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  1. We ended up just giving someone else the stone armor to move on with the game lol, but I think player decides is probably accurate from what I've seen.
  2. Seem to be having trouble finding an answer to this. Hero character has a speed of 5. They equip Stone Armor, "Your speed is reduced to 3 and cannot be increased above 3". They also have the Steelmage hero skill Iron Blooded "apply -1 to your speed". Is this heroes speed now 3 or 2?
  3. The island map in see of blood has several trees drawn on it. I wasn't sure if these are actual trees that block line of sight, and provide shadowcloak, or if these are just artistic (as some can be very hard to see) and not meant to block line of sight. These have a huge effect on spawning among other things, cut I couldn't find anything that specifically addressed it.
  4. Played the game this week, never played dune, but a big fan of twilight imperium. We had a few questions that came up regarding movement: 1. If the Sol player is hit by the "Sol Offensive" card they may move their units to any one space on the board. Does this include spaces occupied by enemy forces? What about allied forces? This creates an odd timing issue as these units don't fight until the battle phase (presumably) which seems weird...especially if Sol and allied units share a space in the battle phase. 2. The Hacan and their allies may instead of deploying units move units from one space to any other space on the board for 1 influence each. Can they do this to spaces occupied by other players (enemy or allied)? 3. Not a movement question, but putting it here, the Lazax is allowed to give his allies influence before they bid on a card;. The ally card says he can do this once per turn. Is this once for each ally (they each have their own ally card) or once total per turn? 4. This is more a strategy question than a rules question. In our game the Hacan, Sol, and Jol-nar allied against the Lazax, Xxcha, and Barony. The Lazax team had at various times erradicated all units of the other 3 races. In the end the Lazax held two strongholds, and the Xxcha and Barony each held one. Jol-nar had the last and had just deployed his entire force (20 units) to sit on that stronghold (thanks to some recruitment cards he was able to see and auction for). I am unsure how the Lazax team evicts the Jol-nar while protecting their strongholds from the Hacan and Sol. Especially since their is now way (that I'm aware of ) for two allies to team up to attack the same space. Time was running short and the Sol/Hacan were simply trying to draw out the game to win with their races victory conditions...I'm not sure what the Lazax team should of done to acquire that 5th stronghold.
  5. Sounds like a good way to do it. We generally have 6 people, and sometimes 1 or 2 can't make it, and sometimes we get 1 or 2 extra.
  6. Jenkins said: You'd probably see too many ties at the tournaments. Otherwise it seems doable if you keep track of fans on something since you only get 4 scoreboards. Why not get a second game and go two games of 3 then have the winners face off and the other 4 play for 3rd? Mostly because that would entail getting a second game
  7. I've bought the game, haven't played yet. I assume there are component issues with playing with more than 4 players, but wanted to know exactly what goes wrong if you play with 5 or 6 which is the normal size of my gaming group.
  8. I certainly think the game would benifit from allowing more players. My biggest complaint is my group is rarely able to play this game. Our group has 6 people, so 2 have to be missing in order to play...which isn't common. Regardless of whether they add more players, it certainly needs more races. The games are simply too similar. I think their main deterent from doing so is that all the figures of each race are unique, unlike TI in which all races use the same figures (which makes adding races very simple). I don't really see how adding more players makes it so theirs less interaction...sure you won't likely be getting in conflicts with the person on the opposite side of the table, but you're going to get into conflicts with your neighbors (pretty much just like a 4 player game). Even those that really don't want to play with 5 or 6 players would certainly benefit from the extra races just to add variety in their 4 player (or less) games. I was rather shocked when the expansion didn't add any new races.
