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  1. I agree that Blood angels are definitely the strongest melee chapter in the core book. but bear in mind the chapter XP table is not the defining feature of a chapter. there are also solo modes, squad modes, psychic powers, relics which all vary from chapter to chapter. As well as new abilities provided in RoB and first founding. No blood angels deathwing terminators allowed. (I dont know if you have first founding but one of the special abilities it can grant is Deathwing for dark angels only which gives a suit of terminator armour as standard issue gear) Also all of those abilities which blood angels can get are fairly melee based. A player might simply want to be a heavy weapon specialist, in which case being a blood angel is fairly mediocre
  2. Santiago is correct. This is to make it comparable with other W40KRP games such as dark heresy. So a starting level space marine with no training counts as being as good as a Dark Heresy Human with maxed out stats and a whole load of skills
  3. I think I would rule that if you are hit by 4 blast shots in a burst and you dodge 2 of them. then you are still hit by 2, and then if your AB is high enough to get you out of the blast radius then you jump out of the way in time to avoid the explosions from the other 2. The reason I say this is that the dodging blasts rules are meant to make big explosions harder to dodge, not easier. On the other hand I could see the idea of someone with a blast full auto weapon just carpeting an area with shots so that the person cant dodge far enough to get out of the blast area. As a house rule I might give a player the option to instead of treat a full auto X blast Y weapon as simply a blast X+Y-1 shot which inflicts only one hit, but if he centers this one hit over an enemy then they have little chance of dodging out of it. so a weapon with full auto 5 and blast 2 I would allow a player to treat as a blast 6 weapon under this house rule, although it still would consume 5 ammo. it simply represents him aiming to chew up the area rather than the enemy. Of course this is just a house rule, and there may well be combinations for which this is a bit silly. its just an idea
  4. given the way you tell the story it sounds like a combination of the daemon killing potential of righteous zeal, some luck, and the GM playing down the Bloodthirster so as to not instantly kill you. I notice it doesn't seem to have dodged at all from the way you tell the story. I might be wrong about this? Also in the round when it attacks you and the salamander and you both dodged, if it had attacked just one of you you probably wouldnt have dodged twice unless you both had step aside or wall of steel. say he attacked the Salamander who dodged once but then was hit by the second attack, Warp weapon ignores armour, felling ignores unnatural toughness. say for the sake of being conservative that the salamander had a TB of 9 without unnatural toughness, the maximum as far as I am aware (70 toughness and a bionic part) He would have suffered 3D10+12 wounds after soak. which would have really really messed him up. Then when you dodge, I assume from the way you tell the story that you dodge away from the bloodthirster and end up on the ground out of combat. You should still be locked in melee with the bloodthirster by RAW. You can only move as a result of a dodge if you are dodging an area of effect attack like a blast or a flamer. That means you shouldn't have been able to use a skapulan bolter against the bloodthirster in the final round. Once it locked two of you in combat the only way for you to get out would either be to disengage or to take the extremely nasty free attack from a bloodthirster, who does 3D10+21 damage ignoring unnatural toughness and all but sanctified terminator armour. So yes in summary, Black Templars do a lot of damage to Daemons, as they should do. Thats not broken, its just that you were exactly the right guy for the job. Having said that, I suspect that the bloodthirster never got a decent attack on any of you because if it had the GM knew it would probably have instantly killed you. Fights in deathwatch are short and bloody, and unfortunately this is just the way the system goes. but dont mistake a fight which ended quickly for a fight which was easy. A bloodthirster can kill a party in 3 rounds as easily as a party can kill it. It may very well go differently next time when you fight the Dagon Overlord (thats what I would throw at you next)
  5. javascript:void(0);/*1325427475999*/ 1 errata If you want to find it yourself its on the support page javascript:void(0);/*1325427600024*/
  6. As a physicist I believe that the deuterium tritium reaction releases approximately 17.6 MeV of energy per particle, multiply that by a mole of particles and we get roughly 5 Kg of Deut and Trit in the right proportions gives around 2 billion joules. this could power a 100W computer for 5000 hours. Scale up a bit and say the back pack contains 50Kg of fuel, that means powering the suit for 50000 hours. This could be supplemented by adding water into the back pack as a fuel source in principle. And overloading that much fuel at once is 20 billion joules or approximately 5 kilotons in TNT. according to javascript:void(0);/*1325426401643*/ this is a fireball 117 meters in height with a blast radius of 960 meters. This is the maximum possible energy that could be released. in truth most power supplies are less than even 10% efficient. I would go with upped melta bomb or det charges
