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  1. Thanks, although i must admit that i use the airbrush for most of the bigger monsters: really makes things a lot nicer and faster.
  2. Thank you skolo! A little update on my Blog (there are some more pictures then shown here)! A little selection of pictures, hope you like them.
  3. Hi, i started painting some Miniatures about 2 years ago and with descent 2nd i continued painting... Here are some Heroes: Some Monsters are coming soon. Check my (german)painting blog Slidr`s Blog for regular updates the next weeks. Not so frequently i can load up some pictures here, if you want. Greetings, Slidr
  4. Just downloaded it, i`m very excited...although there is still some work to do. Maybe you could add pictures of painted Miniatures. If that is legal. Keep up the good work!
  5. Hi everyone, i`ve had a look into everything and i think its absolutely doable, but i need the time..and furthermore some more tutorials are needed, because the syntax of MSE is not totally understandable by just looking through some of the templates which come with the MSE. Thanks Tadask Nezerull for the link, but as far as the tutorials are they are only a list of programs i need (and which i actually have..so the first really hard step is done ). But further tutorials will come and i will start as fast as i can (which means: after doing my university tests). As the topic changes somewhat to only "templates" i would suggest that no further comments are made on this topic. I will start a new topic in the homebew section when the time is right and the project has started. So please comment only on "The order of Kellos Expansion" from now on. Have a nice new year, Slidr
  6. Hi guys, after thinking about how to set up/correct/recreate cards for descent+addons i came to the idea to code a tool for this purpose either in Java or in a script language used by a mathprogram called matlab. but why inventing the wheel again? some tools were mentioned here in the forums or on boardgamegeek but all are lacking some need options. after some search i`ve found a tool called "Magic Set Editor" (magicseteditor.sourceforge.net/) which seems to be absolutly perfect for this task! It allows one to define a gamesystem with different types of cards as templates. these templates contain only some basic information how a card should look like and which options can be chosen for a card. This system seems to be very flexible which is good..but there is always a downside to flexibility: at the moment there exist no templates for descent! Furthermore there is no guide on how to create them properly... Just to be sure: is there a tool out there which allows one to recreate every card type of the game? if not, ill start creating these templates. which might take a lot of time, depending on the complexity of the script behind the Magic Set Editor. After this adventure ill come back to this "Order of Kellos" and continue translation and correction of some images... Thanks, Slidr
  7. XmenDynasty, i`ve mailed Acolyte Rivan already, just waiting to get the files. If there is enough to clean up and it really looks better after printing i will post them (if Acolyt Rivan agrees with that). Since i have not much sparetime at the moment (university keeps me busy) and i have to finish my paintjobs i dont know how fast the touch-up will be. it might take some weeks up to some months. Greetings, Slidr
  8. Another Version would be great, but i also understand that things gets boring after a while. Before i am printing out my Version i am thinking about translating and graphic-improving it here and there. Is it possible to get your source-files for the project? I don`t want to change content though. Regards, Slidr
  9. Hi, this is my first entry in this forum. Acolyte Rivan, thanks for your great work. Ceraleth and The Keeper are a little noisy. I have corrected that by using a fast-fourier analysis. In the picture below the colors are not corrected, but i`ve already made it. If you are interested in this version just contact me. Greetings, Slidr €: I think all the town items need an improvement too....
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