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  1. Ezrekiel the Mad Prophet said: Stretching the X axis? How innovative If you want to see what Space Marines look like outnof their armour, look at the graph in the Black Templars codex that shows one.
  2. ...don't you have to roll your Power Armour quirk/modification, not pick it? Or have I missed something and you already rolled it?
  3. You could use the Astartes Missile Launcher from Deathwatch with your GM's permission, eh?
  4. Or if he has a lot of augmentations anyway, he could just don a big red robe. Only a problem if you encounter the actual Mechanicus.
  5. Lucius Valerius said: MILLANDSON said: H.B.M.C. said: Marines in Deathwatch suffer the penalties for being Hulking (other than the +10 to hit), so why would Black Crusade be any different. BYE Exactly. I think it's pretty obvious what was intended by the rules for Black Carapace - it's just that the part in the armour section makes it sound like it is completely ignored. Unless is yet something else that has been changed with BC.. Ah, so you're a munchkin. Fine by me. Just saying, then massive Space Marines don't suffer ANY penalties for stealth, in Power Armour, when they used to suffer -30. Pretty sure the actual rules for the Black Carapace are correct.
  6. So I get excited and go to order it. Hmm.... Seems Australia's states don't come up. No matter, I'll just write it in other states. Okay, time to se- THE CHEAPEST POSTAGE IS $100? WHAT THE -EXPLICIT-?! Seriously. Whut. The. Hell.
  7. Deinos said: Also, while Winged is listed as a Gift of the Gods, it is not on the table. Yes it is. 14-16.
  8. Deinos said: Crate said: l so once again a psyker is a much better fighter than even the most tricked out melee character. Well thanks to Dark Heresy and Dark Heresy Ascension we know how the Emperor, despite "just" being a human psyker, was capable of whooping any given primarch... Indeed. Psykers should be extremely powerful, but they should also be on a razor's edge; I like the (now-official) mechanic of not letting Fate/Infamy to be burned to save your Psyker from Perils.
  9. Related question, is it three or five advances? It said three somewhere when discussing it... Also, it seems it's impossible to dedicate a starting Chaos Marine to any god.
  10. I'm assuming you haven't read the book, since it actually addresses using variable XP levels. EDIT: I quoted someone... Where the hell did it go? o.o
  11. Thanks, both of you. I'll speak to my GM about it later and see what he thinks
  12. Hi guys, Question... My GM doesn't particularly want to do Rogue Trader (apparently it's too similar to Dark Heresy), but as a compromise he is going to let me use a Navigator in Dark Heresy... As long as I balance it. Now, how would you go about it? Restructuring the career path from Rogue Trader, or making it by scratch? I'm a little busy doing work now so I can't elaborate more, but I think you know what I mean. Any advice would be helpful. Regards, SubtleCadaver.
  13. A very fast (Unnatural Agility/Speed, high Agility)... Thing (doesn't have to be human, right?) with a shield and a power sword and a heavy weapon toting Heretic Guardsman. Nice and simple.
  14. Ahoy there, Captain Capslock. You might wanna turn it off because it makes you look like a complete idiot.
  15. Actually, I'll have to pass on this one... I've missed a lot of school and have to catch up, so I probably won't have much free time for quite a while.
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