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  1. A Hi-Res version would be nice too. I can see the aliasing in this one pretty easily.
  2. Only issue I see is that on page 3, the XP blocks on the bottom have overlapping text. I don't know if that is just for me though.
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  4. With you on that one. I think it would have been worth the delay, as some people will lose interest in the meantime and move on to other games that have a little bit more meat. It actually caught me by surprise how fast they came out with the Core Book, considering it usually takes a year or so for their books to come out after they announce them. Maybe not having to worry about licensing means this book might actually come out when they say it will.
  5. Yeah, I started looking at the zombie thread after this. Some good ideas there, would make for a good intense action scenario. The Force ghosts and similar might make for a more subtle type of creepy horror, but I think my group is more action oriented, they seem to get bored with extended "story" sections. The only problem with the action oriented type of Horror, is that normally you need players to run away at points, and this group might be a bit too much of a stand and fight to the death type.
  6. I traditionally run a Halloween/Horror game every October 31st for my friends, and I am very interested in doing the same this year. I have been bouncing some ideas in my head for ways to roll this into the current Star Wars game I am running (mostly involving either alien ruins on a planet in the unknown regions, or a derelict ship encountered after a Hyperspace malfunction of some kind). I know it is kind of contrary to the style of Star Wars, but I like doing change of pace things in my games from time to time. Has anyone done something like this before? Any thing I need to try to keep aware of to make sure I don't deviate too far from Star Wars (I have ruled actual Undead out for this reason, but wouldn't mind ideas that appear to be undead or the like at first but are just really weird creatures)?
  7. Later during play is a pretty vague way to put it. I normally only allow XP expenditure between adventures, or possibly during large periods of downtime. That being said, I don't see why you couldn't do it differently if you want, it is not forbidden in the rules (not that you can't just ignore the rules anyway). I will say it doesn't make sense to cap Skills at 2 if the intent is to allow players to raise to 3 or more the very second Character Creation is over. No need for a cap at all if that is the intent.
  8. Respect for those who write like that! I am in a pbp game, but my posts tend to be rather terse, dialog, and brief descriptions of my actions. They certainly do not read with any flourish (think a script for a play). A few others write like the above, and I am always impressed by it.
  9. I rotate this game with The One Ring, and I think EoE is a slightly better fit for my group. They really like the action and how the dice amp things up. It keeps fights fast paced and interesting. It is a little easy for me to riff off of than tOR anyway. I live up in Oundle in Northampts at the moment, but probably off to Japan next June.
  10. I would hope that Generator is super light compared to a battery! Anyone here carried around a true soilid battery or UPS? Those things weigh like 50 pounds for one the size of a shoebox.
  11. Can I get the name of this App? Something like that would be pretty useful, as my usual gaming spot doesn't have WiFi access for security reasons...
  12. Great Sheets! I am one of those "fool's soon parted," that is probably gonna buy the PoD Cards, but this will work perfectly in the meantime. Especially thank you for the Printer Friendly version, had a decent amount of trouble finding good Printer Friendly character sheets.
  13. This is definitely a bone for those of us that came over from WFRP 3rd. I am really impressed with EoE, but I miss the cards from Warhammer, so this is right up my alley. That said, this is super expensive. Getting all 19 would cost about $120, and that is just for the core book specs and talents. Definitely targeted at players, and not perma GMs like me...
  14. Well, they got me. I finally had enough and asked to be replaced as overlord by one of the players. I tried all of the advice here, used the new cards and monsters, and really went all out with every trick I could pile up. I even managed to win the first part of the Frozen Spire, for my first encounter win against this group ever. In part 2 I got wrecked. Any encounter that is not time sensitive is a joke. They killed all my monsters, positioned for my monsters to spawn, and waited. They knew they would slaughter my goblins before they could get past, and with no time pressure, and no competing objective (since I cannot open the prison door on my own), There was nothing I could do. I managed to drop two of them in one turn by double frenzy and double blood rage, but I couldn't get my goblins there in time to actually open the door. One big move later, all my goblins were dead and all the heroes were on their feet again. They leisurely grabbed all the treasure and beat down the prisoner and walked out, without it ever being close. Next we did the dawn blade. I put one Shadow Dragon at each end of the hallway, hoping the combo of tanking monsters they couldn't walk past, and some space between would buy me some time. They killed both Shadow Dragons first turn, then I respawned one and reblocked, and they killed that and my first ettin turn 2. There damage output is so ridiculous, and all of them roll at least 2 gray for defense, so I cannot hurt them. My only hope is to use traps on the Dwarf guy, but he just rests and removes them. They blitzed through, wiped out my monsters, and leisurely picked up all the treasure while I threw everything I had at them. Barely made them break a sweat. And that was all I could take. The new overlord starts next week, and I will be out of this game for the rest of this campaign, possibly joining as a player next time, and possibly just ebaying the whole game off, as I can barely even look at it without feelings of rage at how not fun it was to be the overlord. I hate quitting at anything, but it was either quit, or take the game out back and burn it. Never in my life has a game experience been so miserable and degrading as to make me angry. I have GM/DM'd tons of games, been crushed in plenty of board games, and even gotten tossed around in similar games, but none of them had the obvious competitive disadvantage of the OL in this one. My players are good, very, very good, and that means I don't have a chance. Short of extreme swings in dice rolls, I doubt an OL exists that could beat them at this point in time.
  15. Yup, I use diff colors for diff games. Star Wars is in a brown Crown Royal Maple bag. Have the destimy tokens in a small ziploc inside the bag too.
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