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  1. Personally I would have preferred to not have had the names NPC's and had more generic stat blocks.
  2. I would just like to add my appreciation to Belik's, this is an awesome piece of work and the fact that you keep updating it is very much appreciated. I never use any other method to create characters if I can help it. E
  3. Picking up a person to whisk them toward you (i.e. not throw to damage) would be an opposed roll using the targets resilience. If the target is not resisting then no roll required so long as they can affect the required silhouette. IMO
  4. I have recently been reading up on a game called Polaris (a post apocalyptic underwater role playing game) and am thinking of putting together a version using Genesys for my group, but was wondering if anyone had put any thought into making Genesys a bit more dangerous. Options I can see include: subsequent critical hits can have a higher bonus to the roll, suffering more than twice the characters wound threshold being lethal, also I suppose that falling unconscious while underwater could be quite dangerous anyway.
  5. Cool, some friends and I ran a game we called 'just five minutes' which was kind of a cross between Quantum Leap and Sliders (two TV shows if you don't know them). We each took turns to ref and had one or two settings each, it was tremendous fun. We didn't play ourselves in our one but that might have worked as well.
  6. Though it was in AD&d 2, my first proper RPG experience was this. It worked really well and gave me a helpful introduction so I have no issue with the concept that the op is talking about. Now I do not know your players, they could well be Military veterans or scientists for all I know. If none of your players are top 5 marksmen or Nobel laureates then your current plan should be OK, I would possibly increase starting xp and/or max ranks if you have players who are supremely skilled in something. Also, though I realise as per your above post that you are not asking if it is a good idea or not, my thought is that I don't see any reason you should be specifically disadvantaged playing yourself. Dependent on the setting being used just playing myself might be a disadvantage: computer skills would be at least rank 2 but would be pointless in a fantasy or Steam Punk game, my knowledge in Intellectual Property law could again be rank 2 or 3 but would be all but useless unless we were playing in a modern day game where filing the National Validation of a European Patent in Greece or Great Britain was needed, It would be the additional skills I could add from the specops bootcamp would be what was useful in game play. The advantage of playing yourself is mainly for me the role playing aspect. Now, if your players are all military or law enforcement, or are gun enthusiasts (if you're in America) and therefore have good gun skills I could see how that might be of help. Suggestions; a) If their skills should be above rank 2 let them purchase one or two skills to rank 3 b) If their skills are not above rank 2 then giving them free ranks or extra exp would work c) Allow them to choose a number of skills as known skills, treating them during character generation as career skills You could do one, two or all three of the above suggestions but I wouldn't make vanilla characters any worse over the shortrun or better over the long run, let the player choose what he wants. Whatever you choose to do, I hope you guys have fun. E
  7. I have been working an a setting called Rocketship Empires 1936 which is World War II in space, with dark forces sometimes emerging during Jump space travel, there is a Psionic organisation as well. I am just waiting for my friend to OK it as he published the original version and I need him to OK the art I am using, also he was going to put the original books out for general use when I spoke to him about it, but he has a family emergency at the moment so this has been put on the back burner for now. The point of my ramblings being that this kind of setting can absolutely work, look at the Torchwood series and the rift in Cardiff.
  8. I am sorry if I wasn't as clear as I could have been, what I meant was that Ghouls were not created within the very short time of gameplay. Any Ghouls created by Radiation were made so over time or with much more massive amounts of Radiation (i.e. Nukes dropping).
  9. These upgrades could very well have been deliberately hidden, especially if they were illegal. Control systems reached through a certain sequence of key presses on the Holo Dejarik board, a certain food requested from the food processor, a specific set of Astrogation coordinates set. I have no problem at all with the idea of hidden programs or upgrades; and as far as I am concerned, with very few exceptions, I have no problem with hidden upgrades if it serves the plot. Lets face it, the Millennium Falcon was the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy but to look at it both inside and out it was a rusty old YT1300. The only things that were obvious were the Quad cannons and the Sensor dish, and I am not sure that the sensor dish was that big of a deal.
  10. I do have a popup blocker but I whitelisted the site and even paused it. I might try again with my Tablet given the above comment about the mobile site.
  11. From my recollection radiation does not turn people into Ghouls within the game, some NPC's turned into Ghouls when the Nukes fell and over the few years afterwards. Personally I would allow the Player to select Ghoul from character generation if they wanted to play one, roleplaying the character being part of the group/vault. As to the Rad damage, I think I might go with reducing the Wound threshold of the character from my experience of the game, with Radaway removing the wound cap and Rad x and Hazmat suits providing a soak equivalent. I seem to remember Radiation being quite lethal, killing rather than knocking out. I think the categorisations you have done work well with the obvious exception that with a lowered wound threshold you would need to reduce the numbers a bit. All that said the important thing is that your Players have fun, so if they enjoy this style of game play then go for it.
  12. I can't even access it, I get the log in with Google+, the screen flickers and then nothing happens.
  13. With my Rocketship Empires setting I re skinned Imperial Stormtroopers as Nazi Stormtroopers and Nipponese Imperial soldiers.
  14. There was a very good supplement for the West End Games Star Wars for this. It was called Stock Ships I think, just full of ships with their own history and surprises for the crew.
  15. I have gone General Knowledge, Lore and Wilderness.
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