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  1. Nope. I apologize to everyone else for allowing things to get this way. In the future I will make sure never to respond to anything Tyrhawk says and would only hope he would do the same in regards of myself.
  2. Noooot certain if you're using the quotation marks here because you're not certain if the post is official, or because you're being sardonic. I hope it's the first but, just in case, here's a response to each version. ;D Yep screw me, just providing what I found cause said I would if what I say wasn't enough. No one asked for the link after I had answered the original question even though I offered getting it. If I offended you with "Allegedly" it was only in return to your own comment of "Allegedly" making it seem I was just making everything up instead of asking for the link which I did offer originally to get. So decided to just post the link to clear that up since you insinuated that I was just making it up and wasn't providing any source to it. Which I originally didn't post then because was at work and wasn't gonna dig through that site to find it again. And don't act all innocent tyrhawk, your first post in this topic and your allegedly post only lead to me getting fed up with your verbose and frankly rude posts. Sadly I couldn't delete the topic after I made it then shortly after finally found the answer I was looking for to clear some ruling within my group when it was brought up. Which has now lead to this completely different topic of homebrew ruling on it. I apologize for my sardonic behavior.
  3. Well its your group do as you would like. But when I originally made this topic I was looking for the official answer. Discussing if you like the official answer or not is entirely different. And my post wasn't saying you should treat it like magic appraisal if you were, was saying it wouldn't make since to do it that way. I more personally lean towards just using Hide to hide yourself physically, then you don't have to worry about them seeing you use the power, since you can't hide the power itself according to the rules. Either way, interpret how you would like here is the answer from the Official Anima source "Allegedly" http://cipher-studios.com/AnimaBB/index.php?topic=576.480 that I came across in my own searches which is a bit hard to understand, but pretty much just says Hide Matrices can only be used against the actual Sense matrices. But like always, Homerules are acceptable in all groups if your group likes them. Use them, I know my group uses plenty as well.
  4. The problem with Nathaniel's way is the fact their is no skill intended for hiding Matrices. So either you would have to create a new skill to do just that to oppose notice or search or your stuck with using a secondary which already exists like Hide itself. But then you fall into the problem that hide already has its own functions, so suddenly giving it an added ability doesn't really make since and honestly can end up being kinda broken. If you really want to go with this idea, I suppose its up to the GM, but rather then just making it a power that hides matrices, why not just go with the normal rules of hide. See Supernatural can't see your powers if your hiding in general so that no one can see you. Psychics function so differently than Magic that just giving it a skill to hide it really wouldn't work. Reason being, most powerful magic spells zeonic costs go well above 440. But the highest potential you can achieve is 440, so if you use the similar ruling as Magic Appraisal to keep your magic hidden, that would be double that to hide it, so 880. So to hide a psychic power at Zen level you would have to get 880 (insert new skill here) seems pretty pointless.
  5. Well its pretty simple for Matrices. You cannot hide them, at all from see supernatural, or any other thing that lets people see matrices. So if someone has the power to see them, you literally can't hide them. Kinda sucks but thats the way it is, and thats the official answer from Anima Studios. Though you can't really hide them, doesn't mean that someone will understand what powers your using unless they use Sense Matrices. The Hide Matrices power in psychics only works against people using Sense Matrices powers, which pretty much is only needed if you can't already see them, or if you want to know more about the power itself that the person is using. Hope that helps, if not I will try to find the source to what I found later today.
  6. Say you have a character that uses Everlasting Moment from the Cryokinesis Psychic discipline. Their potential gets them a 180 potential, which is a 120 Resistance check, but if they maintain the power it goes up a degree because of amplify sustained power, so making it a 140 Resistance check. Does that make the person defending against it have to make another resistance check, or do they still wait 5 rounds to make a new resistance check. Or do you just start with the higher resistance check?
