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  1. You can't fit more than 4 x-wings in a standard list. Why constrain yourself to only playing "standard" games?
  2. Getting ready to play some HotAC tonight.
  3. I agree with the sentiment... just not your list. For me, it is... That Wookiiee Gunship monstrosity, and the Dumb..s Upsilon Shuttle. But others may find the attractive. To each their own, I supposed. I must admit that it took me a looonnnggg time to come around to the K-wing. Now I don't fly it because it seems everyone who is more interested in winning than being original seems to be using it.
  4. Harpoon Missiles are one of the dumbest ideas for ordnance I have ever heard. They just plain do not make sense. From a "fluff" sense and from a "game" sense. Just dumb. I also object to the idea that anything new must have an impact on the current meta - either just to change things up or, more frequently it seems, to correct some perceived defect or OP combination. All these attempts inevitably create future problems and make obsolete popular ships/pilots from earlier waves. The end result... the relative balance of ships in the game do not match up with SW lore or cannon, and the power creep gains increasing momentum. All of this to sell new product (which makes sense for FFG) and to placate the small minority of players who are the competitive players who even care about "meta" (which, IMO, is not that good for the game in general. Please just slow the roll-out of new product, and just produce good, quality products that "make sense", if nothing else. That's my two cents (since you asked).
  5. Sozin, Firstly, I want to say how much I your passion and dedication to this game we love... Secondly, I equally applaud you for your willingness to publicly humiliate yourself in pursuit of "doing the right thing"... Unfortunately, this entire thing... that judgments from FFG have to be weighed against Rules as Written... is even an issue (or at least, such a BIG issue...) just showcases for me a bigger problem. That problem, IMO, is the power-creep that has taken over this game, which I directly attribute to several factors... 1. Customer demand for new products at a rate that challenges FFG when it comes to producing the best product in pursuit of the best game... 2. FFG's willingness/need to commercialize on that consumer demand at the expense of play-testing (to eliminate power-creep and the need for FAQs that explain, correct and often contradict the Rules as Written... 3. The continued over-emphasis on tournaments and tournament-style play. Each wave that comes out seems to push the game further into its own self-justified world "X-Wing: the Game" and further away from a way to experience Star Wars. To me, the game has become a victim of its own success, and we (the dedicated fan base /consumers) are just as much at fault as FFG. I used to enjoy tournaments as much as I did casual play, Epic, etc... But every day and in every way, my desire to be part of that scene has been beaten out of me. It saddens me a bit, that I no longer enjoy that aspect of the came, but I guess we all reap what we sew.
  6. Those are crazy beautiful models... but I' would have to really disagree with the stats you gave them. There is no way a tiny ship like that should have that much firepower... and that much agility... AND that much shields.. I realize your need/desire for a BOSS ship... Just do not feel that those stats fit the ship you have chosen to give them to. Just my opinion. But if you don't want the models... I'll take them.
  7. Are you asking why generics exist in the game... Or, are you asking why you would want to include them in a competitive list for 100/6 tournament use? These are two very different questions. 1. Generics exist because the universe is filled with nameless rabble/average Joes. Named pilots are heroes and considered "unique" within the game because... well... they are rare and unique in the universe (at least they are everywhere besides your typical XWM 100 point tournament list. 2. They exist within the game because they are the cheapest version of a given ship. The lower the cost... the more you can buy. As Joe Stalin once said..."quantity has a quality all its own" (or words to that effect). 3. Is a unique pilot with special skills but twice the cost of a generic pilot in the same ship really twice as good? Sometimes Yes... and sometimes No. 4. Generic pilots are also easier to fly, as you do not have to worry about complicated interactions of special skills/abilities, sequencing, etc... Just fly and hope your gamble at "going cheap" pays off.
  8. 1. Do you practice with the same list/archetype over and over and over? Yes... and no. Maybe should have said "No and Yes"... but that sounds weird. Anyways, In general, I usually get bored with flying the same list over and over and over and over again. But that is the way to get better with it, to increase your familiarity with your list, its capabilities and limitations and to increase your chances of winning in tournaments. Which is EXACTLY WHY I don't like to do that. I play in tournaments but that is not really what I enjoy about X-Wing. I like X-wing because it is a way ti immerse myself in a familiar story, as one of the characters, etc... To me, tournaments are just not Star Wars, because SW is all about story, and (100/6) tournaments lack that... there is no imagination and thus, no Star Wars... for me. Star Wars is Epic... (insert plug about Epic play format). That said, I do have some "fun" or "thematic" lists that are very "Star Wars" and thus very enjoyable... to me. Some do well in tournaments... most, well... not so much. 2. What do you do after you lose a game? I conduct an After Action Review of what I wanted to happen, what actually happened, what I want to keep doing and what I want to change. I'm an old wargamer, and BS-ing after the game with your friends/opponents is half of the enjoyment. Preferably, this also involves the consumption of an Adult Beverage or two. 3. Do you experiment with different engagement tactics and deployment formations? Yes, I love to experiment. Is my list improved by formation flying? What formation works best? Or, should I disperse my forces? How do I leverage the symmetry? Can my list be simplified? *This one especially, since I always fail to maximize my list's potential because I cannot remember all the tricks the list is based on. ; the more gimmicks... the more I forget... the more I defeat myself. 4. Do you have a holy grail of X-Wing information that you can share with the community? I do, and I am looking for those worthy of the grail. Sadly, not so many of them post here* *That I am aware of... IMO... I can reveal this one thing, though... Above all else... Have FUN! ...And your opponent should have fun, too! Ok, that was TWO things... so sue me.
