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  1. Find a new GM/group. He is bringing his real world views into the setting. Perverting it in the process. Sorry to hear you are having these issues. I encourage my players to have elaborate back stories and game plots woven around them. It makes my job as GM much easier. He is a fool to discourage you.
  2. There is a paragraph eluding to the presence of unique to this region alien races. But mostly in the form of strange ruins and buildings spread across worlds in the sector. But does not go into detail. This will likely be expanded upon in supplements. The book also mentions ork and eldar presence in the sector. Looking forwards to seeing what new xenos races they unveil.
  3. I just got an email earlier from drivethru saying I was able to get my discount. Yaaay!
  4. As others have said.Familiarize yourself with the core concepts, Even scan and print out some cheat sheets for easy reference. Get your players to memorize/ familiarize themselves with their characters most used stuff they will use. The rest will come from familiarity via play. Most of all. Make sure you all have fun. If someone isn't having fun. Find out why and sort it. Hope you all have a great time!
  5. I'm not debating the merits here. I want him to start out as an inquisitor, he wants to start out as an inquisitor. We don't know a recommended experience amount. Which is the major issue with having such a powerful thing be an elite advance in the first place... Fair enough. Yeah it is odd that they glossed over such details in the main book.
  6. I second the idea of having the would-be inquisitor spend at least a few missions worth time as an interrogator/till they've impressed the inquisitor long enough that they get elevated/ have the prerequisite influence to become one. Makes for some great RP opportunities to!
  7. You aren't alone OP. Waiting till the pdf hits release for our group doing a campaign with it. It might be a few weeks at least still before we get the PDF out.
  8. In campaigns I have played/GMed it's always been the opportunity to choose a new discipline. But do what works for you/your group.
  9. I have some players like this, I just tend to put them into situations where they feel using FP are absolutely necessary. It does tend to make the games more difficult, but my players (now) tend to prefer that. In fact, I have one player who plays with another group and complains that the games are "too easy". The groups I gm and the one I play in do this. We have had a few even burning fate permanently. It has been that close at times. And the players all seem to enjoy the challenge immensely. Rarely do they go in half cocked into an engagement.
  10. This is why I tend to stick to PDFs now. I loved the look of first editions books. But they mostly sit on a shelf gathering dust for fear of opening them and causing more damage now.
  11. Yes it is worth playing a psyker. You get great powers and RP opportunities. But with great risk at times. Psykers should always keep a fate or two in reserve in case of phenomena. You can also get a trait which lets you roll twice on the phenomena table and pick the most favourable result. This combined with fate and smart use of power dice in manifesting powers makes the risks very manageable. And as others have said. There are tons of utility skills psykers can use as well to supplement their abilities. I would say yes go for it. Just don't be silly and throw all your power dice every time you roll a power. You have to balance the need for the skill to go off against the risk for phenomena. This is the bread and butter of the psyker. Risk management. Because you have a certain number of power dice. It doesn't mean you should always roll all of them. With invocation and conservative dice usage. You can stand a good chance of getting all but the most difficult powers to manifest.
  12. If he oversteps his authority you can always have the boss come down on him for abusing powers not within his position. Maybe give him rivals that could devolve into enemies if he is too heavy handed with his approach to things. Get the group assigned some horrible mission in a horrible world as penance if he is really acting out.
  13. Agreed! This is how my groups handle it. Separate shooting attacks. As they are part of the same power being used.
  14. It varies. A campaign I am a player in it has been a series of successive missions with sometimes only a day or two or no downtime at all. Some of us had to go into missions already at or near critical wounds. We lost 2 characters so far in action. It really depends on how long travel takes between missions and the urgency of any followup missions. It's a luxury for that cell if we get more than 2-3 days layover between missions. An acolytes work is never done!
  15. They don't even mention to their customers in GW that these RPG games exist. The last time I was in a GW chatting with other customers. None of them had a clue what dark heresy was or the other d100 40k games out there's existence. It's incredibly short sighted.
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