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  1. Love the art, Lord Dubu. I was wondering, would you be willing to take requests?
  2. MILLANDSON said: Or... they never found him. I find "they found him and kidnapped him and lied about it" less interesting than "they searched for him, but didn't find his body... where did he go then?". And yet, "Secrets and Lies" is the tagline of the Chapter.....
  3. ak-73 said: Nowhere, it was just a lapse of concentration on my behalf, I think I am developing symptoms of a cold (no joke), sorry for the confusion. Alex Ah, alrighty then, thanks for clarifying. The Librarian in my group is a fairly decent character, but has been having ungodly luck with his PP rolls. I was wondering if I could somehow force him to roll on Perils instead. Rite of Sanctioning takes half the fun out of seeing his PP rolls, heh.
  4. ak-73 said: Plus neither RoS nor OoK helps with pushing as you roll straight on Perils table where you don't get a re-roll (only Psychic Phenomena table). Casting Unfettered just becomes fairly safe. Alex Um, what? Where does it say that Pushing makes you roll immediately on the Perils table? Pg. 185, DW Rulebook, under the Push bulletpoint: "...He must make a Focus Power Test. However, regardless of this test's result, the psyker will automatically generate a disturbance in the Warp and must roll on Table 6-1: Psychic Phenomena..." It specifically states that Pushing forces you to roll on the Psychic Phenomena table, not Perils of Warp table. Is there some errata out there that changes this?
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