  7. Kshatriya said: What I would do is... Tank Buster Squad Mode to increase BS Other BS enhancements, i.e. signum/signum link, laser sight, etc. Full-action Aim Make the weapon Accurate; to do so you need the Master of Arms Distinction from Rites of Battle or a Forge-Master Weapon best choices (these are non-errata stats if it matters): Lascannon: 6d10+10 E, Pen 10 Multi-melta: 4d10+6 E, Pen 13 - Pen increases to 26 at Short Range or closer Firestorm multi-melta: 5d10+5 E, Pen 15, semiauto fire (so add a motion-tracker) - Pen increases to 30 at Short Range or closer Conversion beamer: 6d10+12 E, Pen 14 (must be outside of Short Range to get this damage amount) Adding Accurate to any of those and handing it to a Devastator is going to result in +2 Damage (Mighty Shot) and virtually guaranteed +2d10 damage from Accurate given bonuses and Devs' high BS. So the Firestorm is looking at two shots of 7d10+7 at Pen 30 - not too bad, but it's not likely to kill the Land Raider in one turn without Righteous Fury. Maximum damage in each hit without any RF is 70 Pen 30, so 50 after armor, and...well, that would kill it but just barely, but that's rolling all 9s for damage and having a way to make the weapon Accurate. I don't think it's possible with anything other than the Firestorm, since negating 30 out of 50 AP is the big deal. All of those are heavy weapons I think, with the possible exception of the conversion beamer, and consequently cant benefit from damage bonus from accurate, would have to be a basic weapon.
  8. well using the example of a tomb stalker, shooting a 40 foot long millipede from 50m away is a lot easier than shooting a 6 foot tall guy from the same distance, but getting close enough to a tomb stalker, past the swirling legs and death blades to inflict a blow that actually does any damage is not easier than stabbing a guy. Similarly with something like a bloodthirster, its alot easier to shoot from 30m away than it is to actually stab it, because getting within arms reach of its vitals is hard. The difference is that getting near something that big in melee without being turned into paste is actually harder than getting near something human sized. I think of it like something which is big has a longer melee weapon reach, so it can defend itself better, so getting telling blows against it is not easier than against a human sized target. but if you are shooting it from beyond its melee weapon reach then it cant defend itself, so its size works against it
  9. hmmm, interesting, I hadn't noticed that before. I will agree that strike sounds distinctly like a melee attack, which implies an inconsistency in the rules. I still think that the section on modifiers in combat is more specific about ranged weapons, so as GM of my group I will stick to that until I see something conclusive otherwise. but I will agree that it is not clear cut.
  10. Black Crusade page 246 and Deathwatch page 249. I haven't got any of the other books on my atm i'm afraid "Size Size is an important factor when shooting ranged weapons because its usually easier to hit a larger target." Thats in the section on what conditions modify the attack rolls, I am pretty certain that melee weapons do not and have never benefitted from size bonusses
  11. Also @Adept Orcadius in the previous editions of 40k melee attacks weren't affected by size modifiers, so thats -40 from your example case, I think that is still true in BC but might want to check. As for the OP's question that combination does sound extremely potent, but not unbeatable. most important things to remember is to be strict with psychic powers, for every power he is presently maintaining he takes penalties on further power checks like killing will, so if he is PR6 and maintaining 2 powers I think he is only PR 4 for killing will. Also I believe in deathwatch it was errata'd that killing will could only be used on 1 hit per turn because it was a focus power test just to make sure you are using that correctly and finally perils and psychic phenomena rolls arent skill or characteristic tests, so the can't be affected by infamy. roll them behind a GM screen and make sure he realises that using 3 powerful psychic powers comes with a price from the warp. In addition you might want to give your bosses a bit more character, I have a terrible munchkin in my games who atm has a bit of a fetish for melee weapons. I know that what he likes is to kill kill kill, so I tend to make sure that there is an enemy who can challenge him in mortal combat from time to time. noone knows how to build a melee death machine like this guy, so I tend to look at the kind of talents hes got and challenge him with an enemy who, for whatever reason, has similar talents. An example is I made him fight a necron lord with a chronometron (which I treated as a warp time effect) and a war scythe (this was before the new necrons) and suddenly for just one fight his storm shield was useless (I play a deathwatch BC hybrid). Over used this kind of mechanic can just annoy players because whatever they have you have better, but when I design my challenging final battle encounters i tend to consider that my space marine players are the equivalent of chaos lords in the wargame, and design my enemies accordingly, I tend to use the better part of a 1000 point table top army in my battles, with tanks for the heavy weapon specialists to take out, and a melee hero to challenge my melee player in single combat and a psyker for psyker duels, and some units of cultists or guard or whatever to fill out the blanks. What I am trying to say is try challenging them not with one giant monster, but with a tactical army instead, with certain enemies tailored to each of them to fight.
