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    cdcace got a reaction from Drake Masters in loot distribution?   
    Okay you make a good point if your referring to more modern day warfare.  But if your talking about in general I would say your wrong.  Think back to the renaissance or dark ages, sure your knights and nobility they probably wouldn't be stripping their dead foes for loot, but on average your gonna have your grunts and or mercenary soldiers that were notorious for doing this.  As for PCs being heroes, well thats up to the PC if they want to act like a hero then they can. In my games my players tend to be more like mercenaries, they are hired to do a job, they do the job and if their is any other gain to get, they go for it. Sure you gonna have that one player that is high and mighty who is a hero that is against it, but not all always.
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    cdcace got a reaction from Thimras in Tell me about Anima   
    Gryphynx was on the right trail I suppose. Though don't listen to Sebastian last few posts I've seen of his points to his dislike of the game system.  
    Has 1 similarity in regards to D&D and that is simply its a Table top RPG, other than that its extremely different.
    If I were to compare it to the game/stories you mentioned yourself I would say it probably has a more complex character creation/building system than 40k rpg franchise. And as for Star Wars, only RPG system I'm familiar with in that regards is a D20 system thats basically D&D.
    But if your looking for a game system that has an extremely deep story full of twists and plots. Waring Kingdoms, the fear of being hunted and persecuted for using supernatural powers. Unknown powers and organizations pulling the strings from the shadows controlling the world. Medieval/Steampunk era setting with lost technology just waiting to be found. Complex but almost limitless Character concept possibilities, just takes an open and creative mind and time, this is the game system for you.
    As in regards to Gryphynx, this is a European table top RPG system highly influenced off of Asian culture mostly the Anime culture I suppose. But isn't restricted to that because its also inspired by European culture and others, as it has Norse, Greek, Latin references. But probably the thing I like most about the game system is the fact if you can imagine a character or pull one out of your favorite stories, be it Starwars, 40k, anime, or w/e; with this system once you really get to know it, you can create that character.
    But if you are looking for a simple RPG to pick up I would not suggest this game. As Sebastian said it has excessive rules(material) to understand. Unfortunately some hard to understand as FFG poorly translated some material from its source language. But any thing you can't understand yourself, post it here and someone will answer you in a somewhat timely manner. or head over to http://cipher-studios.com/AnimaBB/index.php. 
    I recommend at least giving it a try, but this is my opinion.
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    cdcace got a reaction from iruleatgames in Core Exxet   
    I'll give a shout out, Ive got all the books, all the pdfs, 2 copies of the base book even the tactics rule book for the lore in it. If they released the Core Exxet, without a doubt I would buy it, including the PDF.
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