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  1. twrchtrwyth said: chazuble said: im guessing your welsh? How did you guess? lol no idea must be psycic or sumthin
  2. twrchtrwyth said: That pot noodle advert is hilarious. Britain is fine-ish, it's when people call it all England it gets a bit tedious. i know! well then, maybe a welsh magic base, and an english technology base, possibly incorporating some steampunk designs ? im guessing your welsh?
  3. twrchtrwyth said: Why all the English-centricness with the UK army. There's Wales, Scotland and Ireland to, Ireland still being a part of the UK during the First World War. If your talking Druids, Arthur, Merlin, magic etc then that's all Welsh. Then you have the massive industrialisation of South Wales, ports, coal mines, etc. South Welsh tunnel fighters with a heavy technological base or North Welsh with a more Druidic base, maybe powered by Red Dragon blood? hahaa yeah, with magic pot noodles 8) i kid, kid. most of the round table werent from england. i dont think even arthur was english. but britain does kind of own all the other uk countys so... :/
  4. Falco said: Actually i'd like some casting faction. As far as i know the only caster is Heinzinger a some minor skills (like that indian sign that has the girl with dynamite (**** can't get her name right now)). Maybe some celtic stuff. Or mongolian faction with some futuristic bow like weapon, old mongolian spells and... u get the picture. meh, i think britain would be more of an armoured faction, loadsa reinforced steel plate armour everywhere but your right, there should be more casters, although FFG have supposedly released another one for the reich.
  5. sorry to put a damper on this, because i think it would be a great idea, and i love the mental image of mine with knights in full plate armour, with heavy machine guns. but my quibble is this : wouldnt england just be part of the union? a big part in fact, since, britain was one fo the main players in ww1. but enough of my dumb logic! i think merlin should be in there as well, maybe in officer uniform, but with druidic powers and summoning and shizz.
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