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  1. My copy of Into The Storm appears to be misprinted, because the description of what a Kroothawk Totem does on page 146 is cut off by the table for Hunting Rifles and Krootbows, but then seques into the Starships section: "Many Kroot Shapers carry unique totems into battle, believing that they carry a special blessing that invokes the kroothawk’s protection. A Shaper who..." A shaper who what? The Living Errata is silent on this matter.
  2. Funny - the Strangelove reference in the title was good, but when I read the OP, the first thing I thought of was the biker lord Raven from Snow Crash.
  3. Well, it's the dream of every GM to write stuff good enough that other people want to use it, so I try to patch RAW holes from the start. I'll probably put it into a Mark of Distinction package with Brothers In Blood, to get the whole 'We Fight as One' thing going - that'd be 1250 for the lot, I believe, which isn't too harsh.
  4. I'm thinking of brewing up a Distinction for my group after this upcoming campaign arc - it'd be helpful to take a look and tell me if it's balanced, and if so, at what XP cost (500/750/1000?): ----------------------------- Peerless Unity (Combat) All Space Marines, and by extension all Kill-Teams, are trained to operate as a seamless unit, operating flawlessly and in perfect harmony. Some Astartes teams, though, develop this talent of cooperation to even more exceptional levels, moving and fighting as if they were individual components of one mind and one body. Their ability to read each other's body language and unconscious signals ascends to a state bordering on telepathy, allowing them incredible coordination. Once per combat, a Battle-Brother with this Mark of Distinction may, as a Free Action before taking any other actions, exchange his Initiative count with another member of the Kill-Team who also bears this Mark of Distinction and acts lower in the Initiative order. His turn immediately ends, and the selected battle-brother immediately takes their turn at their new Initiative count. When the count reaches the original Battle-brother's new Initiative total, he takes his turn as normal. ----------------------------- I think I worded it right to patch any double-turn shenanigans, but is the concept sound, and the execution (a Kill-Team who can trade initiative totals amongst themselves for maximum effect) balanced?
  5. From the preview that's available, I'm very, very uneasy and somewhat disappointed. The book is nominally 'Mark of the Xenos' - yet two-thirds of its material is devoted to Chaos and Heretic enemies?
  6. Exceptional cybernetics gain a bonus/special ability to distinguish them from Common-grade cybernetics, but there doesn't seem to be any such abilities for Master-crafted ones. Was this omitted somewhere, or is a master-crafted bionic supposed to be purely for fluff compared to an exceptional bionic. They do cost an extra 50% relative to Common-grades than do Exceptionals, so it seems odd that they're listed as an option (and a free upgrade for Techmarines) despite literally doing nothing.
  7. Would it be too powerful to give Assault Marines the ability to make charging Full Attacks at a rank earlier than 8 (say, 5 or 6), the very end of their advancement track assuming they don't branch off into a RoB specialty track? Moving or charging into melee, particularly before Wall of Blades and Step Aside become accessible, is extremely hazardous against anything that's also good in melee and doesn't die to your single charge attack will be able to full-attack you in return. Plus, every enemy and their grandma seems to come with Preternatural Speed standard, from basic Genestealer fodder-mooks on up, meaning that if you don't charge into their full attacks, they'll charge you and full attack anyways.
  8. postalpatriot said: don't forget to make them suck at Close combat, and phase out after 2 rounds of combat, gota stay loyal to table top! The only tabletop DW is loyal to is the White Dwarf Movie Marines article, minus the stunt doubles. Necrons are fairly badass in melee in the rare times they appear in novels/fluff...and even in the normal tabletop, the only thing that makes them bad at CC is a very low initiative/Agility. They're still MEQ's aside from that.
  9. That, plus our group already has precedent for "yes" - during Extraction, when we ventured out onto the surface of the Bioship to wreck its spore cannons, we tied the entire group conga-line style to my Assault Marine and cheerfully abused the turbo-boost ability of the jetpack for a direct, Genestealer-free taxi ride to the objective.
  10. Narkasis Broon said: interesting idea, if they did want to they would DEFINITELY want to do it on the sly. but it would be interesting if it were the geneseed of a chapter who is particularly insular, the dark angels, possibly even a black shield deathwatch marine. or one of the few marines who remained loyal after the whole incident with the tyrant of Badab. sorry I forget the name of that chapter. astral claws? something like that Not sure, I'm not up on any Black Library material other than the Cain books. But depending on if the poor guy lives through the next few weeks (we play 1/week, and I'm intending for this arc to last three sessions total), I'll have a nice basis for a potential intrigue plot next time around. Some reason for this particular veteran DW marine to be extremely important would be neat though...maybe he was one of the guys who just showed up at the Watch Fortress without any chapter identification at all, which I think is the Black Shields that you're talking about.
  11. Siranui said: Post it back to the home Chapter? That's what the Astartes would want to do, whereas I can imagine the Mechanicum might instead want it for themselves. Cue the conflict of interests. Hmmm...maybe someone tells them their orders have changed just before going in (lying, naturally). Depending on if they actually manage to extract the crippled Marine alive or not when they discover him, might be good seeds for future games, now that I think of it. The Inquisition might also want to lay their hands on the 'geneseed'. The electricity-draining Mynock analogues are another good idea, as is a pack of marauding servitors.
