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  1. I generally reduce their PF by one per ship smaller than a cruiser, and 2 for cruisers, that is not actively part of a profitable endeavor. If it is guarding a system, running around with the players, guarding convoys, or just sitting around as a backup they have their PF reduced. Pulling a ship out of an endeavor to use it causes that endeavor to yield no PF, and is likely to completely ruin the endeavor if they do not take quick action. That is enough to force my players to pay attention to what their ships are doing and limit their own fleet. I am also run attacks on their convoys and colonies with enough frequency that they maintain fleets for protect both.
  2. Actually, a lot of war material (ships in particular) is produced by mercantile houses and hive worlds, with only oversight and technical help from the Admech. BFK has a decent section describing how shipbuilding occurs in the Imperium, and may of the worlds described it the various books have merchant houses that produce goods under the supervision of a few tech-priests. In fact, in the Calaxis sector the Lord Fabricator has been trying to offload manufacturing from 2 of the 3 Lathe Worlds for centuries. This means that there are even more possibilities for arranging manufactorums or laboratories with disgruntled Tech Priests on your colonies. As far as defense, it is probably easier for players to earn favor with the Imperial Navy directly and get an Imperial Navy base set up on one of their colonies. The Mechanicum colony equivalent is a Explorator Fleet Base. An Imperial Guard/Skittarii base isn't a bad investment either. Theses are all Support Upgrades (or renamed equivalents) listed in SoI. Also note that most groups include a senior tech priest or Magos in the form of an Engiseer. I actually have never seen a group that doesn't. That august person has a decent chance of building up the contacts to maintain personal control of any Ad Mech based colony he establishes. Being in the Expanse reduces the likelyhood of a political takeover of a Magos' personal colony. If you can build it up enough, you have a decent chance of trying to get recognition as a Forge Wold. This is over the course of a century or two. There are a lot more forge worlds than just the Lathes out there. Servicing the Explorator fleets and collecting bits of Archeotech and STC fragments is a good way to earn that respectability. Working towards that goal made it easier to determine what the players were going to do next, and therefore plan game sessions. It also made my last campaign strangely political with a Magos who specialized in social skills (Factor of the Lathes) using social fu as much as technological might.
  3. I actually prefer to us the BFK rules for buying units. The Squadron (+10) of Fury fighters would be an Heavy (-20) Air Unit (-30), Volunteer Skill (+0), from a Technological (+0) or Imperial (-10) world, for a total Acquisition modifier of -50. If you wanted pilots with better than a 30 skill you would buy up the skill level, up to Skill 60 at a total of -80 Acquisition. It actually makes calculating a variety of troops relatively easy while allowing enough variety for even the more unusual units. I assume that if the players are paying only for the vehicles they are going to be coming without trained crews. Not really an issue for a single shuttle, but a little bit more important for fighters and bomber. This also provides ground crews and supplies. Heavy fighting may require an upkeep roll, but if you are using the fighters off of a starship I assume that is included with the various casualty rolls.
  4. My last campaign lasted about 2.5 years of play time and met every weekend for 4-8 hours of play (nightshift workers who really like to game). By the end of the campaign they were about rank 8 and had about 10 major colonies. The Engiseer/Magos of the group focused on developing Mechanicum colonies while the rest of the party was more focused on developing 'perfect' Imperial colonies. In game time the campaign took place over about 80 years, and they had four size 10 colonies (including two Mechanicum Research colonies). I basically took the mechanical rules for normal colonies and adjusted the names to fit Mechanicum titles. Instead of a Ecclesiatiarchy Mission they had Data Temples. The players were very focused on developing their own subsector in the Expanse, and overall pretty successful. At the end of the campaign the players had managed to sort of recover a number of STCs, mainly by using bits and pieces from various sources and a very 'experimental' approach. The Magos was able to turn that accomplishment and some serious work he did helping the Mechanicum into getting his 'Forge World' recognized by Mars. Note that this involved a number of storylines around recovering STC fragments and rooting out problems in the Mechanicum in the Calaxis sector to build political capitol. At that point I moved, but we may pick the game back up over Skype/RollD20.
  5. Static Modifier. I actually keep track of the player's PF seperately and then add each colonies PF on to that to form their total PF. Any time any of those changes, I do the calculation from scratch.
  6. Or load your Drop Pods up with Evesor Assassins and a full tea set so you can enjoy a spot of tea while your enemies die before you.
  7. The BS penalty for Servitor Crews tends to keep players away.
  8. No, as Ruwalk stated that is a temporary gain when you install the part. It is more for when you are out there with a damaged ship and demoralized crew. I have never seen it actually affect game play. If you want permanent Morale bonuses install Best Quality Crew Improvements. My players ship has a 118 morale, the Angelson Death Cult worship the captain as a scion of the Emperor. They also rarely even end up dropping below 100.
  9. I allow the players to buy up component quality at ship creation, which they almost allways do. As component quality wasn't really in the game at first there isn't really any set rules for it, but it makes sense and the added SP cost adds up pretty quick.