  7. Ok this question came up recently in my gaming group. Of course never really thought about it till one person felt it needed to be addressed so after discussing it in our group, and not really coming to a consensus, decided to see what others say about it. This is how Hide Matrices is described: This Power hides the psychic’s mental abilities from the Sense Matrices Power. Hide Matrices decreases the results for Sense Matrices by as many degrees of Difficulty as indicated on the Effects Table. If an adversary’s Potential for Sense Matrices falls below the base requirement (that is, Easy), the psychic’s Powers of the character remain unnoticed. The Sense Matrices Power is only annulled against the Psychic using Hide Matrices. It still works normally against other tar How its described makes some people in my group wonder, is there really a way to hide the use of psychic powers from people that have see supernatural or some other form of detection that works against psychics? Does this power really only work against sense matrices? Or does it allow you to hide psychic powers from all forms of detection? Let me know what you think, or if this has been covered before let me know cause I couldn't find it anywhere.
  8. Okay you make a good point if your referring to more modern day warfare. But if your talking about in general I would say your wrong. Think back to the renaissance or dark ages, sure your knights and nobility they probably wouldn't be stripping their dead foes for loot, but on average your gonna have your grunts and or mercenary soldiers that were notorious for doing this. As for PCs being heroes, well thats up to the PC if they want to act like a hero then they can. In my games my players tend to be more like mercenaries, they are hired to do a job, they do the job and if their is any other gain to get, they go for it. Sure you gonna have that one player that is high and mighty who is a hero that is against it, but not all always.
  9. I do the same, just seems to fit pretty well even though I typically run a high level supernatural game.
  10. Might just be me but the whole Exo-Equip Ki costs completely escapes my understanding. I figured the costs were listed on the ability itself then while reading the Arcana one, its talking about having a quality bonus which makes it cost 5 instead of 6. But on the cost for the Arcana it lists only 3. So yeah can you better explain the costs to me, cause I am interested in this just a bit confused.
  11. Its more then likely FFG is gonna drop Anima: Beyond Fantasy, I mean look at how long things have been out of print or what not. Then this Holiday sale just makes me think they are clearing house of Anima products.
  12. Oh haha I think I misunderstood what you meant by "bleeding" didn't realize you had made your own special rules for it. Bleeding is actually a thing in Anima already of you didn't know already. "Bleeding Out When a character receives a critical, he has received a wound so formidable that the damage can become worse due to blood loss – even if he suffers no immediate effects. In such a case, the character loses one additional Life Point per minute until his wounds can be treated and the bleeding stopped. Taking care of bleeding of this type requires a Medicine Check with an Easy Difficulty Level. For every 5 LP lost through bleeding out, the character suffers a –10 penalty. If this bleeding damage causes a character’s LP to drop to zero, he becomes unconscious and enters the state Between Life and Death – although he stops to lose Life Points due to bleeding." Core Book pg 52 Though isn't nearly as effective as what you had in mind.
  13. Oh and Dalerik I apologize for kinda over running your post with a bicker batter between me and the other guy. I did look through your weapons, I really like those weapons that incorporate bleeding special modifiers. Would bring and interesting flavor to the game I think, will probably incorporate them in my campaign soon if thats alright.
  14. You believe putting two of the same weapons together should stack both their damages together in one attack. Well Anima already has a special maneuver that does this. Check out Multishot for bows. 1 arrow + an additional arrow doesn't equal x2 base damage it only adds +10 damage to the previous arrow. Also the way you use a two-handed sword vs a pair of scissors is completely different so no they wouldnt have the same type of damage. One takes a lot of force and full body motion and using the weight of the sword to land a very hard crushing slice. While the other is more of squeezing and flexing like motions, only relying on your own strength and the combined mechanics of the weapon. The weapon itself doesn't just grant a base damage, its how it would and should be use that those base damages would be calculated. So two zweihanders or w/e you are using would not have near that amount of damage being used as a pair of hedge clippers. Its just simple physics. Go ahead and keep doing what your group allows, I can't stop you and trying to change your mind won't accomplish anything as neither of us will be swayed most likely. Though for me, I'll stick with Elrics Idea of giant scissors as it makes more since, that such a weapon would be an impossible weapon module and rely more on the mechanics behind what the weapon can do rather then ridiculously high base damage. One should have to spend sufficient time mastering such a weapon to make it effective, not just be a gardener or florist. I do agree with you the Speed on the Ji is a bit too good for such an awkward weapon to fight with. I'd probably drop it to at least 0 maybe as low as -40.
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