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  1. mr_rossin said: How do you get the new cards? I dropped a request to support and they mailed them right out to me.
  2. Great Hasters Ghost! Your right - see this is exactly what I am talking about. How much must we study this before we get all the rules correct!
  3. At the risk of getting yelled at - the game has a couple of problems that you can avoid. Foremost, when you get the game - DO NOT jump in and start playing a scenario like most of us did. While I realize that most games like this take some time to learn the rules - this initial release has several problems in errata and replacement cards that should come with your game. I have found that it is very important to closely read all the rules and the online errata - check out the forums here BEFORE you play your first game. This is not what I usually do either - but the scenarios we have played have been grizzly failures - players get mad and hateful of the game - primarily because we didnt know "this errata" or know "that rule" as it was overlooked OR not printed on my card. Our experience was we read the rules and jumped into Scenario 1A with "hunt down walter" - and we didnt have the replacement cards in our set - so catching walter was pretty impossible. Here are some of the key mistakes we made that hopefully will help others: 1) we thought the number if the corner of the Trauma cards was additional damage along with the Trauma outlined - its outlined in the rules that the player must be BELOW OR EQUAL to that value before it can be used. We missed it. 2) We missed that players can only have one Injury and one Insanity (page 25) as it was under the example and we jumped to the next section when we read it. 3) In the puzzles, we missed that the little arrows have to go upward and on the Rune puzzles that the "notch" goes upward on it - not to the side. 4) We thought guns could shoot through open doors as line of sight - when they cannot. 5) We thought monsters couldnt go through locked doors when they can. 6) We knew that monsters lost their turns when stunned so we thought players did to - they dont - the lose one movement but still get one action and one movememnt (and are at -2 to Skill checks). 7) We didnt know that you test for Horror when a monster PASSED another investigator - we thought only the last investigator where the monster STOPPED had to test HORROR. This is not correct. You test each step. 8) If you think that a Keeper Action card can be used multiple times on one monster or multiple times on the same investigator - you better look it up. Our Keeper used Uncontrollable Urges on the same investigator - preventing them from ever reaching the exit and winning. 9) It says to test for HORROR when the monster enters a space with an investigator - NOT when the investigator enters a space with a monster. 10) We didnt think invesitigators or monsters could move diagonally - when they can. 11) Unlike the investigators, the Keeper cannot do his turn in any order they like - akak they cannot complete an attack - then move the monster. Alternately, if the EVENT STEP puts a monster on the board in a space with an investigator - the ATTACK STEP has already been completed and you cannot attack until next turn. 12) If you run into a situation where you have a DOOR that cannot be unlocked - you may have missed something. In Scenario 1A, we missed that on EVENT 4 - all Locks were to be removed. 13) We missed that "DRAW" a puzzle piece costs TWO puzzle actions to perform - as we thought all puzzle actions cost ONE. (p 18) and when an investigator solves a puzzle - OTHER PLAYERS MAY NOT HELP THEM. 14) We missed that Barriers can not be moved from their starting space. This is one of those that I think should be changed - as the investigators wanted to put the barrier on the other door in the room but since they couldnt move it out of its starting space it would mean they would be blocked into a room with the monster vs blocking the monster from entering the room. 15) When you are killed (before the reveal) a player can re-enter the house with a NEW investigator. Players quickly figured out this is a good way to use an investigators special abilities - with the goal of dying off and entering the house with the investigator they really wanted. 16) We knew that once all the monster figures were on the board - that the keeper couldnt add anymore. However, we missed that the keeper could KILL a monster on the board to place it elsewhere. p 25 People reading this will say - RTFM - and I have to agree with them. However, I know that new players eager to try out their new cool game will many times try to play on the fly. However, I have learned quickly that this is one of those games you really need to "get it down" before you play as I've lost a few players from this game already due to Errata, missing cards and misunderstandings of the rules. All gamers have "seasoned" and "inmature" players who join in and some more than others - flair up "unfairness" quicker than others. My "seasoned" players continue to try out the scenarios - but each time we play - we seem to learn some rule we overlooked and players continue to harp on things like "Why do players have to evade monsters and get hurt - when monsters can just wander past the investigators without any test or damage...UNFAIR." Geez - some people
  4. I would recommend adding to the frequently overlooked rules section: a) Investigators can only have a maximum of one injury and one insanity at any given time. If they receive a second, they must discard the first. (p.25) b) Any monster that moves past investigates, as the monster moves past them - each investigator must make a horror check. I didnt see this in the errata: Add to the end of the Keeper Action Card "Uncontrollable Urges" - "This ability can only be used once per investigator per turn. It cannot be used multiple times on the same investigate." (I've seen this mentioned in multiple forums but I didnt see it in the online FAQ yet).
  5. I have to agree - if Characters have to evade or take damage to pass by a monster then monsters should have to evade characters or take damge to pass by them. Otherwise, your just penalizing the characters and giving an advantage to the monsters. The problem is that the monsters dont have a DEX to do any type of EVASION check. The way its done now - its just assuming that the characters are AVOIDing the monsters and letting them pass. Since they cant do DEX Checks, one could say that any monster that wants to pass a character must stop in the space with the character first before moving onward - monsters can only move two spaces anyhow - this would just change movement to one space at a time if there is a line of characters trying to stop them. This would, of course, create horror checks as well for those getting in the way. Just my thoughts....
