command pack + Eye of Horus INSTEAD of the pistol AND his bodyguard Karl with his command pack both on the same path and moved carefully ( easy with +7 initiative...) are the Reich final combo. No smoke penalties, the Union just hurting itself almost unable to reach their path and a grenade in the right moment are very funny... You can also control Barry mind, throw him to the lovable arms of a Stoss ( or Eva's whip ) and then let the superior speed of these two leave him without a target the following turn.
  3. I prefer Ramirez, too. But when equipped with the Combat pack she can throw her TNT and THEN attack with extra ammo for 5 successes + 5 dice attack against one single opponent: high chances of a kill ( my favourite target is the Stoss ). After that "glory moment", she is almost worse than a commando...
  4. I think the most interesting development would be a line Tannhauser comics/graphic novels by D.H. artists. And then ( later and maybe ) a crossover with Hellboy.
  5. This is how Close Combat Bar works. One automatic counterattack per ACTIVATION against an enemy ( coming, moving away or attacking ) in a circle adjacent to Yula. Basically the nemesis of melee specialists.
  6. Her stats are not so good ( not good as Eva, that is the most similar character...) BUT with her combat pack i think is the fastest way to deal damage to Zor'ka in the entire game ( 5 dice attack+5 dice autocounterattack=10 dice...high chances of a 10 ). Smashing the Magnifier has no price, imho.
  7. There is a lot of room around the base game for expansions, really. As the product line is made of 3 types of expansions ( Faction-Maps-Single character) a new faction should be a Novgorod-like product. And like the Novgorod release, the single miniature expansion coming after ( or before...) could be a mercenary, solving the release cycle problem. Of course Blutsturm-Paranormal, Airborne and Phantom divisions could be developed, expecially the latter ( maybe with non Voivode troops, too...) I still think that the most obvious new faction to develop would be an esoteric Ottoman Empire, certainly closer than Japan to the real historical events...
  8. There are two interesting troop concepts in the old Novgorod rulebook: "Streltsy troops", both with goggles but with different equipment and weapons.
  9. I think that already T.O.Y. planned a fourth faction. WeirdWar games standards would suggest a Japanese one ( and there are some hints toward it ). But if you just put Ikarus Faith, Assassins, Alamut and page 9 of the old Daedalus rulebook together, maybe adding a "djinn/efreet/Arabian nights" theme...Did anyone order a stealth/magic faction???
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