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  1. i'm still pissed that you cant get the english version in Austria. got the core box but never managed to get the figure addon
  2. How?! This leaves me puzzeled. We havent found a single item in our 7 scenarios and are now able to upgrade 1 item. We play Aragon + Beravor.
  3. Played all the campaigns and plan to replay it
  4. i feel you! I played against the same rebel team setup and I got utterly destroyed. Last mission is still due but I have an idea how this will go.
  5. the scale is different - put Verena Talos next to Tress, unless Tress is a giant race or something. alone her head easily fits 3 verena heads
  6. pretty heavy hitter then with 15hp and only 8 threat for the imperial in campaign mode
  7. Quick Question about ZEB: does his once-per-activation count as attack, although it isnt an action? so he wouldnt be able to attack twice in one activation?
  8. Pimped my tank with a blue LED hidden in the cavity of the body
  9. anything but Bespin Twin Shadows is surly the most suited.
  10. Why make yourself depended of what critics say? Did you personally enjoy the movie, that is the only question that is important. Rogue One was amazing to me - a war movie set in the Star Wars universe with a genious seamless bridge to A New Hope. They included old footage? Awesome, that small snippets of the Gold/Red Leader footage alone during the space battle made my heart skip a beat. TFA: I dont mind the similarities to ANH scenes, I see it as an foundation to bring in old and new fans for the next movies to come. If Episode8 is a reshoot of Empire Strikes Back then I will be pissed.
  11. Still have gazillion Star Wars CCG cards from Decipher ... never again
  12. Looking at my card pile of Deciphers Star Wars CCG from back in the days I dont see an upside
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