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  1. Directly from F.F.- "Hello Ken, Just was talking to you on the phone - here is the details about the board request. City of Thieves is a game we took over from AEG, and the process for replacements for this one game is somewhat different from the other titles we have. Unfortunately the printer Ludofact does things a bit differently than we do normally. The contract for the printing didn't give us either overrun boards, or a percentage of buffer like other titles we do. I'm pasting below the instructions they passed along for replacement boards. Please contact them with your request - let us know if they don't respond in a timely manner or if there are complications. We'll try to work with them to get the process expedited. Thanks for your patience - Thaadd Powell Customer Service Fantasy Flight Games LudoFact will provide Warranty Claim service for CoT game board worldwide as the follow procedures. If any of the end-consumer (not distributor or wholesaler) has filed complain about the defective gameboard, the consumer must provide the following 2 items and e-mail to ludofact@gmail.com and we will send the new gameboard free-of charge from any of the three Ludofact locations, Germany, USA and Hong Kong. Please e-mail the following item: (1) Scan Original Proof of Purchase (warranty period is only within 6 months from date of purchase) (2) Take 3 digital Pictures in three views (a) The game version with the barcode, (b) the gameboard in the completely opened view and (3) Close up view and clearly shown that the defective gameboard is raised above the surface line of 4 mm. Please note: Fuzzy or not clear pictures will not be accepted in the result, no replacement will be sent. If the customer cannot provide the above proof of purchase and 3 clear pictures, sorry no warranty will be granted. Lead time for the warranty claim may take up to 1-2 months or longer depending on the time of year, stock available and the volume of claim, we will constantly review with Dust Game (not distributor or wholesaler) about the status of the claim." I'm pretty pissed because there is no way i have the receipt still. grrrrrrrrrr
  2. I wrote FFG twice with no response (its been 2-3 weeks). I'm not only disappointed the board is garbage after 3 plays!! but i have yet to be contacted. Anyone else have this problem and if so how did you resolve/fix? I know minor warping occurs with anything but my board is unplayable at this point. Please Help!
  3. Thats a good idea, thanks. We played a few days ago but we used heroscape dice rules. He just likes that system lol. We also got some foam core and are making walls for the Mansion board together.
  4. Wow, Thank You!! I will print this and give it a try. A million thanks
  5. I just picked up Tannhauser, but the copy i got was the old rules version so i headed to my friendly little gamestore and picked up the new rules. I sat down poured over the rules and i feel overwhelmed and confused. Mean while my 6 year old is asking to play but i really dont know how to explain the game to him. He enjoys and understands Heroscape, Dust Tactics, Cadwallon- City of Thieves, and D&D Castle Ravenloft. I thought with the circle/color boards this would be a natural game for us. I would appreciate any help the community could offer a desperate dad. Thank you in advance, Kenchan13
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