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    Descent 2nd Edition Shop Items

    Really nice work. Thanks!
  2. tadkil1

    Lair of the Wyrm & Rumor Cards

    No prob dude. I had to go back and reread it myself. Great avatar!
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    Lair of the Wyrm & Rumor Cards

    DA RULES SAY: The Campaign Phase After each quest of a campaign, there is a Campaign phase during which players may make decisions on how to upgrade their heroes and prepare for the next quest. It is important to note that most quests have two encounters and the Campaign phase does not take place until the entire quest is finished. During the Campaign phase, all players may spend experience points to enhance their abilities. Also, the heroes may visit the shop in Arhynn to purchase new equipment. The following steps are performed during each Campaign phase. 1. Receive gold from Search Cards: Record the total gold value of every Search card the heroes acquired over the course of this quest on the Campaign sheet (even if the Search card was used during the quest). Then return all Search cards to the deck (even if the heroes didn’t use their abilities). The heroes are assumed to sell their newly discovered treasures in Arhynn. 2. Cleanup: All heroes recover all damage and all fatigue. The overlord combines his draw and discard pile into one deck. All Condition cards are discarded, all effects end, the map is disassembled, and the quest is generally cleaned up as the players prepare for the next one. 3. Receive Rewards: The overlord player and hero players each receive one experience point, regardless of who won the quest (as listed in the Quest Guide). Record this on the Campaign sheet. The winner of the quest receives additional rewards as noted in the Quest Guide. 4. Spend Experience Points: Players may spend any experience points they have earned at this time. Experience points are spent on new skills for heroes and new Overlord cards for the overlord. 5. Shopping: Hero players may spend any gold they have acquired to purchase new Shop Item cards (see “Shopping” on page 20). 6. Choose Next Quest: The winner of the quest chooses which quest, from those available, will be played next (see “Choose Next Quest” on page 21). 7. Set Up Quest: The players begin setting up the next quest following the standard rules for setting up a quest. The overlord player should remember to shuffle his Overlord deck, including any new cards just purchased, to create a new deck before drawing his starting hand. 8. Travel: Heroes travel to the next quest location Seems to me 3 of the rumor cards have to be played before the players get their gold.
  4. Okay. Now this is really not right, especially for us aged folks. There are actually 2 Ally cards included (those that do not have an Act I/Act II indicator on them). The names of the Allies are Serena and Raythen. There is 1 Lieutenant with both an Act I and Act II card. It's name is Ariad. There is 1 Lieutenant with just an Act II card. It's name is Queen Ariad. And then, get this, there are 2 more Lieutenants with just an Act II card, and their names are .... wait for it ... wait for it ... THE SAME **** NAMES as the Ally cards ... Serena and Raythen. Obviously, you can understand my confusion. I guess it is time once again to RTFM ... some more. The promo text says that allies could be corrupted. It sounds like there is a chance that the allies end up switching sides and working for the overlord based on how his deck plays and how the narrative plays out.