  10. Ah, I remember that thread. I use a different system because of how my players tend to distribute their fleet. They rarely take a bunch of ships with them on an endeavor. Doing so tends to result in more attention than they want brought to their actions, as well as risking expensive ships that may not have the stealth or speed to avoid an undesirable fight. Both their main ships are fast (11 or 14 speed) and very stealthy. I find in my game that the players maintain large defensive and escort fleets to prevent pirates and orks/Rak'Gol from smashing their colonies and trade fleets. Probably because I have run a few attacks on colonies and trade ships where they have to play their ships without the bonuses of having their PCs on board. After the first mauled trade ship (luckily a Hazeroth that was able to get away), they placed a lot more priority on defense ships. They presently pay 46 PF in upkeep costs for their fleet, including escorts for trade routes, system defense ships, research facilities, mapping out better trade routes, and their exploration support/salvage ships. When they do take ships with them I generally don't include those ships AP bonuses. Those ships instead tend to be necessary parts of their endeavors, or allow the players additional options (such as salvaging hulked ships to strip or refit). They also maintain several salvage rig equiped ships to move system ships from their primary shipyard to other systems where they do not have shipyards. This tends to take quite some time, but allows them to fortify important systems or new colonies. Note that only those ships that are not assigned to an existing endeavor can be used, as taking ships from another endeavor causes that endeavor to stop generating PF and may very well cause that endeavor to fall apart. This causes them to pay constant upkeep on a pool of ships so that they can use those ships when the endeavor calls for it or to move resources around. That pool of ships allows them to quickly set up an endeavor on a target of oportunity, or even set up a new colony system complete with orbital assets and system defense ships. Of course, setting up a new endeavor utilizing those trade ships often locks those ships into that endeavor. As an example, their typical system defense force includes 9 Wolfpack raider equivalent system ships (Damaris Pattern), 3 Shark System Defense ships (Wolfpack raider system ship modified for stealth), 1-2 Frigate or larger size Warp capable warships, 1 Trade station per colony, and 2 Orbitals with landing bay (Str 2) per world. This costs them an upkeep of 7 PF.
  11. Edit: Found the link eventually, here it is: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B3V_7sJZLASUQWl3bnNkbDhHd3c&usp=sharing Let me know if it doesn't work. The only real change was putting in a bit about PF upkeep for House Fleets.
  12. These rules are out of my house rules for Stars of Inequity, but the numbers for build times are based on several sources. They include Battlefleet Koronus, which has a good section about the various ways ships are built in the Imperium. You will note that 'Most void-going ships are built at 'local' shipyards by a planetary authority or comercial concern, perhaps as part of a tithe to the Imperium'. Also note that, 'Building a void-ship from scratch is a massive undertaking; it can take years to complete an escort-class vessel and centuries to build a capitol ship.' (BK, page 46). That means that there are lots of non-Mechanicum worlds where ships are built under the supervision of Tech Priests, but primarily by dock workers outside the Mechanicum. It is all very ritualized, and a riviter may only know the specific ritual for placing, checking, and blessing the rivits are ship armour. That riviter may do that one job for his whole life, as did his forefathers. I also allow Imperial Navy Fleet Bases to build small system defense ships and repair larger ships, just not for new ship construction or Hulk recovery. The shipyards are simply 'Industrial Support Upgrades' that specialize in ship repair/production, based on the rules in Stars of Inequity. Note that shipyard capacity (and the required Voidship Component Manufactorum to supply it) are based on colony size. It takes a size 6 colony to produce a Transport, and a size 10 colony to build a Cruiser. I actually have several categories of 'Industrial Support Upgrades' and rules for what each type of upgrade can produce based on type and colony size. I have detailed house rules because my players are trying to create a 'model Imperium subsector' in the Expanse. They presently have 10 colonies in 4 systems, including three size 10 colonies. I have been running the game every Sunday night for 4-8 hours for about 2 years, and the players are withing a session or two from reaching Rank 8. I had to come up with PF costs for new colonies based on suitability of colony site, as well as adjusting time scale to make more sense. I also use a PF upkeep cost for each Warp Capable Voidship or squadron of System Defense Ships the group operates. It helps to keep PF more reasonable, while creating a reasonable cost for maintaining the House fleet. Their fleet is used to guard their systems and convoys, so it has little impact on their exploration. I have run a few fleet combats using their defense fleets or even convoys, which makes for an interesting diversion while giving the players a sense of the importance of those assets. There is nothing better to encourage the players to maintain system defenses than to have a small Ork fleet attack one of their colonies.
  13. I actually have some pretty set rules for construction time, as my players have massive shipyards over their main colony (Size 10 colony with two support upgrades devoted to the shipyard, with two more support upgrades on other colonies supplying components). They primarily build transports and raiders, while refiting larger hulks. For this I use a formula based on SP cost of the final vessel. The idea being that more complex ships require more time to construct. I then multipy SP by the following modifiers: Transport 1 Month Raider 2 Months Frigate 3 Months Light Cruiser 6 Months Cruiser 1 year This gives a 3 year build time for well equiped Vagabond Transport, 6-8 year build times for Hazeroth Raiders, and a little less than a century for a well built Cruiser. I allow up to 8 'yards' of construction to be in use at once per size 10 Colony Shipyard Upgrade, with a Transport taking 2 'yards' and a Cruiser taking 8 'yards'. This means that the players can have several smaller ships under construction or a single larger ship. So far it has worked for my game.
  14. For the purpose of determining if he meets prerequisits perhaps? Obviously he does, but it might cause some confusion.
  15. Anyone else think about Pseudo-Astartes like Kor Phareon of the Word Bearers, Luther of the Dark Angels, or Leman Russ's older allies when the Emperor found him? Not that it is a relavant now, but I was reading the thread again and it reminded me of another thread where it was pointed out that the Pseudo-Astartes process might not require that the person be male. Of course, she would still be weaker. It would breach much of the gap though.
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