  9. Bowoodstock said: Just some stuff that's popped up in game sessions, and we weren't able to find the answers in the FAQ 1. What happens if modifiers push a dice roll over a 10 (ie. Jol Nar facing xcha with a carrier) or if it goes down to 1 (N'orr War sun with the warfare token). Is it possible that you have a ship that ALWAYS hits regardless of what's rolled, or to have a ship that CANNOT hit no matter what the roll? Or is a 1 always a miss, and a 10 always a hit? 2. It's been clarrified that type IV drive affects flagships just like it does war suns and dreadnoughts. Can it be assumed that anything refering to those two will also affect flagships, particularly anything related to sustain damage? 3. Based on the FAQ, it implies that mechanized units cannot be bombarded. Is this indeed true, thus making massed ground forces the only way to take over a planet with tanks on it? 1. Yes, it is possible to push numbers to the point where hits are automatic or impossible as in both of the scenarios you described. 2. Not sure on that one...found the FAQ answer odd...it does seem to imply that flagships are effected by anything that effects dreadnaughts. 3. According to the FAQ yes, I would advise bringing your own mech units over trying to swarm with GF's, your call. Our group plays that they can be bombarded, though their sustain damage ability works against it. We treat the bombardment more like inflicting a hit in battle then something that only effects GF's (which do say mech units are immune to).
  10. This mainly came into question when playing with the Nekro virus. There ability reads "When you destroy at least 1 enemy unit in a space battle or invasion combat (excluding pds fire), you may copy (recieve) 1 free tech card (ignoring all prereq's) that the enemy player has already researched. Limit once per battle." The Nekro virus invades the Hacan HS, winning the space battle and recieving a free tech, they also land on all 3 of the Hacan planets each planet has 1-2 GF's. The virus takes 2 of the 3 planest, but destroys at least 1 unit in each battle. Does the space battle and invasion combat all count as 1 battle ie: each activation is 1 battle, are each of these seperate battles (thus awarding 4 techs), or are the space battles 1 and the invasion 1 (thus awarding 2 techs)? I'm assuming it's one of the first 2 but not sure. Is there any place that spells out what constitutes a battle?
  11. Phoenix, AZ, USA, Earth, Milky Way (just in case anyone is traveling really far to play some TI
  12. I actually just did this last weekend. We house ruled that they could not use their ability to lock any wormholes in the "center" galaxy. This still allowed them to lock out their side of the galaxy, but prevented them from rushing the center and gobliing up a bunch of free planets. We also played with the wormhole Nexus, and they could lock that up (basicly a free planet for them if their in the game). However removing them from the game is probably better, unless a player is very interested in playing them.
  13. Can anyone point to where it says if doors do or do not block line of sight?
  14. That's fantastic. One minor thing I noted in a cursory glance. Niklas Schulman, Celestial Wizard is listed as a town elder. He's not. I don't want to go into details since players may read this, but Schulman is fairly new to the town. SPOILER This is minor, but the elders are the ones that sit in judgement during a certain trial that may or may not occur depending on how events unfold.
  15. Fresnel said: Corruption points are another threat hanging over that PCs. They are a great motivator to get the PCs to oppose Chaos. As a GM though I think a PC actually gaining a mutation would be problematic. Either it would lead to PC retirement or a severe compromise to the party's character concepts. The rules seem to assume PCs can gain a mutation and continue as PCs. In my opinion this is problematic in the setting. WFRP encourages players to play zealots/fanatics. If a PC gains an obvious mutation (most are) there are a number of likihoods: The character kills himself The other PCs hand the mutant over to the authorities The PCs kill the mutant The mutant runs away The PCs hide the mutant and help him redeam. Imo 5) is perhaps the rarest. It could involve all the party PCs breaking with their character concept. As a GM I wouldn't ask players to have their Zealots, Witchhunters, Slayers, and Priests allow the mutation to life. Practically, mutation = PC retirement. Given this the GM needs manage the risk of mutation in the same way he manages PC death. I don't think 5 would be rare at all, assuming the characters had been together for a long time, and the mutant hadn't obviously decided to start worshiping Chaos. It's one thing if you come across random mutants, but it's another if your friends, family, and closest companions begin to suffer these effects. Even in the warhammer world it's unlikely most family members would turn over their siblings to the authorities if they were a mutant...at least not without giving their family members a head start. Assuming the players have worked together for a while I think 5 is the most likely. Of course if your group actually has a witch hunter or zealot in it...this might not be the case, but even a witch hunter will find himself shaken if somene he knows for certain is not a follower of chaos, and has been his close companion starts to mutate...though in the end the witch hunter is still most likely to put them down in order to purify them...
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