  12. I would say that there is definitely evidence which suggests that marines arent all from the heresy. some have been made by their legion during the long war, some have turned in the 10000 years since. This is the reason that the long war vet talent exists, to differentiate your chaos marine as someone who was alive at the time of the heresy. If you want my opinion the reason that 40k fluff suggests that practically every CSM is from the Heresy is for the same reason that it suggests that practically every space marine who ever turns up to do anything famous is from the 5 or 6 main chapters. Because people like reading and writing about the coolest characters, and the coolest characters are the ones with the most interesting back story, and unfortunately the Emperors Star Dragons chapter has no back story. the same goes for Generic Jim who was a member of the Emperors Star Dragons, but then he turned to Chaos.
  13. I think that the reason the called shot exists is as a result of the much older much more lethal dark heresy and wfrp lines which used similar rules. In those lines it was very much the norm for an enemy to be wearing leather armour and some steel bracers, but hitting them in the head was much more effective. Also the characters in those games had about 6 wounds so one decent blow to the head would cause a critical stun wheras the same blow to the arm might be shrugged off by the enemy. The effect still exists in deathwatch but to a much lesser extent due to the fact that space marine weapons do epic amounts of damage anywhere you hit them, so much so that most enemies you don't even count wounds any more, you just say "there a load of bad guys, you shoot some of them, some of them are dead". In my opinion the primary use in deathwatch of called shots by far is bypassing cover, as has been said before. Something interesting to bring up, in Black Crusade righteous fury rules have been changed and bring called shots back into fashion in my opinion, because you can shoot a hive tyrant in the head and stun it without having to shoot off 100 wounds first. Trying the rules for zealous hatred (BC's righteous fury) might make the called shot more useful, and certainly makes the game more interesting in my opinion
  14. well it gives a bonus on perception checks, so a marine looking at an auspex is less likely to be ambushed by genestealers than one not looking at an auspex. Also it can detect colorless gasses, radiation leaks, possibly detect the weakest point in a fortification to place melta charges. its not really a radar, treat it more like a tricorder from star trek In short I find them to be one of the most useful pieces of equipment
  15. Most important thing when fighting a warhound... remember they come in twos. just wait till his buddy turns up, that will shock the PC's
  16. servo skull, costs 15 req from the armoury (requires distinguished, but in light of the situation im sure the GM will bend this just this once, and comes with "one skill to suit its function +20", medicae +20, it also comes with either an auspex, combi tool, las pistol or quill and ink. ask if you can remove that and fix a narthecium on suddenly you have a halfway decent medic. supplemented by fate points that should be sufficient
  17. best piece of advise I can give is to use the errata optional stats, and if possible check out the alterations to full auto, semi auto, swift attack and lightning attack that were made in Black Crusade. Black Crusade is designed to have humans alongside space marines, and consequently alot of their rules changes have been made to decrease the power level gap between the two, and generally balance the game a little nicer in my opinion
  18. Rites of Battle has rules for requisitioning arcane weaponry (p219), essentially normal weapons with one extra weapon special ability, which one could conceivably use to twin link a weapon. As for just bolting a second gun onto your first one, no, as far as I am concerned this is not possible (and would probably offend the machine spirit of any weapons that you tried to do it to) As for the question of combining dual shot and stuff with twin linking. I honestly had never thought about it. I think I would rule that the extra twin linked hits occur after and separately from dual shot, after all dual shot states the damage bonus occurs because both hits strike exactly the same place at the same time, but shots from twin linked can hit different locations as per the multiple hits table on page 239 of the core rules
