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  1. I understand what you mean about the people who play on XBOX live. Its why never use a headset. On the other hand though i really dont have a chance to play board games more then 3-4 times a month. Because of that i really enjoy games like memoir 44 online. Plus there isnt many turn based games out there that arent anime themed.
  2. I can see it now STAR WARS a battlelore game. Just modify the Westros rules and i would by it up. Or even a LCG. Just please focus on original trilogy or clone wars cartoon. If i see Jar Jar i will cry
  3. Ill 2nd this. Mtg and Panzer general are my favorite games on XBOX. More board games would be nice. Battlelore or any of the LCG would be great. I think there was a version of Talisman in the works but it got scrapped.
  4. Thanks for all your help. I think ill get essential when i get the base game. I wanted dungeonquest too so ill order that with it since it kinda adds onto RB.
  5. So with either of these games the expansions can just be used in any order? Runebound just has so many i dont know where to begin
  6. Thanks alot. I think ill pick up runebound and AH. Worst case is if the AH learning curve is too much i can always play solo
  7. Thanks warcraft 3 is one of my all time favs so ill pick that one up.
  8. I was mainly worried runebound and AH would be to long and complex. I always hear people saying it could take 5-6 hours to finnish a game. We normally have only 3-4 hours after the kids go to sleep to play. Does Runebound or AH really give you the "light" RPG feel. I still remember games of D&D from when i was a kid. I wanna teach her a game that could give lasting memories like that.
  9. The group of people ive been gaming with are all new. Ive mainly been teaching them "light" games like castle ravenloft and last night on earth. Would city of thieves be good for gamers who enjoy those games? Thanks
  10. Hi I just recently got my girlfriend into playing board games. So far she has enjoyed memoir 44, pandemic, catle ravenloft, and last night on earth. Now i am looking for more advanced games. What would be a better next step kingsburg,talisman, arkham horror, or runebound. Back in the early 90s i played talisman and it was great but i cant help but think one of the newer games would be a better choice. If i go with runebound should i grab up the new essentials expansion too? Thanks
  11. Hello i have just ordered the basic set plus call to arms and epic. I was wondering how epic is played with one basic set. Do i have to use token or are there enough minis to play with? Also when it comes to buying expansions is there an order i have to get them in? Can i just pick up the dragons set and add it to the base game? Or do newer scenerios require minis from other expansions? Thanks for your help
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