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  1. First of all, I have found your spreadsheet to be insanely useful in creating/managing characters. Personally, I wouldn't mind having two separate sheets for character creation for both EotE and AoR, BUT integrate what can be shared between the two (or three once FaD comes out). In other words, the race, class, and item options would be shared. Then again, it might just be EASIER to have them all on one spreadsheet, that way you don't have to update the darn thing three times. Just have separate tabs that tracks Obligation/Duty/etc. Either way, I plan to use this thing. My gaming group and I would not know what to do without it. Keep up the awesome work!
  2. This makes sense, but you can also try to look at it from the player's perspective. Most players won't actually KNOW the stats that an enemy has (depending on the GM of course). In other words, they may not realize that it seems more feasible to try and "knockout" a Rancor by stunning than trying to slay it. With that said, I suppose it does make sense to me - I have a better chance at knocking a Rancor out and trying to get away than actually killing it!
  3. It's up, but hidden. I guess they just haven't linked to them yet, but here you go: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_npm.asp?eidm=40 http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=2509
  4. It's the main reason why I haven't even tried the revised Curse of the Dark Pharaoh expansion yet. I'm waiting for them to add an update for this expansion, and I'm quite honestly too lazy to even think about busting out ALL of the location cards again. I really would like to know if they're going to update it soon or if they're just going to just keep it as is. A friend of mine and I already created a program to help run our Mythos deck, and I was hoping to just use the toolkit for location cards. Heck, if they need someone to just sit there and type in all of the cards for their program, send them my way. I'll do it.
  5. Congrats on your first game (and win)! To answer your first question, yes you must still roll the die for success to seal a gate. The modifier is exactly the same applied to either your Fight or Lore - the only difference is you spend 5 clue tokens to place an elder seal at that unstable location. So yes, apply the modifier and roll the die for either closing or sealing. To answer your second question, your life is officially over. =P Once you get used to the setup times and such and acquire more expansions, you'll notice the seemingly infinite gameplay possibilities with Arkham. Heck, just with the base set you can get different experiences using different investigators and challenging different ancient ones. I've had the board games for over two years and I still find time to play a solo game every now and then. It's even more fun when/if you have a group of people over to experience it. Just last week my friend and I introduced the game to someone else who decided to go against Hastur (despite us explaining the game would take longer to win due to the 8 clues to seal, but she wanted to do it anyway) and we managed to win. The next day we were all already planning for our next game to ensure we would lose by playing using an expansion with a herald. You don't truly experience Arkham until you lose... badly. It's what makes me crawling back for more.
  6. Let us know how your first game goes. Be sure to come back with other rule questions, as the community is pretty decent in clarifying how certain rounds should have been done.
  7. The app allows you to turn on and off expansions at will in the menu screen. It has a check screen on the right. Basically you tap the expansions you currently want on and those are the ones it'll draw from. Really easy to set up.
  8. DyerWilliam said: craftsman plastic parts organizer, item# 3086. i got lucky and found one with nothing but the small bins, 48 of them. holds the complete set with the inserts from the individual packs as well. Can you take and post a few pictures of this? I've been trying to decide on storage before even considering purchasing the miniatures, and I must say this one looks to be the most interesting and ideal for what I want.
  9. Played a solo game myself last night using the base and Dunwich expansion. I used Diana and Jacqueline to take on Abhoth. I managed to seal a gate with each character, but I just had horrible luck. I had a lot of Monster Surges at the beginning of the game causing all three Children of Abhoth to appear on the board fairly early. I had no weapons to really stand a chance so I ended up evading them the entire game. This was a pretty bad strategy since the terror track and doom levels increased with subsequent surges. I also had a REALLY unlucky rumor where I lost an ally each turn and had to pay off sanity to remove the rumor. This wouldn't have been so much of a problem if the street in which the event was taking place didn't have two children of Abhoth and two other monsters that didn't move for a few turns as well as the fact I had both characters in Otherworld when the rumor started. Within three turns I was out of allies, failed the rumor, and then had to immediately resolve THREE Mythos cards opening more gates and causing another surge. By the end of the game both of my characters were stuck in an area with three monsters on the streets waiting for us. In hindsight, I guess the better strategy would have been to simply take the fall so I could attempt respawn at the hospital or asylum, but at that point I was hopelessly just waiting for Abhoth to wake up. And sure enough, two turns later he did. Didn't even stand a chance fighting it. I guess the only lucky thing that happened was I managed to get lucky enough not to have the Dunwich Horror actually show up into play.
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