  19. It is an interesting one, I think it depends alot on the chapter and the specific marine in question. Ultramarines I am certain must do a lot of negotiating with humans as they rule they little part of space, on the other hand some chapters just want to be left alone until they are called to defend the Imperium. I think it would take a lot to convince a chapter to resettle, most of their home planets/battlebarges are sacred to them in some way. they might be convinced to leave a small contingent there to recruit marines, train them and assist in the planetary defense if necessary. Might make them feel proud to have multiple planets from which they recruit, but they would have to be convinced that the planet is of good enough stock so to speak. I dont think the knights of gryphonne should be convinced of such a thing off screen. If the PC's want to do that they are going to have to do it themselves. The guardsman should be heard out but then told that the knights can't leave men behind on planets because they are a nomadic chapter that goes where the battles are, and they will not be told to resettle on a specific planet by a guardsman
  20. Another thing is as is said above Deathwatch is uber combat heavy, so stat ups in WS, BS and to a lesser extent Str, Tou and Agi are generally more valuable than stat ups for the mental skills, but then the librarian, stat up for willpower is fantastic. In short I don't think you can just compare like that, because some stats have synergy with one another (Str and WS) and some are more valuable than others. This is a concept that is prevalant in lots of RPG's. That's where the concept of a dump stat comes from. I think the important thing is that a party of all one speciality will almost certainly not survive long. Therefore the game is balanced enough that everyone ought to be a different speciality in a party. beyond that game balance is a matter of preventing munchkins from running away with the game. As a GM if I think my devastator is dominating the game I throw some close combat enemies at the party, so the other specs can have some glorious victory.
  21. Fair enough, I would say on the subject of warp madness maybe do 1d10 corruption and insanity per day from being on a chaos ship, 1d10 extra corruption and insanity per day if the gellar field they are presently in is not running at full capacity. but if they are in the open warp give them 1d10 insanity and corruption every round basically. Sanctified armour covered in hexagrammatic wards would partially mitigate this. I know it is not nice as a mechanic as it will very quickly cause every pc that steps outside a gellar field to become corrupted, but I think it accurately reflects what the warp would do to a marine. Also fill the non gellar fielded sections of the hulk with all manner of nasties, daemons, spirits, zombie crew members etc. Then you can have good moments of "theres an inactive gellar field projector on the other side of this door... and just a short sprint down the corridor, someone is gonna have to go in there and turn it on, but its surrounded by the reanimated corpses of the crew members" Also remember that chaos ships are often controlled by daemons that have been summoned into the control systems of the ship, kindof like evil machine spirits. Might want to have an encounter with the maintenance daemon trying to lock them in sections and kill them in various ways, flooding the chamber with liquid nitrogen etc. try to fit in a bit where it herds them into a garbage disposal unit and tries to crush them As an additional thing you might want to think about if a player does hit 100 corruption or insanity turning them into an npc that is either a full on chaos marine or just so nuts he cant tell friend from foe respectively [edit] I think I have been kind with the numbers of corruption there. if it were anyone but a space marine I would probably have the character's mind be instantly broken and their body possessed by a daemon by entering the warp unshielded [/edit]
  22. Yeah needs to be flickering gellar field or something, bear in mind that just looking at the warp is a fear 4 check, they will very quickly go insane just by opening their eyes, being immersed in it is almost certain death, and then if they survive they will be executed as the only way they could have survived is by being heretics. as for the mechanics of the actual rules I think they look pretty good just be careful as you have drastically increased the probability of just popping your librarian out of existance, make sure he knows that drawing psychic power while inside the warp is VERY dangerous
  23. I think the real problem they had with crouch is that they modelled so accurately exactly what I think of as how space marines move and fight and how they look, and I just cant think of an image of a power armoured figure crouching that doesn't look silly. ceramite just wasn't meant to bend that way. trying to fit those huge shin pads and massive shoulder pauldrons into as small a space as possible just makes me smirk tbh
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