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  1. You're lucky you got into one at all. I'm still looking for a first game. I was in one a few years back, but life intruded and it carried on without me. If someone is looking to start one up, I'd be more than happy to join up, too.
  2. There's a list on Wookiepedia. A lot of the stuff is EU, so we'll just have to wait and see. starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Starfighter
  3. Sweet, right near BART. Do you have a regular night you go down there, or what?
  4. Where is everyone on here from? I'm in the East Bay/SF Bay area, and I was hoping to find some people to play this with. I wish FFG would just make a searchable player registry and put an end to these threads once and for all.
  5. Tie bombers and B-wings would be sweet, as would many of the fighters from the prequels (Sure, the acting blew horrid chunks, but the SFX and design concepts were sweet) If they get into SWEU then I'd love to see Ssi-Ruuk, Hapan, and Youzon Vong ships also. I like the idea of having "active maps" to play on as an idea for capital ships.
  6. I dunno about you guys, but I for one would LOVE to see escorts and capital ships on the table once the game's gotten going. Imagine a Star Destroyer belching forth a wing of Tie Fighters or a massive volley of proton torpedoes smashing into a MonCal cruiser.
  7. How could I be so daft?
  8. Is it just me or do Commissars not have ANY "cheap" stats? As in, stats they have two aptitudes for. I can't see any, are any of the other specialties so hindered?
  9. Until that update comes out, no one wil know what a psy-focus is. We can guess, and robably guess right, but in the end, is a guess none the less.
  10. I'm pretty sure that ratlings (In the codex and fluff) don't use standard issue gear, aren't great at following orders or standing up to enemies (Literally OR figuratively,) You'd never see a ratling heavy gunner (Kick'd break his little twiggy arms), operator (can't see over the dashboard), Sgt. poor leadership skills (Ld 5 in codex) Weapon Specialists (special weapons are too big, no one makes kiddie sized meltas) Priests (Dirty abhumans being in the ecclesiarchy, feh,) Commissars (Ratlings don't get into Schola) Ogryns (Duh) Psykers (Abhumans don't get psychic mutations afaik, and if they did, they'd likely be executed as they skirt the line on being mutants anyways.) stormtroopers (Not hardy enough) or Techpriests (again, I don't think they make mechanicum implants for midgets.) Pretty much the ony specialty I see them as is Medic.
  11. /hug I feel your pain sister. I've had times like that. From what I have read of the IG; I'd guess the Munitorum doesn't hire Ratlings for other jobs because they'd be crummy at them; except chef. He doesn't NEED to retain his spotter, in fact, it's a little overkill for him because he has the agility bonus to be great at stealth. On the steal subject; I figured that the squad designated marksman or whatever would be sneakingalong covering the squad; jumping from rooftop to rooftop in an urban environment, sneaking through the bush in a jungle, etc. Or even just rolling along with the squad and waiting until the scout tells them the enemy is ahead. (Or heck, they may BE the scout) As to pinning, the difference between a sniper's pinning and a machine gunner's pinning is twofold. First, you are aware of the machine gunner's position for the most part; second, the sniper makes the squadstay deeper in cover because the shots are precise, rather than a sporadic burst you could run throught with luck. At least to my line of thinking. Having looked closer at what a designated Marksman is; the Ratling stinks at it, while the WS does a better job. Long range accuracy without stealth is not a job for a midget in a camo cloak with a single fire rifle. The DM is about quick accurate fire; not doing one shot one kill stuff. The equivalent is someone with an M36 Lasgun in a squad of people with Lascarbines. I'd rather take ratling out of the game than try and work them into the game as a sort of alternate "Race Choice" that puts them in specialties they have never been in fluff-wise.
  12. I never said I'd be HAPPIER if my shot missed; I mean, best case scenario, I hit and he flubs his dodge. The two have virtually identical affinities, (Both missing Offense, which sucks; because the best stuff is BS+Offense) The WS is better at landing said shot in the first place (BS Bonus), Since they are hidden, they should not need to worry about dodge in any case. The Rat's comrade is helpful once you flub your stealth, which shouldn't happen. The WS's ability to swap weapons on the fly is very nice, and allows you to not be slavishly attached to your long-las or sniper rifle. (swap between them, or have an anti-tank weapon to snipe with as well) Also, Heavy Weapons don't Pin. as a rule. You CAN use them to overwatch or supressive fire; but then you're blowing through a whole lot of ammo and sacrificing your turn/chance to hit. The WS gets to do whatever and still pin, should he so choose. I'm stil not seeing the WS being a bad killy sniper.
  13. True; but I still have zero idea what the hell a psy-focus is.
  14. No, I saw it; but THAT one was that Ogryn sucked, not that they were wtfawesome.
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