  12. Narkasis Broon said: Yeah the deathwatch has ships, I am pretty sure there is a description of at least one type of Deathwatch ship in the core rulebook in the fluff section, it's essentially a delivery system for exterminatus weapons though [edit] just had a look, pg 335 there is a small section entitled warships [/edit] Yup, found it. I guess the plot could be massaged into a Deathwatch-exclusive story arc then - it'd feel a bit awkward, but it would probably be indistinguishable to an outside viewer. On the other hand, that brings up an entirely new question...what do the Deathwatch do with the geneseed of their fallen? The key initial hook for the second part of this adventure is retrieving the geneseed (and if possible, body) of the long-lost Astartes from the hulk...but why would they want it and what do they do with it afterwards?
  13. Peachey said: I love the idea for this, all the mini encounters sound great and I will be running something similar to this in the next couple of weeks (as we have just finished Final Sanction and Oblivians Edge). One point that I will address is why have this appear near Ultramar, as the Ultramarines would respond? I would put this in Jericho's Reach somewhere near an automated watch station. Originally, it was supposed to be on the edge of Ultramar because there were two Ultramarines in the Kill Team, or former Ultramarines at least. With a hulk this big, the Smurfs were (theoretically) anxious to get to their objective before the thing vanished again, so they called for the closest experts to help them investigate, and their messenger to Erioch arrived before their help request to Macragge. Primarily because only the Ultras (or chapter here) would have the records/knowledge to detect the missing strike cruiser buried inside, know who was lost aboard it, and employ the kill team (well, initially the Kill Team and some Ultra Terminators or Marines to get summarily killed off) to retrieve him. Alternatively, a flimsy plot-string to excuse the adventure, as none of the other players are well-versed or pendantic enough about 40K lore to complain on how the Ultramarines wouldn't request DW aid for this. Also I'm not certain if the Deathwatch has their own fleet, otherwise I could indeed just palette-shift the entire story arc to focus only on Deathwatch operatives and ships.
  14. Narkasis Broon said: The_Glyphstone said: I'm now contemplating the notion of surface/exterior-mounted weapon turrets as 'encounters'... Blips? I love the idea, consider it stolen...As a lore note for later - how much damage can an Astartes take before dying, even if they've triggered their Sus-An Membrane? 1. I think thats a really good idea, nice one 2. Sorry if im being condescending here, I promise I am just trying to help but make sure you assign them auspexes or something like that to explain blips 3. Potentially extremely lethal amounts. by the game system approximately 35. thats 20 ish plus 16 for true grit (i think its called true grit) and then you have fate points. but having said that 40k is psuedo mythological and in the latest horus heresy book "Prospero Burns" (which incidentally I really liked, but thought it started off a bit slowly) theres a marine who is seemingly alive and talking for 12 minutes after his life signs have expired due to his sheer need to tell his story or some such voodoo magic. so in short yeah as much as you want, have a marine in sus-an with no arms or legs and he could easily talk for a bit when he's revived in my opinion 1. Thanks. Between the turrets, the roaming lesser daemon packs (ripped directly from DH and Hordified), the micrometeor storms, and any combination of the above, just wandering the exterior should be an interesting experience. I've also allowed for either trying to run the turrets out of ammo, or sneaking the Techmarine up to disable them (Difficult Tech-Use test likely). 2. No worries there, our Devastator is practically religious about taking an auspex, and tries to badger everyone else into spending requisition on backup auspexes. If for some bizzare reason he deviates this time, I'll fiat in free auspexes to the group. 3. Excellent. It'll be a mid-mission objective switch, considering their original goal was just to recover his geneseed, and if possible, his armor/body. Now the objective stays the same, but if they can extract him alive (harder, with demons and stealers running all over the place, and the hulk destabilizing from previous shenanigans), bonus XP and renown. Should be an interesting dilemma for them, especially when the Lord of Change shows up for the chase scene.
  15. Micrometeor swarms or debris impacts are a good idea - some lesser demon hordes wouldn't go amiss either (and give the Devastator a turn to shine), now that I think of it. Since part of the first session's objectives is now both planting the locator beacon receivers and disabling the hulk's defenses (some of the ships in its bulk still have automated weaponry active, which is preventing the Kill Team's ship from approaching close enough to properly calculate the readings), I'm now contemplating the notion of surface/exterior-mounted weapon turrets as 'encounters'. The party is already starting to think of themselves as a heavy bolter delivery team, it'll be interesting how they react to having a heavy bolter turned against them as part of a remote point defense mount. Blips? I love the idea, consider it stolen. And thanks for the warning about the Stealers - i hadn't noticed the UnAgi, and thus hadn't done the math on how hard it is for them to be hit. I may take that away if I raise their HP. As a lore note for later - how much damage can an Astartes take before dying, even if they've triggered their Sus-An Membrane? The big 'tweeeest' I'm planning for the second or third session (whenever they make it to the bridge of the lost cruiser) is that the battle-brother whose body they're trying to recover is actually still alive, though gravely wounded and in hibernation - because the warp is crazy like that, it's only been a few months or years for him, depending on the answer to this question.
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