  9. Two questions... 1. Who are you? and... 2. Why should I really care? Not being sarcastic, I am just ignorant of who he is and why I should care. This sounds worse than I meant it and should probably have been deleted. Maybe I would ask him..."hey, nice to meet you. Wanna play X-wing, sometime?" That might be fun and enjoyable.
  10. Mostly, I just use one peg for small ships and two for large ships. Sometimes, I use two pegs on small ships to help remind me that there is something "special" about that one.
  11. Excellent solution to a non-existent problem.
  12. Merman, I downloaded your scenario and, might I say, I was quite impressed. I thought it was quite well written (even came with illustrations for special rules, etc...) and looked to be an exciting and challenging fight. So... Last Saturday my local gaming group gave it a try. What follows is a bit of an AAR, not only for the battle, but also for the rules as written. We had four players, I very experienced (myself), two somewhat experienced and one less so. After 4 hours of play, we completed 5 turns. This was a lot fewer than I would have expected and, I believe, the result of the relative experience level (or lack thereof) of the players and some confusion regarding the scenario-specific rules. The Rebels attacked the gate from two different directions but failed to move fast enough. After five turns of play, the situation was: one Imperial TIE Striker KO'd for two X-wing casualties and an almost crippled Tantive IV. The Rebels did manage to get one X-wing through the gate before it was closed. Meanwhile, on the planet's surface, the Rogue One commandos had managed to secure the Death Star plans but could not transmit them while the gate was closed. We quit playing at that point as it was late and most of us had to work in the morning. We agreed that the scenario was worth a replay, sometime, after some minor tweaks or clarifications of rules. Observations and suggestions: 1. The rules for pushing disabled ships was pretty straight forward but came with 3? pages of illustrations (not a criticism). We would have found it helpful to have had more (or better yet, "clearer") description on what constituted a disabled ship and how to do that (ex. Would ANY weapon achieve that or did it have to be an Ion weapon?). 2. The most confusing part of the rules, or so we felt, concerned the Scarif Gate ring, and how to disable/destroy it. - The rules for disabling the Turbo Lasers and Shield Generators seemed overly complicated and we were uncertain whether the ring could be attacked/destroyed without first destroying the guns/shields. - When attacking the Shield Generators, do they regenerate shields eachturn, or is it a finite number that is reduced by attacks... just like standard shields on ships? - The special effects of Ion weapons on the Shield Generators- are they permanent, or do they only last that turn? We couldn't discern the author's intent. Recommendation: consider the HotAC rules for guns/shields, as these are simple, effective, easy to use. 3. Asteroids - why are there asteroids? There is no reason they should be here based on the movie, unless they represent other "stuff" in orbit of Scarif, like cargo containers awaiting transfer, raw materials, etc... In our opinion, they just cluttered the table and slowed things down, with no "fluff" reason for their existence at all. Recommendation: ditch the rocks. Overall, we thought the scenario has promise... just needs some work to make it playable in a reasonable amount of time.
  13. I have two sons who sometimes play X-wing. The eldest (Paul, age 24) has played in a couple of tournaments and really enjoys HotAC - we played a game or two every weekend he visited home from college. As with almost everything involving Paul, the campaign ended quite dramatically and was a lot of fun. My youngest son (Joshua, age 12) also plays X-wing... I actually got XWM as a birthday gift for him but he was not as impressed (and hooked) as I was... go figure. Anyways... he does not really enjoy 1 v 1 play (says it is "too simple, boring and limited") but does enjoy cooperative play like HoTAC... but not that much, either. What he does enjoy is Epic... because it is... EPIC! We have a standing challenge with a friend and his daughter, that everyone looks forward to. So, "yes", I do get to play with my kids... and it is some of the most fun I have had gaming.
  14. Just a reminder, we will be at Summit, Friday night at 7:00 PM... anyone interested in HotAC (or epic/casual X-wing) is welcome to join. Ifyou are interested, but cannot make it this week... and I know of several people in that boat... please just respond to this posting or PM me.
  15. First Friday of every month, there is a tournament at Summit Games, downtown. We are also trying to get a group together for HotAC on the last Friday of every moth... looking for players...
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