  6. Dam said: There should be 7 cards marked with the letter "R" in the lower-right corner that were meant to replace 7 cards that had the wrong wording (though couldn't see much difference in some of them TBH). You should have a little white note in the box, listing few of the FAQ/Errata. Replacements: Keeper Action card "Command Minion" Keeper Action card "Summoning" Objective card "Fall of House Lynch 1A" and "1C" Event card "Fall of House Lynch Clock Strikes 11" and "Clock Strikes 2" Eldrich Combat card Okay now all this is making sense now. The first scenario we played was Scenario 1 specifically 1A and we dont have any such not in the box or cards with the letter "R" on them. Can I order the replacements from Fantasy Flight?
  7. Dam said: Falantrius said: Maybe we missed that but we didnt see anywhere where it said to discard the Maniac Attack action. Did your game come with the replacement cards? My 1A replacement reads: "When this objective is revealed, discard all Lock cards and the "Maniac Attack" card from play." I dont know what you mean "replacement cards" - are you saying there should have been a set of replacement cards in my game? How do I tell? I think part of our problem is that even though we read the cards, we are missing "doing things" - it may be the case as we play we will be more likely to "get it" right.
  8. K.O. said: euhm. that's impossible to do as the keeper. i'm assuming your keeper was using the maniac attack action card. the keeper has to discard the maniac attack when walter pops into the game (otherwise he could use the maniac attack card to constantly keep walter at full health). how was he doing the teleporting thing? Maybe we missed that but we didnt see anywhere where it said to discard the Maniac Attack action. 1A: Reveal Objective: The keeper places Walter in any room. Walter is a maniac with +4 health per investigator. Maniac Attack: Action: blah blah blah Otherwise, fully heal a maniac. If he does not have a sample, move him to any space. Since Walter is a maniac with no sample - the Keeper could move he to "any space".
  9. Maybe we are reading it wrong but when we played the Scenario - and Walter showed up (Five player game). When the keeper took his turn, Walter just "teleported" across the board to the ceremony room. When the players got close, he just used 4 threats again and "teleported" to the garden - avoiding the characters until the time ran out. It was almost like you needed to fully understand the scenario BEFORE playing it. All new players are simply going to do Scenario one first (generally) - and I would have made this scenario the eaisiest to win against vs crazy hard.
  10. That was such a good suggestion - I ran in the other room and added some metal risk pieces as well before I even got to the bottom of this thread.
  11. You have to remember that the game strategy and experience changes quite a bit with more players. In a two player game, you can focus on that one person and setting them back - sets you back a little but it stays balanced. It becomes a one on one dual to a victory condition. In a 3 or 4 player game, if you focus on a player - it usually sets both you and him back - allowing the other players to advance. You can make deals with players to help you stop down a player where you cant in a two player game. Since you have several players racing to a victory condition, you have to keep you eyes out for all the players - not just one and race to the win in a such a way that is balanced to set some players back while not impacting your own advancement. Make the wrong decision and get into a slug match with another player - can lose you the game in favor for the others who arent in the fight. Even if your not in the fight - you may end up setting yourself back as well because you may have to start buying units to protect your cities vs using your action to increase your advancement towards that coin, tech or culture win. What I am saying is that both a 2 and a 3+ player game are completely different experiences - both worthy of trying. Try using two copies of Civ - with 8 players and play 4 one on one battles.... like a tournament - letting the winners play the winners. There are lots of ways to enjoy the game.
  12. I agree that the idea of an expansion is not so much if but when for FFG. I personally would l like to see any expansion enhance and expand the game experience as well as address problems in the existing game. Here are my thoughts: a) Addition Civs are almost a given and the terrain tile to go with them. b) Additional Wonders should came as well - with some additional rules - such as pick 4 wonders for each age randomly and use these in the game. c) Rules for adding 2 more players and the board layout would be a welcome bonus - we play with 3-8 players depending on the day d) Additional culture cards - the cards that are there need more variety. Personally, I would like to see a level 2 and 3 culture card that can remove a coin from a tech, remove one tech from the tech tree or pull someone - one space backwards on the culture track. In the current game, I have run into too many cases where its a race to see who gets their first and currently if a player is getting 3 culture track late in the game - or going to win with tech in three turns - there dosnt seem to be many ways to slow them down or even interfer with it. In a game, where you are going for a military win - there are lots of ways to try to defend against or impact it - no so much with coin, culture and tech wins. I think there needs to be something that can impact them and make it more of a push and pull type of challenge. Maybe some level 3 tech that by spending one of each resource - you can achieve this. e) Additional Terrain tiles (with a cool square on them OR new terrain type) - possible additional terrain tiles for each starting civ to allow them to pick or randomize from two starting civ tiles to begin the game with. f) Reprints for any original game element that was misprinted - to replace the "wrong" one that came with the game. g) A new box - that has a nice plastic compartment in it for all the game elements plus the new explansion elements.
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